• Published 29th Mar 2015
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Fuzzy Fluffy Fables - Fuzzyfurvert

A collection of my writings that are too short to post alone or have been posted elsewhere.

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37. "Dogs" Twiluna prompt

Author's Note:

More Twiluna faffing about. The diamond dog in this is based on my own pet, Beatrice, who is a toy poodle. She has a mostly white coat with her ears fading to a rich chocolate. Here she is thinking she's cute.

Twilight raised an eyebrow at Luna in silent questioning. They had an unexpected guest with them for lunch in the Canterlot Gardens. Luna had arrived fashionably late with the guest. Twilight had heard them chatting amicably as they approached and while she would normally have simply asked, her new royal status required her to wait for proper introductions. She found it difficult to control her expression as Celestia had taught her though as the guest turned out to be the fluffiest, potentially female, diamond dog she’d ever seen.

The diamond dog was very well groomed with white curly fur that faded to chocolate around the eyes and over the ears. The diamond dog’s coat was buzzed short over the haunches and upper legs and arms, making it look even bigger than it really was. The puffy afro that partially covered one of it’s eyes didn’t help Twilight keep her face carefully neutral.

Never one to waste time, Luna nodded in formal greeting before gesturing at their visitor. “Princess Twilight Sparkle, may I present to you Ambassador Beatrice of the Northern Equestrian Alliance of Diamond Dog Packs. Ambassador Beatrice, may I present her highness, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic.”

Twilight spread her wings and bowed in formal curtsie. “Greetings Ambassador. It is a pleasure to meet yo-mphfffghblt!” Twilight gagged as she found herself suddenly scooped into a tight bearhug, her face buried in the ambassador’s thick curly chest fur.

“Oh Princess Magebutt! You are too cute! Me love Princess Magebutt!”

Luna chuckled and muttered Twilight’s new nickname under her breath. “Ambassador Beatrice is here to help shore up diplomatic between our peoples. When sis asked her what she wanted, Beatrice pointed at the stained glass window of your ascension and just kept wagging her tail.” Luna shrugged. “So you can blame all this on Tia. It’s her faul-mmmphhffftbl!”

“Princess Moonmoon! So cute! Hug all the princess!”

Twilight frowned as best she could while having her face shoved against a furry chest and the surprised face of Princess Luna. “Ow doh yoew kep getnnin meg intow ese setuatuns?”

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