• Published 20th May 2015
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Shifting Melodies - Thadius0

He's a unicorn accountant in service to a smuggling ring. She's a high-ranking Thestral in the Day Guard. Together, they fight crime. Too bad one of them's lying.

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Chapter One - Introductory Verse

Level Ledger was a content pony. He had a well-paying job, he had a routine that saw to all his needs. He had a place to lay his head, and a place where he ate out once a week, funds permitting.

The brown-coated unicorn whistled a wordless tune as he trotted down the streets of Las Pegasus. Oh yes, crime was rife here, but nopony ever bothered him. Not after the last time.

Systematically striking at all the weak parts of a Pegasi’s wings was not technically illegal if it was self-defense, and the mare had thrown the first blow.

He simply threw the last.

Ledger walked into the lobby of the apartment building where he was staying, and nodded at the landlord behind the desk. “Estate,” he greeted as he moved to head up to his room.

“Ledger, a word?” the Earth Pony stallion asked, causing the unicorn to pause and shoot a questioning glare at the one in charge of the building.

“Something’s happened, hasn’t it?” the silver-maned unicorn questioned upon reading his landlord’s facial expression.

“Yup,” the blue-coated pony replied with a nod. “Costs are going up, Ledge. I’ve tried everything I can do, but there’s no two ways around it. If I’m going to make ends meet, then I have to raise the rent.”

Level Ledger pursed his lips as he ran the numbers. “If you do that, then I may not be able to afford to stay,” he said after a moment.

“Ledge, you’re a great tenant, I like you, and I’d really not rather lose you...but I can’t play favorites,” the cerulean-maned stallion replied as he got out from behind the desk and put one hoof on the unicorn’s withers. “I’ll give you a bit of leeway...but my advice? Take a roommate. Your place comes with two bedrooms for a reason, y’know.”

“I had been hoping to avoid that,” the green-eyed unicorn said with a sigh as he hung his head. “I don’t...get along well with others.”

“True enough,” the golden-eyed landlord replied with a chuckle. “I’ve never seen anyone but you go up to your place. Still, if you wanna stay, you’re gonna need to cough up the bits somehow.”

Level Ledger raised his head and gave his landlord a quick, sharp nod. “Very well, I shall see to printing up and setting fliers around the town, advertising my need for a roommate immediately. Let us merely hope that no...unsavory characters answer, eh?”

“No fear of that,” Real Estates replied with an even heartier chuckle. “I think they’re all afraid of you.”

“It is remarkable what a simple telekinesis spell can do when combined with knowledge of anatomy,” the unicorn said as he trekked upstairs, intent on producing fine fliers as soon as possible before setting them out in a pattern that would almost assuredly net him a roommate in record time.

Yes, around the train station and along the strip sounded like a fine place to put them. It was merely a shame he would have to skip going to Fredrick’s tonight. Money promised to be tight for a little while with this news…

Las Pegasus, a lawless, overly bright hole for the worst equinity had to offer. Midnight Song trotted down the street in full armour, the shining gold metal still seemed lifelessly dull against the neon that illuminated the town’s main strip.

It had been a few days since she was transferred here from Canterlot, and against her most adamant wishes to do anything but. Yet she knew why, because she wasn’t considered ‘mature’ enough.

“So sending me here is supposed to fix that?” she muttered to herself. Most ponies on the street gave her a wide berth, mostly because at least one in every three or so had done, is doing or will do something illegal by the weeks end.

“And now I hafta find my own place to live as well, what a freakin... joke...?” She paused as she passed a rather non-descript looking flyer. “Wanted, one roommate,” she read. “Apartment has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, easy access to the strip. Must be capable of paying your share of rent on time, no excuses. If interested, inquire at fifteen-hundred, fifth avenue. Ask for Level Ledger…”

“Well now, that was easy enough,” she mused as she re-read the flyer for good measure. She gave her wings a few flaps and took to the skies, it was actually pretty close by, so it wouldn’t hurt to check it out anyway.

The building itself couldn’t be any more plain if it tried, she’d flown past it twice due to it being so inconspicuous. Landing on the pavement, her hooves clicking gently against the concrete, she looked up at the building once more and entered.

The lobby itself was also quite plain. A reception desk, a wall with private letter boxes and a few plants to add some colour to the otherwise meager room. She walked over to the desk and raised a hoof, tapping on the little bell with a solid chime.

