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A large group of Veneighzuelan sad-faced spiders are looking for a home to call their own and care for the future generations, but they haven't had much luck. Now they've found a thick forest called the Everfree which suits them just perfectly. Unfortunately, while their usual prey live within the confines of the trees, they weren't prepared for the special beasts that live there too.

Now they must find the safest place possible to rest and rebuild and live. Let's hope they find it soon. They're too tiny to survive for long in the wild.

The Veneighzuelan sad-faced spider is Jet_Black1980's teeny tiny creations and this story is set within his HB-Verse. This is a gift...so it'll probably be mother's day quality...:coolphoto:

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You know they're poisonous, yes?

6583584 Vines? Why yes. They are.

Comment posted by IkioStar deleted Oct 31st, 2015

6583635 ...You mean venomous, right?

Comment posted by IkioStar deleted Oct 31st, 2015

6583769 Then what is supposed to be poisonous?

Comment posted by IkioStar deleted Oct 31st, 2015

6583812 No, that's venomous.

Poisonous: (of a substance or plant) causing or capable of causing death or illness if taken into the body.
Venomous: (of an animal, especially a snake) secreting venom; capable of injecting venom by means of a bite or sting.


Comment posted by IkioStar deleted Oct 31st, 2015

6583952 Ah. He didn't tell me that when I was working on it, but I didn't have them perform any tasks requiring that sort of thing.

6583635 He has my permission to write up this story.
In fact, I was the one who asked him to write it...

6584145 NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK? *gets all up in your grill*

6584191 I love it. The world seems like a big dangerous place compared to our spiders. I like the nameless little spiders too. They feel like an extension of the Queen spider. Maybe there will be more in the future?

6584295 I only made this as a one-shot. What comes later is entirely up to your stories.

Was the reaction they had correct?

6584145 I know...well, about the first part. The 'no' part was about the vines.
6583996 Yup. Which is great. I wasn't bringing the fact up because I saw an issue. More, it was supposed to be flavor text for the people reading the story. ...And now there's all these comments that're not about the story which will likely dissuade readers from looking too deeply at the story. So, I'm going to delete a few of my comments now.

6584328 Yes. This is the reaction they had. Thank you.

6584423 Deleting them or not would not have changed anything about the views.

6584639 Yay!

Ah it feels so good to be back and reading your stories once more my dear Psycho. I really wanted to read your other story, but this one just got the better of me. I mean it is a story about a freaking spider colony. I cannot, for the life of me, think of any other fanfic writer that could even attempt to pull this off. As a matter of fact, I questioned even if you could pull it of. But, it seems I should not have questioned the mind of the utter genius that is you my dear herald of illogic.

First of, let me congratulate you on making one of the best epic adventures involving spiders. It truly was wonderful with all this creativity floating about. The brown pony dealio was a bit off a weird mystery for me, but reading through this comment section I can now see why. And it was still freaking gorgeous.

Furthermore I love how you portrayed the dangers of the Everfree forest. In nature everything is essentially out to get you and when you are as small as these guys you really do need to look out. The plant scene was probably the first one that got me truly hooked, but throosh's appearence was amazing.

The intensity with which you described the whole scene coupled with your extremely well done description was something truly to behold. It was like I could feel every single fiber of the throosh transforming from its lizardy facade to its true spidery self.

i was always try to read your 'less viewed' fics because often times they turn out to be such true gems. I mean this story was absolutely fantastic. You even made me care for these spiders (freaking spiders for pete's sake!) and their conversation actually gave a little bit of depth to their characters and I was truly rooting for the poor guys to make it through this treacherous journey.

For the majority of the fanfic i was questioning what this had to do with mlp but at the end it all came together and really i enjoyed it. It just goes to show you what creativity combined with experience can do for a story.

Another hidden gem from the ever amazing Psycho. :raritystarry:

6779210 Jet_Black doesn't want a Throos no matter how hard I try to Sales Pitch (I should make this into an annoying, cliché of the fifties-era salesman) a free egg to H.B. (the brown pony in this story).

And yes, the throos is an idea I got from a rather disturbing dream. Too bad I can no longer perceive my dreams as nightmares, even the tremendously terrifying ones, such as the Demon Dormitory I had some time ago.:pinkiecrazy:

If you read Jet_Black's stories, then you'll see where these came from, and thanks for the comment. Always reinvigorates me and gives me a reason to write here again.

6779210 I can help you if you want to know more about the Tan Mare from this story. :pinkiecrazy: After all, I was the one who asked Psycho to make this story. I knew he could do it! I knew that he was the best choice cause he's all about the strange, Illogic, and odd.
Plus they were his favorite of my creations.

Well the story certaily was interesting... but it feels incomplete. Is there any chance of this story continuing, perhaps?

6995615 It's purposely incomplete. It ties in with Jet_Black1980s fifth story: My Little Heartbreak: More With a Kind Word and a Hard Hoof

AGH! I can't believe I didn't see that before! What kind of fan am I, to have read every single one of HB's stories and not recognized this tie in?!!?

And reading through the actual comments, that just makes me feel like even more of an idiot. Jets right there, leaving comments...

I feel obligated to read this for some reason...

I don't see why. Nothing to indicate why you would feel that way. :B

The spider pic scared me I have a fear of spiders

I have arachnophobia

If you look at the wee peacock spider you'll lose that. I'm certain I know where the fear comes from, though. It's the shape of their bodies, isn't it? And those long legs.

No it's the eyes

And long legs

Huh. It's always the legs. I never hear about the eyes. You don't have to worry, though. I haven't made any other story with just the spiders.

Uhh the reason I hate spiders is something with that many eyes and legs cannot be evil

Do you mean 'can't be good'?

Ah. Pffff. They kill tons of flies and mosquitoes. I don't see evil in that. Plus, they're all hairy. It's cute. I only fear their venom.

You should read all my stories.

I'm equally fascinated and horrified by the terrors of which the poor spiders have to compete with. :applejackunsure:

That little suggestion about helping HB live... it paints the picture of them leaving little snacks for her, like cats leave mice for people!

That last line seems ominous, unless you consider the branding/curse to be a separate entity from HB. So... good news?

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