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Night Glider is in a tight spot. Ever since she and her friends got their cutie marks back, she started having feelings. She doesn't want to rush matters because Sugar Belle hasn't shown any kind of return interest. Night Glider doesn't even know if she likes mares. She also doesn't want to look like a copycat since Double Diamond and Party Favor so recently committed to each other.

Just because she's physically active doesn't mean she's short on intelligence. A plan has already taken root in her mind. The local psychological analyst has notes from one of Sugar Belle's appointments. She just has to see the notes to determine her chances...

1. This is a Sugar Glider tie-in with Snow and Ribbon.
2. Partly-one-sided F/F mini-story.
3. It will continue in Snow and Ribbon's sequel.
4. Made the Popular Stories list.

Art by BlackWater (me)

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No! Not the cliffhanger! :raritydespair:

Night Glider the stalker. How... pleasant.

This might need a 'dark' tag.


To be continued but marked as complete...
Now I'm confused.

There will be a sequel (a separate story). :pinkiesmile:

Any word on the progress made on the SugarGlider story? Also, there's tags for these two now.

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