“Yeah, I heard ya, who is…” the voice revealed itself to belong to a blue-coated Earth pony, with a mane of darker blue and golden eyes. “Oh. You’re not one of my tenants,” he said after looking Midnight over. “Least, I think I’d remember a Thestral.”

“A pony who uses our proper name, points to you~” she smiled, giving the cute stallion a wink. “I’ve actually come about this little flyer here,” she said, placing the piece of paper on the desk. “I’m going to be here for the foreseeable future and need a place to stay.”

The stallion behind the desk picked up the flier and sighed. “Ledger’s work. Short, to the point, just like the stallion himself.” He looked over the top of it and raised his eyebrows. “Well, hope you can stand him, miss. He doesn’t get along well with many others. Took me months to even get a ‘hi’ from him in the morning.”

“I don’t mind a quiet roommate,” she replied. “Besides, I can get even the most stubborn guys to talk.” She adjusted the saddlebags on her back and smiled once more. “So where is this ‘Ledger’? I’d like to get this done as quickly as possible if you don’t mind.”

“Sure thing, he’s up in 204,” the landlord said, hoofing the flyer back. “Just, word of advice? If he messes up his first impression, please give him another chance. He’s a good tenant of mine, and I’d rather he stay that way. Never gives anyone any trouble.”

“I’m a forgiving mare, so I wouldn’t worry,” she smiled and winked at him again. “You make him sound like a decent guy, but I’ll make my own decisions. So 204 was it?” The stallion nodded and Midnight flashed a grin and blew him a kiss. “Thanks sweetie~”

“Not a problem, ma’am, but I’m not sure that’ll work on him,” the landlord said with a slight chuckle. “Been here a year, and the only one that’s ever gone up to his room is him.” Midnight frowned a little but shrugged.

“Guess I’ll be the first then,’ she replied. She turned on her hooves and trotted for the stairs, using her wings to skip up several at a time. It didn’t take long to reach the room and she stood outside, collecting her thoughts. “It’s not his first impression I’m worried about...” After a moment longer, she raised her hoof and gave three quick knocks on the door. About ten seconds passed before she got a response.

The first thing she noticed about the pony who answered the door was his color scheme, naturally. His coat was brown, his eyes were green, and his mane and tail were silver-grey. The second thing she picked up on was the horn jutting out of his head, and the third thing she noticed was the gaze of slight irritation he was now giving her.

“I thought the guard had finished pestering me about that incident a while ago,” the stallion bitterly said, moving to close the door already. He found that quite impossible when Midnight placed a gilded hoof between it and the doorframe.

“As intriguing as that sounds, I’m here on a different matter actually.” She pulled the flyer from her bag and held it out. “I’m here about your wanted flyer. I’m in need of a place to stay and you appear to have such a place.”

“Ah, my apologies,” the stallion said as he floated the flyer into the apartment. “It’s simply been a few days since I started. You’re the first one to respond, actually.” He gave the mare a second look, as though this time he were evaluating her. “What is your current rank in the guard, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“As part of Princess Celestia’s Royal Guard, I held the ranking of Corporal,” she replied. “But after my transfer here, I was made Sergeant, as so I wouldn’t be stepping on the hooves of the already existing Captain.”

“Still, the amount you’ll make is more than enough to help afford half the costs of living here,” the pony in front of her nodded. “That’s well and good, then. Come in and have a look around, see if it’s to your taste.” With that, he stepped to one side to allow her access. When she did step inside, she noticed how eerily clean it was. No mess, no dust and a sparse amount of furniture. There was a simple couch, a small dining table and that was pretty much it. She also noticed no personal effects, like family photos, collectables or anything of unique design.

“Well, it’s...simple enough,” she said as courteously as she could.

“I was made aware by my landlord that you may desire to change some things about how this place is decorated, should you indeed become my roommate,” Level Ledger said as he closed the door behind them. “As long as the basic theme is preserved...namely, furniture being where it should, and mess being cleaned up...then I see no reason to object.”

Midnight nodded, she’d spared a few glances at this guy, but he was impossible to read. While she was quite skilled at reading things like body language, tone of voice and whatnot, this guy was a blank slate. She figured that his interior decorating skills mirrored that.

“May I be blunt with you Mr. Ledger?’ she asked.

