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A fetish-based fanfic is incomplete without such comments :twilightsmile:

Great Story, I can't wait to see the next chapter soon

So did Ruby get turned into an inanimate sex doll, or is she just asleep or something for the time being?

Wait for the next chapter :ajsmug:

It was a good chapter, but I was really hoping that the factory was going to be used to forcing ponies to be transformed into different kinds living rubberponytoys.

As I said in my notes, I don't want to create fetish-only story. If you are looking for another short "and then OC was a zombie toy" story, this one may not satisfy you. Yet, don't worry, I got plenty of ideas; next chapters will bring much more TFs and inflations.

great chapter, all doe i really don't know how the story will continue if th main character of the previous chapters and the one in this one no longer exist to continue it.

Hehhh... I don't know.

This chapter just seems to be going in a completely different direction than the first chapter(s). I really much preferred, and was more interested by the story in them, than 'this' one.

I can only hope this end up looping back to where the story was in Chapter 1.

Before I read, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

Is this story still a thing? I'd be really sad to see this one never get completed. It's one of my favorite stories here.

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