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One day our fictions became all too real, we called this The LeClaire Incident; when science opened the path between worlds. One person's callous detachment about the ramifications of her own work could have spelled disaster for everyone, but this brought me salvation through the others who sought to use the new science responsibly.
My name is Kelly Mathews a game coder by future trade, but I am also now Nigel the wood elf an Adventurer and Tracer Displaced.
For all who feel the sting of homesickness I may have a way to restore your lost connection.
My mission is to unravel the mystery surrounding The Merchant and his Displaced victims so that one day the damage may be stopped or even undone.

(This story is linked to The Breakthroughs' Call, Another Equestria. MLP:FIM X Sega Landstalker. MLP World setting loosely uses Luna verse setting elements. I mean no infringment or story conflict intended.)

Crossover Notes:
Chapter 6 (Simulated Displaced, crossover Chaotic and Magic the Gathering by creature type and magic)
Chapter 10 - 11 (Simulated Displaced ADAM, with creature type from Eternal Darkness. Displaced Link, crossover with [Displaced] A Forced Hero Rewrite by DisplacedWriter.)
Chapter 12 - Has detail lite reference to sex as a horror end to an OC and some profanity. (will increase rating & add tags if prompted to.)
Chapter 13 - Crossover back with a Breakthrough's Call, Another Equestria.

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By the way, you may want to include a status into your story description about cross-overs and if/when you will do cross-overs with other Displaced.

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