“I would prefer it,” he replied without a moment’s hesitation. His forwardness, while appreciated, was also another flag for her.

“Look, between your simply brilliant poker-face and this bare room... you aren’t into anything illegal right? I would prefer to be able to sleep with both eyes closed.”

“Heavens no!” the stallion said, actually showing shock for once. “I simply prefer to keep my life...simple. A few bad experiences in my formative years left me...untrusting of most others. Didn’t help that after only a month or so of living here, some mare tried to mug me.”

“Kind of a recurring thing here,” she nodded. His reaction had seemed genuine, and she could always look up his file at work if he had one. She made a mental note to check. “And sorry about that, but between this city and my job, I suspect everypony at first.” She looked around again and nodded. “Well, it’s nothing a little colour can’t fix, provided I’m successful in this little interview...” She gasped slightly as she realised she’d forgotten something important. “And I’ve completely forgotten to introduce myself, I’m Midnight Song, a Thestral in case you were wondering.”

“Quite aware,” he said with a small smirk. “I am very well-read, ma’am. And in case you forgot between the time you picked up the flier and now, I am indeed Level Ledger,” here he smirked and gestured towards his horn. “A unicorn, in case you couldn’t tell.”

“Really?” Midnight gasped with feigned ignorance. “I would have thought you were a Changeling~” She giggled at her own joke and twirled around. “So, what else are you looking for in a roomie?”

“Someone who doesn’t disrupt my cycle or system too badly, I still do have to do my job as well,” the pony said, his eyes half-lidding in irritation. “And can we not joke about that? Yes, I’m odd for a pony, but the wedding, while some time ago, is something I keep being reminded of when someone accuses the odd pony out every other week.”

“Right, sorry about that. I keep forgetting that most ponies have a problem with them,” she replied. Guess this guy might have been accused a few times... Canterlot was hell after that wedding... even me...” She shuddered at that, having forced to stay indoors for a week, her natural love of love had seen half the damned city accuse her until Celestia passed that law about wanton discrimination.

“Well, as for disrupting your work, I’m not sure what you do but my job keeps me busy. So I might not even be here a lot of the time.”

“I’m an accountant for Pegasus Air,” he replied simply and bluntly. “And it’s not that I have a problem with changelings. I just don’t like others accusing me of being one.”

“Again, I apologise for that,” Midnight said with a light sigh. Well this was a great start to the day, let’s all accuse your potential roommate of being a love-sucking bug! “Well, we’ve established that I can pay for rent and I’ll not be underhoof or disruptive.” She tapped her chin and a thought occured. “What about having friends or ‘special guests’ over?”

“Friends are fine,” the stallion responded. “And the building policy on such visits as you are likely insinuating is that it’s allowed as long as you don’t disturb the sleep of other tenants.” With that said, he shrugged. “It’s never been a problem for me.”

Midnight was about to make a joke, but she recalled that the landlord had mention that he’d never seen Ledger with anypony before. “Hmm, what about food and utility bills?”

“I tend to keep them low and I will continue to pay for my share,” Ledger said with a nod as he recalled that aspect of the cost of living here. “Or rather, I did tend to keep them low. That might change.”

“Well, you’re an accountant, and I’ll trust you not to rip me off,” Midnight smiled. “Still, I don’t use much myself, aside from the long bubblebath every now and then.” She crunched a few numbers in her head and nodded. “Food won’t be a problem either, but what about cooking? Do we do our own?”

“I am a decent enough chef that I’m not dead of food poisoning yet,” Ledger rebuked with a laugh. “Give me some credit. I can cook...I just had a routine where I went out to a few restaurants once a week. Because they were better.”

“Fair enough, I would cook but...” She offered a sheepish look and smiled innocently. “What’s your fire insurance like, uh, totally unrelated by the way?”

“Paid up, as are all my others,” he replied with an eyeroll. “The reason they’re called accidents is because you can’t plan around them.”

“It’s not like I cause fires all the time,” Midnight pouted. “Well I guess that’s all the basics out of the way, unless you have other questions?”

The stallion hummed for a moment before shaking his head. “No, but I do have one final thing to point out.” With a hoof, he indicated a hallway. “That leads to the study, and sometimes I end up bringing my work home with me. Please do not bother me when I’m in there. My employers would not take kindly to others seeing their financial records.”

