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Not checking in here. I may post stories because my patrons are nice and like ponies. Otherwise out of the fandom, sorry peeps.


Ever since visiting the Pie farm, Big Macintosh has had rocks on his mind.

The latest episode just kind of demanded that I write this.

Thanks to Jordanis for the swift and grammatical editing!

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Very cute fic! ^^

Unrelated: I love how you and Twinkletail posted MarbleMac fics one right after another :P

Great minds think alike :raritywink:

I do have to admit, this ship is growing on me. It's like flutterMac, but cannon.

6564169 Heee. That amused me too! I just went and read theirs, it's not bad either. I like mine better, but I would, I'm kind of biased. :pinkiehappy:

6564194 I've always been a fan of FlutterMac, but the show really has practically made this one canon, so I could not resist doing something about it when I realized I had a halfway decent idea.

Comment posted by SilverKaizoku deleted Oct 26th, 2015

6564195 Dear lord, there's already two groups to go with both fics. o_o

6564220 It's as close to a canon ship as we're likely to get, in a show that's aimed at the 6-ish demographic and isn't really much about romance. (Well, I suppose you can also count Cadance and Shining as a canon ship too, but is it a "ship" if they're actually married?)

6564230 That sure didn't take long! Though we need more stories. Right now the stories to groups ratio is 1:1 and that's just not right!

6564241 I'd love to help, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...

I was bad and read this before I read the episode~ *teehee*

6564244 Well, you should go fix that! It's a pretty good one. Not my fav., other than the adorableness of Marble, but it's got a lot of cute and fun stuff in it.

6564256 B-But I'm watching a hockey game! D:

Comment posted by SilverKaizoku deleted Oct 26th, 2015

6564259 ...incest? Duuuuuuuuuuude. It's incest if it's siblings or first cousins, but "a fourth cousin twice removed by a fifth cousin" is basically not related at all.

6564260 This one was just too cute. I don't do a ton of ship fics, but I couldn't resist.

6564267 Fine then. I see it as incest.

6564274 You know that you're fairly likely to be about that related to any random person of your ethnicity that you run into, right?

6564279 Whatever. Enjoy your ship.

6564274 Exactly how far apart do you have to get before it's no longer incest to you? Seriously they are so distantly related that you could potentially argue that anyone being with anyone is 'incest'.


Fourth cousin twice removed means that Person A's great-great-great-great-great grandparent is person B's great-great-great grandparent. I'm not sure what 'by a fifth cousin' means, but we are definitely talking about a level of relation that you are insane for calling incest.


What I'm getting here is that you didn't realize how stupid your position was, but you're too pigheaded to back down, so you're going to pretend you don't care while continuing to respond to every comment.

6564298 Then why'd you even comment in the first place? What a waste of time.

EDIT: Also you should probably update your bio on your user page.

I'm a pretty relaxed person. I try not to sweat the little stuff and am very supportive. I'm very kind and understanding,and am incredibly patient(too the the point where I've been called too patient). I will do my best to try and understand people and there troubles

Seems to be a blatant lie given your behavior in these comments.

6564304 Well, I've always gotten the impression that the ranking algorithms take comment number into account somehow, so if somebody wants to have stupid arguments in my comments, I don't really mind. So long as things stay fairly civil, anyway. :scootangel:

Speaking of which, does it say that there have been just two views on this story for anybody else? It does for me, but I can't believe people are faving it without viewing it, that doesn't make sense.

6564311 I'm seeing 2 as well. Mind you I still need to read it, it's on my read later list for now as I need to get to bed. Hm, when you see people 'faving' it does it tell you specifically that they added it to their favorites shelf? Or might putting it on the 'read later' or 'tracking' shelves be shown to you the same way?

Well, that was cute. Seriously, the animators were pushing the shipping buttons on this one. It's too obvious to be accidental.

