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Not every romance lasts forever, but that doesn't mean love and friendship have to end with it. Fluttershy and Big Mac learn this lesson, much to their relief, when they realise it's time to bring an end to their relationship.

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Finally, a story that addresses FlutterMac in context of MarbleMac!

:rainbowderp: Okay... that was an interesting concept. A nice one shot, if nothing else.:pinkiesmile:

You have accquired: A Like.

Why did I have to read this post - brake up? :fluttercry: Well, at least it ended on a good note and they still talk to eachother. :pinkiesad2:

Had a lot of feels:pinkiesad2:, but was still happy none the less:pinkiesmile:. Also it tackled the real life version of a mutual breakup with the remainder of a good friendship. To me, that's how most lovers should end their romance:twilightsmile:.

Great job:ajsmug:

6615634 I agree. It should end on a happy note, and with kindness. Not with hate and anger like most do.

This story ends a ship but starts a beautiful friendship and ships the two ships I ship hardest.

And it's incredibly sweet.

Upvoted and favorited!

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