“I deal with ponies criminal records and even documents pertaining to the Princesses themselves, confidentiality is something I am quite aware of Mr. Ledger,” Midnight nodded. “I’ll stay out of your study, no need to worry about that.”

“Wonderful,” he said with a smile before looking at the wall clock. “And I should have just enough time to get extra ingredients for dinner before I need to make it. What are you in the mood for, Miss Song?”

“Anything is good,” she replied. “Ah, will I need things like pillows or bedsheets?”

“There...are a set in your bedroom,” he said, pointing at the door in question. “And I have kept them clean. But I replaced mine within the first week of staying here.” Midnight nodded, making another note to go shopping tomorrow. She was too tired to worry about it now.

“Well, glad to see I’m successful, I really didn’t want to spend another night slumped over a desk.”

Ledger shrugged as his horn lit up, carrying his saddlebags out from his room and placing them on himself. “If you’ve no further questions and I’ve no further concerns, I shall go procure dinner for us both.”

“Will do, I’m going to get out of this heavy armour and have a quick shower.” She gave the stallion a polite nod and smiled. “See you soon then?”

“Depends on how busy the market is,” Ledger replied. “If I take too long getting back, there are some leftovers from last night in the fridge. Not sure how appetizing a simple salad will be to you, but it’s there if you get hungry.”

“Thanks,” she smiled, already heading for her new room. “I should be okay until you get back.” She turned and winked at him, “Don’t keep a lady waiting too long though~”

Barely dignifying her last lines with a roll of his eyes and a snort of irritation, the stallion headed out to buy more food. Midnight paused, wondering what that was all about, before shrugging and trotting off for a very much wanted shower.

After she’d finished, she headed downstairs and informed her new landlord of his newest and cutest tenant. The Royal Guard was giving her a stipend, as a way of not being able to fit her into the barracks at the Guard station. It was a sacrifice she was willing to make.

Once she had returned to the apartment, she looked around, hoping to find something to do. She eventually found a small collection of books and decided it was better than nothing, opening it up and started reading. It was a little odd how Ledger kept library books detailing everything from magic theory to cookbooks around, but at least she didn’t lack for variety. She eventually settled on a nice piece of fiction, and certainly a lot better than those Daring Do novels. She hadn’t even noticed the door open and her new friend enter the room.

“I was quite fortuitous,” he said as he closed the door behind him. “Not only was the market not overly crowded, but there were more than a few sales going on. I have plenty of ingredients, so I ask again: is there something in particular you would like for dinner?”

“Well if you’re going to cook, then I’ll not complain,” Midnight replied, closing the book and putting it back. “Just as long as it isn’t spicy.”

“I think I can manage that,” the stallion replied as he moved to the kitchen. “For the record, simple things like salt, pepper, and garlic are fine, yes? It’s things that are very hot you don’t want, right? It’s what most ponies mean when they talk about spice...without thinking about all the spices that we use.”

“Right, you’re a technical kinda guy huh?” she said. “But for future reference, yes. I’m talking about things like chilli and whatnot. Pepper, salt and dressings are all good by me.”

“Excellent,” he said as he disappeared into the kitchen. “Dinner should only be half an hour, if that.” After those words, noises that could only be described as ‘dinner in the making’ could be heard as the stallion moved around what sounded like his own weight in pots and pans.

“You ah, need a hoof in there?” She called out from the couch. It just didn’t feel right sitting around doing nothing. And she was still getting used to the whole ‘extended guest’ scenario. She’d never spent more than one night with anypony other than her parents and fellow guards.

“No, but thank you for the offer,” she heard as the clattering finally stopped. More fine sounds could be heard now: water running, things being chopped or opened. “I would tell you to make yourself at home, but as you pointed out earlier, I don’t have much in the way for others.”

“Don’t worry about that, just makes the whole process a lot faster,” she laughed. Still, she should do something about this eventually... within reason of course. “Well, can I, set the table or something?”

“That would be difficult without knowing where all the things in the kitchen are,” Ledger responded. The sounds regarding dinner seemed to have settled down into two distinct sets of bubbling now. “Though I can at least float the things out to you if you are that hard up for something to do.”

“Well, normally I’m not the one hard up~” she giggled. “But that would be nice. Float it on out here magic colt!”

With a soft tinkle of magic, two plates, two forks, and two glasses set themselves on the center of the dining table...which Song only now noticed did indeed have two chairs at it. “Any preferences for your drink?” the stallion asked from the kitchen.

