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This story is a sequel to I Dream to Fly

This is a sequel to I Dream to Fly. I'd highly recommend you read it first.
Two years after the incident that happened with Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash finally sees it fit to help the young filly learn to fly. With the upcoming junior Wonderbolts League, Scootaloo may have the chance to show ponies what she's really made of.
But will she be held back by the past?

Chapters (28)
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That foreshadowing though! :flutterrage:

Ain't I the worst? :derpytongue2:

:pinkiecrazy: Is going insane because has no sense of patience.

That must be frustrating, actually. Being beaten out by someone who's been flying for an implausibly short time... who does happen to be friends with a princess and someone who's a big candidate for the Wonderbolts.

Would make me suspicious of foul play.

I wonder why Scootaloo's actually able to do that?

Either way, it doesn't excuse what he did.

6694506 She just happens to be the centre of some very dubious coincidences, which is a shame. But when it comes to flying, maybe she's just a really fast learner? Sometimes all you need is a small push from something else to get yourself off the ground. In this case maybe all she needed was someone to support her through it.

Either way, there is never an excuse for violence, no matter what.

Hey, great job with the story, it was quite well written. I can always appreciate in a character is growth towards a goal or in general, and over the course of this series you represented that quite well.
One thing I would recommend is to read some other works to help with writing for certain characters. I also feel that if more mentor characters were added, they could have been a different voice to help Scoots in her struggles (i.e. Applejack helping her train as well, because of her competitive background).
Overall, a solid 8.5/10.

I originally intended the story to be 40k words long and have around 20 chapters, but I had to extend it quite substantially because it otherwise would have been quite rushed in terms of development. I'd say I still rushed it a bit near the end, so maybe 30 chapters would have been just right. Either way, thank you so much!

Judging by Scootaloo's personality in the show, any advice from Rainbow Dash would overwrite any other mentor character's advice. Could have been an interesting situation. I'm not sure what other mentor characters I could have added, since if anything, Applejack could only have given endurance advice, or maybe taught her to always keep her cool. It would have been minor, but it could have been something. Sadly they were not included in the original story concept, so I don't think I'd have been able to shoehorn them in afterwards. I also tried to continue on with all the characters that appeared in the original story, and then a bunch of newcomers that were pivotal to the plot of the sequel.

Thanks for the feedback! I hope I'll be able to create just as good, if not, better stories than this in the future. Chances are they're going to be much, much shorter, because this was a monster to write and proofread!

Hehehe, nice. I can just imagine how it would feel to have carried your own surprise party cake on your back all day and then find out and just be like :rainbowhuh:

I really enjoyed this story and its prequel. Is there going to be any more stories in the series? Perhaps something that touches on Scootaloos past and how she ended up alone at the beginning of the first story? It feels like you put a lot of work into showing Twilight and Dash searching for answers, but then just giving up entirely. Is there backstory to why Scootaloo is such a good flier after such a short period. In my headcanon for these stories, Scoots, could fly as a foal, and was good at it. But then something bad happened with her parents, which resulted in her repressed memories and repressing her flight skills until Rainbow dash reawakens them. (Am I close? lol)

Either way, thanks for taking the time to tell your stories.

Haha did you accidentally read them backwards or did you mean that you enjoyed the first one (I Dream To Fly) then enjoyed it’s sequel (I Dreamt to Fly)?

Her parents;
I planned to build up and reveal the origins of what happened in the original I Dream to Fly, keep it a nice and cosy story where there was a big build up with a great pay off. Unfortunately I was just unable to work on the story anymore after around a year or two, so I had to end up leaving everything unanswered.
This is the fault of me writing the story on the spot instead of planning it out in my head. Every new chapter of I Dream to Fly was made up on the spot when making it, meaning the story I originally wanted to tell wasn’t actually the direction I ended up going in. It’s why the description is a bit misleading and sort of a lie.

When coming up with a sequel, I decided to just avoid the whole Scootaloo’s parents thing for almost the entire story. It just wasn’t relevant to the story I wanted to tell, which was Scootaloo learning to fly. I really wanted to just do what the title said, her learning to fly, so I just ditched the entire parents plot line and focused on that instead. I know that’s not a satisfactory explanation.

How she could fly so well:

I spent a lot of time trying desperately to show off that Scootaloo could in-fact, not fly fantastically, and tried to build it up as smooth and realistically as I could. Half the story was spent teaching her how to fly, then even in the other half with the wonderbolts league, she failed and stumbled quite a bit and sometimes barely got through to the next test. I did this specifically to show that she wasn’t a special snowflake who could suddenly fly amazingly after the first few lessons. If it seemed like she suddenly was the god of flying, then I don’t know where I where that was implied.

Were you close?:
To be perfectly honest, I have no clue. I vaguely stated it above, but I didn’t flesh out her backstory in all honesty, not in my head. I tried to in the first story, got lazy and failed, and in the second story I tried to avoid it to tell a different story entirely.

The whole “But will she be held back by the past?” thing in the description of the sequel was referring to her injuries, and not her parents, just to clarify. I know that’s not obvious and a big vague, but that was partly on purpose as to not spoil the original story for new people.

Thank you though. It humbles me a lot to know you enjoyed this series. I hope you enjoyed the sequel much much more than the original, because overall in my opinion, it’s my best work. Thanks!

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