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What happens when the Mane 6 are in the Divergent world? Well, your about to find out! Come find out what happens when the Mane 6 take the Aptitude test. What will be their result? What faction will they choose? Find out by reading this story! :pinkiehappy:

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It's not Amplitude; it's 'Aptitude', brofist. Fix it!

you have amplitude in the summary also.

twilight- no idea
applejack- candor
rarity- erudite
fluttershy- amity
pinkie- dauntless
rainbow dash- no clue if she not a dauntless then no idea

rreally goo can wait to read more

Thank You! I hope you like what's coming next!

Disliked because of short chapters.

ooo it will be interesting to see how the divergent world reacts to the element of harmony

OMG OMG *fangirls* Divergent and MLP crossover? Genius! :pinkiehappy:

ooooo great chapter well done:pinkiehappy:

Can't wait! There better a Divergent pony, or I swear.....:pinkiecrazy:I will become insane and turn you into a cupcake


0-0 Well that was terrifying.

Please make more! I love this idea! :twilightsmile:

Thank you!! :) I thought there was only one person who liked this story! Their will be more soon, I just posted a new chapter. Do you have any ideas for the Indentations for the other members of the mane 6? :pinkiehappy:

hey if you want any help writing some of the factions i can help i love divergent so i can help write some on the factions


"Ok, Applejack. Be my guest and go to Dauntless, get discovered and get killed! Dauntless is the hardest faction to get into and I am NOT GOING TO FAIL INDENTATION JUST BECAUSE I'M THE STUPID ELEMENT OF LOYALTY!!!"



5978869 btw press the little arrows to side to reply:derpytongue2:

5983703 Thanks! And yes, I do need help. They don't mention anything about Amity indentation and only a little bit about Candor, Erudite, and Abnegation! If you could help, that would be great! :pinkiehappy:

5983991 sure pm me and ill give you some advice and stuff about the factions

5978869 Oh, do you mean what factions? I think Rarity would be Agnegation, Applejack would be Candor, Pinkie would be Amity, and Fluttershy would be, um, Amity as well? :facehoof:

Oh, so THATS Indentation! :derpytongue2: Yeah I will help

5996791 Cool! So do you want me to private message you? I need all the help I can get!

5996811 sure, go right ahead! :yay:

that awesome, the glasses thing really fit with the divergent universe,

Great minds think alike!! XD

Aptidute not Amplitude.

Hi guys! This is my first fan fiction so I hope you like it! I really liked Divergent and MLP so I thought, "Why not write a story about it?" so I did. Enjoy the first chapter! I'll try to update on a regular basis, but no promises! :):pinkiehappy:

Me 2, Do you want 2 put your story in my group ? MyLittleDivergent

Oh, and p.s. What do you think of think ?

One with a knife in it and another with a slice of meat in it.

Why would there be meat ? Shouldn't it me "One with spears in it and another with a big salad in it"

6222132 I really love it! But I can't get in for some reason.:applecry:

6222230 because the manticore would be more likely to take meat instead of a salad

I would look 2 see the Dauntless chapter.

please tell me when the next part is done.

Comment posted by NicLove deleted Aug 10th, 2015

6303643 What do you mean ?

6303870 what question are you replying too?

Why am I not surprised that instead of doing what her instincts said, she thought about what her friends would do.

The dislikes are just Jeanine's 15 different accounts

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