“Anything sweet is fine, or just water if you have nothing else.” She answered, arranging the plates and cutlery. “What about you? Much of a drinker?”

“While Las Pegasus is known for its wide variety of dens that cater to nearly every vice,” Ledger replied, “I myself have not been to any of them.” A pitcher of lemonade was carefully floated out and placed in the center of the table. “Will that do?”

“Perfect,” Midnight smiled as she took a sip. “Mm, delicious. And I must say, your telekinesis is quite good. Most ponies need a line of sight to see what they’re levitating an object to.” She’d finished the quick task of setting the table and now just stood there, slowly rocking from one side to the other.

“Comes with lots of practice and knowing this place like the back of my hoof,” the unicorn responded as he turned the heat off. “That should be good enough, now to drain this one…” The sound of a large volume of water rushing into the sink made itself known then. “As it stands, I only need to sneak occasional glimpses. More now that I’m sharing so that I don’t hit you, of course.”

“I’m tough, a little bump won’t bother me much,” she responded. She sniffed at the air and hummed thoughtfully. “Ooh, that smells good~ And you said you weren’t a great cook. If that tastes as good as it smells...”

“I merely said I was competent enough to still be standing,” the unicorn replied. “Greatness and worth are measured by others, unless you’re an egotist. And I seriously doubt you wanted to be around me when I was setting a sharp knife to slice and dice some of these ingredients in this sauce...which should be done in a minute or two.”

“Maybe if I had my swords,” Midnight replied as she realised that her blades would need their regular cleaning tonight. “Well, if your food tastes good, then at least take the compliments I’ll be likely to give.” She decided to duck off into her bedroom to give her mane and tail a quick brush, she at least wanted to be presentable.

“It’s weird, but I really can’t figure this guy out.” she thought to herself. “He seems friendly enough, but... something doesn’t sit right with me. Why would a friendly, good-looking guy like him live alone in a barely lived-in apartment?”

Jolting her out of her musing came the sound of Ledger’s voice. “Madam Song, your dinner awaits you!” he called.

Midnight giggled and came back out to the living room, giving her tail a light swish. “Such a gentleman, you’d make a fine butler~” she smiled as she sat down at the table. “Ooh, it even looks good~”

On her plate was no small amount of cylindrical noodles, and the stallion pointed at them to explain the dish to her. “Rigatoni pasta, and to top it,” here he pulled a smaller saucepan over and poured a helping of its contents over her plate. “A light sauce made from diced clams, garlic, vegetable oil, and a few other herbs and spices.” The unicorn repeated the process for his own plate before sending the pot of noodles and the sauce back into the kitchen.

Midnight gave the plate a tentative sniff, before spearing some of the pasta and putting it in her mouth. What followed was a pleasured moan that would have any hot-blooded stallion standing at attention.

“I didn’t think it was that good,” Ledger replied before proceeding to eat his food, noticeably unphased by the batpony’s antics. After the first bite, he shrugged. “Tastes normal to me.”

“Well that was a bust, and this food is pretty good... but still...” She ate another mouthful, though noticeably less enthusiastically than last time. “I expected ‘some’ reaction...” She thought more on it, eating some more pasta while humming thoughtfully. Ledger kept eating his own share silently, his horn still aglow as he did. Noises emanated from the kitchen, and he gave the mare across from him a small smile. “Putting the leftovers away,” he explained, sneaking a glance into the kitchen before nodding and grabbing another forkful.

“Very talented indeed,” she smiled. “One has to wonder why you don’t have mares lined up outside the door.”

“I probably would if I cared about that,” the stallion replied after swallowing his latest bite.

“You... don’t care?” Song pondered as the pieces finally fell into place. Was... was he one of those ponies. The ones that just had no interest in romance whatsoever. “Aw, that’s so sad,” she said softly without realising it.

“Partly from my youth, mostly a choice I made a while ago, but I am asexual now,” Ledger said as he chomped and swallowed down the last of his dinner. “I could walk through the red light district of this town and not be affected. I don’t see why others feel sorry for me when I explain it. My mind has never been more capable of focusing on my work or my studies.”

