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A thousand years have passed.
A thousand years since the Sun died.
A thousand years since The Nightmare.
A thousand years.

The Princess of the Night runs.
She Runs from her past sins.
She runs.
But then she hits water, and what do?
She sailed. She sailed from her Nightmare.
But why?
Because the Sun is gone.

And so She sails.
She sails the sailing seas.
Time grows old, and she still sails,
Collecting crew of her mighty ship.
But little does she know,
Her nightmare follows.
And her shadow is her fear,
But her fear is not what destroyed the sun,
For that is why the Moon sails the night.
That is why the Moon is the Night.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 12 )

So what do you guys think of the story? :twilightblush:
I'll try updating it more often!

6956726 Needs more Lovecraftian horror.

What do you mean?
I mean I know what it means by why would I need to add it? I at least want everyone to read this

Very good so far. Cant wait for more. Keep up the good work

Been waiting for a fic based on that song! Unless there already was one before this and I missed it

And thank you for your support! :twilightblush:

I was going to write a fic based on Derpy and Carrot Top's tale, but someone already started one.
So I started on the next best thing! :rainbowdetermined2:

Looks promising so far.
I'm curious what will happen next (aside from a new crew-member for a certain ship).

But I'm wondering:
Wouldn't the big Factions send her fleets to chase after the Lunar Pirates?
They may can take out 500 ships one by one, but sure not at the same time.

I hope Luna will have at least to fight an great, heavy battle against an superior enemy. Who knows, maybe all Factions team up together for a common goal: to sink "The Nightmare".

Derpy and Carrot Top's tale?

I don't know what you mean. A quick search later I found this one.
Did you mean that?

Found an small error:

and out-run ay Factionaire ship

You meaned any, didn't you?

And often, when you use brackets you forgot a space; either at the beginning or at the end. That happens in both chapters.

Small reminder:
You forgot to add the source of the cover-art.
Better add it; I'm sure the artist would approve.

Jeez you're good :rainbowlaugh:
Anyways, yeah! They would send the fleet after her, but as you saw earlier in the Underground Market, the Factions hardly believe it is the real Lunar Pirate.
And yes, I will do as you have asked x3

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