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super star warrior x1

I like to write fan fiction and cartoons show


Since Twilight became a princess, new force was rise. This battle she needed to fight dark magic, which was not King Sombra. If you want to know what happened, so come and check it out. I own nothing expect my idea in the story. This is also my first time to post. Please give me some advice.

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Comment posted by King Shugoki deleted May 23rd, 2015

I'd recommend looking over your description and story, checking your grammar, and getting an editor to help you. I haven't even read the story, and I don't think I will, because the description has so many grammatical mistakes that it's essentially unreadable. It may be a great story, but unfortunately I don't think many people will be willing to read it as it is.

Comment posted by Gabrielangel13 deleted May 25th, 2015

This is incorrectly tagged. You need to add crossover and acknowledge that it uses Star Wars, because as is, it is plagiarism. Not to be mean, but pretty much you're stealing George Lucas's ideas if you don't give him credit

This story doesn't make any sense at all.


I am not copying star war. Those laser don't kill pony and the battle ship can't fly to space. The army are control my a controller and the army won't died.

The first few parts is only about fighting. After a few chapter, it will explain everything.

Yes, the guy control the army who use dark magic.

6017178 sorry, I incorrectly assumed that the 4-armed Lightsaber wielding bad guy was General Grievous

The four arm guy wasn't a robot. Those guys don't have heart and only have brain.

Sounds like Martians to me. (From war of the worlds, of course.)

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