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im a brony with some strange tastes for fan fics, but nether the less, i will write

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(inspired by "A new Hero" and on 'fanfiction(dot)com' "MLP: FIM Off The Record")
(is now set to be a full story, cannon on season 1, no season 2 cannon)

On the show we love, there were always the Mane Six. But what if that changed?
What happened if the Mane Six turned into the Mane 7?

Join Dark Streak (an Earth pony with special powers) as he joins up with the Mane Six as the 7th element of harmony The element of---
"PINKIE! Get back here right now!"

(MLP FIM is owned by Hasbro and no copyright is intended is something is stolen from another story/show)
(Rated Teen for Pony curses)

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Living in Manehatten can get to you, but not as much as knowing you have a long lost sister. My brother has suffered long enough. Tomorrow, I'm taking him to Ponyville to start over, with his sister. i just wish i could stay... but i would need a lucky moment, or some kind of magic to change that.
(future chapters are going to need more OCs as they come)

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When you follow life as it gives you the lemons, you are to make lemonade, add sugar, and enjoy. But the sea is a terribly uncontrolled place. When you try to surf along with the waves, sometimes you end up going the wrong way.

Nick Revel felt this way. Loosing much of his life meant he needed a new start. And he got one.
Maybe more than he bargained form

Chapters (3)