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Brian and Lilly, Tina and Mike are part of a Think-tank called White Rabbit whose purpose is to publish the damage assessment reports for risky science. When one of their colleagues goes public with her success in Planer Travel, the group makes plans to beat the competition into being the first to perfect guided travel ahead of the likes of the military and religious fanatics.
However they fail to end up where they expect and get separated by something spawned by a nightmare forest where magic is wild.
The history of this world will be altered by their actions, and those at home may be drawn into these events. Only if they survive.
(Tracer Displaced Kelly Mathews aka Nigel the Wood Elf from Land Stalker, after being rescued from the fate of being stranded in an unknown Equestria; is now on a mission to figure out how the Merchant creates or picks the world of his victims in the hope he can be tracked down and stopped. All the while looking for others who may need help reconnecting with their homes. This tale will not be covered here just linked to this story.)

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