• Published 5th Oct 2015
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Not another One-Shot-Ober - Admiral Biscuit

A collection of mostly comedic vignettes about ponies in their native Equestria.

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The Fall of the Crystal Empire

The Fall of the Crystal Empire
Admiral Biscuit

Twilight shuffled forward, keeping pace with the pony in front of her. The leg irons chafed at her coat, and the magic suppressor on her horn gave her a wicked headache. She would have cried, but all her tears had been shed already; now she was just an empty husk, living for the moment and holding out a vague hope that the Princess would show up to save them before it was too late.

“It wasn't your fault, Spike,” she whispered. He wasn't there to hear her, of course, and perhaps that was for the best. She still needed to say it. “It wasn't your fault.”

A week earlier

Twilight lashed out at the crystal prison, but it was indestructible. Her magic just flowed around it uselessly. And the crystal heart was so close.

Her ears flicked as she heard distant stone cracking. There is no more time. Her head dropped, and she called out over her stone prison to Spike. “You have to be the one to bring the Crystal Heart to the Faire.”


I have failed. But that didn't matter, did it? It was more important to save the Crystal Empire. “Go!”



She heard his claws scraping against the crystal, and then she heard a loud crack and felt the tower shift underhoof. It didn't matter. Spike would save them all—he had to.

Another loud crack, and then the tower began to buckle. Twilight crouched and waited, feeling for the shift, and when it came, she jumped, stretching for the top of her crystal prison. Her only hope was to get her head above the top of the jagged crystals; maybe then she could cast a spell that would help. If not . . . well, that didn't bear thinking about.

The noises outside were getting louder and more menacing.

Her hoof slipped, and she dropped back to the floor, tears flowing down her cheeks. Spike will save us.

But he didn't.

It wasn't his fault.

He was a dragon, and he had his claws around a powerful crystal artifact. Despite all his years with Twilight, despite her patient teaching and tender parenting, he was still a dragon, and could not entirely repress his draconic nature, so he did what any dragon would do in his position.

He ate the Crystal Heart.

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