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For her whole life, Luna`s felt shunned and abandoned by her- no- Celestia`s subjects... Every celebration, every feast- includes the words 'Celestia! Celestia!'. What about Luna? Where does she come in in?

She wants to get noticed, to change the world- and now her only option is to go the Legend Waker. He`ll be able to help her. Then she`ll be seen.

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I know her singing may sound... Dumb, but I really just wanted to do a story on one of my favorite songs. My next story thankfully won`t include a song.:twilightsmile:

So... Any comments? No? K, be sure to check out Purple Tears~

Only thing I see and hear when reading this.

6279671 well, isn`t it surprising I got this off of that? :trollestia:

Oh and thank you for adding it to good books!:rainbowkiss:

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