6564325 It shows me the specific shelf, but only if the shelf is set to public, so I don't see everyone who adds it to their read later, as that tends to be a private shelf (I believe it's set that way by default) I see a few read later notifications, and most of the various weird and individualized shelves. (Some of those amuse me. Though I do wish people would stop adding Spark to Light a Candle to "dead" shelves. It's not dead, just... resting. For a long time. Totally will be finished someday, really. :twilightblush: )

6564336 I think it's about as close as we're likely to get to a canon ship, unless they do another Hearts and Hooves Day episode, maybe. :twilightsmile: (Or unless you count Cadance and Shining Armor as a "ship". Not sure how that one works, really... Are married couples ships?)

SO CUTE! I loved it. You tied the ending with the beginning so well, I adored the last line of Marbles, that was genius.

And you made rocks sound so...magical!

And you do a dang wonderful Twilight. You were right on target with that one. One of the best Twilights I've read, I'd say. You did EVERYPONY well, really.

6564357 Aww, thank you! I honestly love writing Twilight in excited "nerd babble" mode. I tend to do that myself sometimes, when I'm really into something. :twilightsmile:

6564256 And now that I've done the thing, I must resist the urge to write for the ship.

Also, Pinkie's family is awesome. That is all.

6564306 It is true. People who know me can confirm this.

6564377 Then if you are so incredibly laid back, could you see your way to not being uptight in public at people over the ships they enjoy? That'd be nice, thanks. :raritywink:

6564374 They are! Though I'll admit the other Pie family story idea in my idea folder is very much a grimdark kind of thing. Or maybe grindark, as it'd be a dark humor piece. Dunno if I'll ever get around to writing it though, I have far more ideas than time!

Absolutely fantastic! :pinkiehappy:

6564382 I don't want too. But anytime I try, the rage comes back in full.

I don't like getting angry. But I can't seem to let things go. I can't just let sleeping dogs lie.

Okay, Marlbemac isn't incest. But, I'm not found of it because I'm a picky person.

6564387 "Once I was in a place without rocks. It was horrible." —A Maud Pie horror fic :P

6564396 I appreciate you admitting it.

Next time, though, may I give you some advice? When a ship is not for you, for whatever reason, I suggest you don't read the story and don't comment on the story, and you'll find (shock!) that you don't get "rage", because you're off reading and commenting on the stories that make you happy instead. Purposefully exposing yourself to something you've decided you hate is just silly and pointless, and publicly commenting to shit on it will just piss off everyone else too.

6564390 Thank you! :pinkiehappy:



I learned a new word today that I shall treasure forever.

It's perfectly OK to dislike a ship ^_^ everyone has their own preferences for what they like and don't like and that's one of the things that make this world a beautiful place!

6564398 Hmmm... are there any places without rocks? I suppose that depends a bit on how you define a "rock". Coral atolls, maybe?

I have a lot of issues. I don't know why I can;t just do this. It's like whenever i try to avoid unnecessary drama, something just pulls me to it.

I don't like drama. I don't like debility starting shit. I'm sorry about my behavior here. It was childish.

6564419 I... don't know. :twilightoops: I was just tryin'a be funny.

6564438 Come now! Taking silly things waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously is what fandom is for, right? :pinkiehappy:

6564443 So very true.

What a sweet and cute fic--as sweet and cute as the ship and how it was implied.

I was really surprised by the episode today.

6564504 Thank you! (The episode had a few moments I wasn't expecting, the adorable shippishness among them.)

Yes, that new episode has spawned a ship so immense that I have revoked myself as a Cheerimac shipper. (Though I'll still ship it due to DisneyFanatic2364) And now, the ship has created dozens of fan works in the span of ONE FREAKING DAY. It's just like: WHAAAAA???????!?!?!!!!!?!?!! My mind does not comprehend!!!!! Anyway, good story!

This is a very amazing ship story I have read!

So sweet!

6564549 Thank you! This fandom is pretty nuts sometimes!

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