• Published 1st Jan 2016
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Fallout: Equestria - Old Grudges - Digital Ink

197 years after the Great War, tension is growing on the west coast of Equestria. Follow the journey of one stallion and his friends as a great race against time begins.

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Ok! I'm all caught up for now, (Both in this story and the other ones in this series type thing: MoH, TLW, and BD) I look forward to more chapters for this story, it's been fun to read the whole way through. Also I loved Caltrop's little talk with Sawyer.

Oh, i just fuckin read all of this. :rainbowwild:
What can I say. He so fuckin remind me of Ace from Tales of a courier. This rare type of stallion protagonist who is too impulsive and making stupid decisions half of time. His way to survive is right and fast decisions in really fuckin dangerous situations. I like how you write him.:pinkiehappy:
A lot of fuckin old faces. I will be one who fuckin sceptical about fuckin that. I am glad to see PC and Cal but fuck i know them so good already. I would prefer if you add newblood in group instead. Itsa fuckin no way there are no another decent and skilled mercenaries there. Remove poor PC from her foals for this. Oh i dunno.

And what? Keep fuckin write it!:twilightsmile:

Any idea when there will be new chapters for this?:fluttercry:

Story looks good.

Hello there,
Just checking in to see if your story is on hiatus or cancelled?


It's still unfortunately on hiatus for the time being.

Thanks for the heads up.

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