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Rainbow has liked Twilight for a while, and now they are stuck together. Will she tell Twilight? What will Twilight do? Rainbow hopes its good.

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Okay what the Hell?

"A waste of time."
~The New York Times

Ahaha I certainly didn't see that ending coming! xD
I don't think that's something Twilight would do but you never know how someone would react to that.

When I began reading, I was confused as to why there were so many dislikes. It was well written, there was nice buildup, and then the end happened. Just... why? What a terrible attempt at trolling readers. You had two characters glued together, so there's all kinds of whack hijinks they could get up to, and you end with that? Really, not funny.

That had all the makings of a great little story and you had to go and do that?! :rainbowhuh::facehoof:

Do you hate TwiDash that much?

6349958 I agree. Maybe I can make an alternate ending with the authors permission.

I died at the ending.

Well, all us shippers can take confort in knowing the real Twilight would NEVER say this. Especially to her friends.

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