“All work and no play makes for a dull pony,” Midnight nodded sagely. She finished off her pasta and a very long tongue darted out to lick sauce off of the plate. “Look, I’ll admit that I’m no stranger to the art of carnal pleasure but I have no problems in how you work. Sorry if I sounded offensive.”

“It’s fine,” the stallion said with a wave of his hoof. “Just don’t expect me to return your flirting at all. You’re more than welcome to try to break through my asexual way of life, of course, like every other pony who heard about it before you, but I’m telling you now, you will fail.”

Oh now he’d done it. She’d been more than happy to let this go, but he had to go and challenge her like that. “Okay little stallion, but you have no idea what you’ve just unleashed~”

“And you have no idea what you’re up against,” Ledger returned, a confident smirk on his face, even as something flickered in his eyes. “Well, if we’re done exchanging idle threats, I have work to go over, along with a budget to make. If you’ve nothing else to mention now, I’ll be retiring to the study for about an hour.”

“I have armour and sharp weapons to polish, so I’ll be heading off for the rest of the night,” Midnight replied. She put her own dishes in the sink after draining the rest of her lemonade. “Sleep well Mr. Ledger, don’t let the bed-bats bite~”

“This is Las Pegasus, the locks have locks,” the unicorn returned as he set off for the study. “And I’d be more concerned about yourself, miss Song. Those sheets and that blanket on your bed are terribly uncomfortable, if mine were any standard to judge by.”

“I’ve slept in all sorts of places thanks to my training,” Midnight replied. “Trust me, this is Canterlot Palace in comparison.” She stretched her wings and shook her mane. “In all seriousness though, thanks for letting me stay here. I’ll do my best to be a good housebat.”

“And I suppose I’ll have to do my best to be a good host and guest,” Ledger mused. “It promises to be an interesting experience. Still, you are welcome, Lady Song. Good night.”

As Midnight sat on the rather uncomfortable bed, she was simply left alone with her thoughts as she ran the polishing stone along her blades. That glint she had caught in his eyes disturbed her for some reason.

It was eerily familiar to her.

“Well, everypony has their secrets, and it’s not my place to pry,” she sighed. She set the blade down and picked up the other one, first using the whetstone, then using the polishing cloth. The starmetal blades glinted softly in the moonlight, a gentle, magical glow surrounding them.

“I have my concerns about him, but I’m not worried, he couldn’t hurt me even if he tried...” She frowned at that thought, why did she even think that? She knew he wouldn’t try something so drastic or foolish, but the nagging thought hung in the back of her mind.

“Just calm down Song, take a deep breath and close your eyes. He won’t hurt you and he won’t control you. Your path is your own, as sure as the sun rises,” she murmured the mantra a few times. “This is just more training. Just get through it. Nothing to it.”

She set the second blade down and re-attached it to the wing-mounted setting. “It won’t be long. I’ll prove myself here and go back to Canterlot. I’ll be Celestia’s personal guard and I’ll get the respect I goddamn deserve!”

Half an apartment away, now that Level Ledger had finished his work, he too was cleaning up...himself. He stood in the shower and sighed, letting the water drip down his form. A quick check with his ears and other senses showed him that he was alone, so he fired up his magic, wanting to make sure both forms were clean.

The illusion faded with a flash of silver flame, revealing a changeling in the shower. With a quick check of his body to make sure there were no blemishes on his carapace, the bug-pony grabbed ahold of a nearby sponge and made sure he was clean before nodding a few times and re-donning his disguise, letting his pony form soak so as to maintain appearances.

Yes, he could have gotten by without a roommate...if he wanted to expose his true nature, or leave big, obvious clues to anyone with more than five brain cells. In the game of blending in, it was all about keeping up appearances, and with Equestria’s latest stance regarding changelings not being anywhere near as warm as he’d like, he had to keep his true self hidden under at least three layers.

Thankfully, though, he had gotten a roommate, and nobody was the wiser.

“Now all I have to do is live with a bucking nym- I mean, mare,” the changeling muttered to himself. “A stallion at least would be tolerable…”

The pony in disguise walked back into his bedroom and settled himself under his covers, muttering to himself about how he just knew he was going to have nightmares tonight.

...Sadly for him, he was right.

Author's Note:

Aus and I play off each other very well, so we decided to do a fic together.

He's writing Midnight Song, and I'm writing Level Ledger.

I will TRY to keep this fic T-rated. If things become M-rated, I will split them off into another side-fic if possible.

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