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I am a currently 16 year old cynic who used to love the show and is still on this site for some reason. Once in a blue moon I actually write something.


Hoping to earn their Cutie Marks spelunking, the CMC delve into a cave east of Ponyvillie, only to pull a dragon older than Equestria itself out of a deep slumber. The dragon promptly uses his power to claim Ponyville as his property. News spreads, and a small cult dedicated to the glory of the dragon race suddenly comes to the foreground. With so many shifts in power, none can tell the future of Equestria.

After some people expressed interest in some sort of continuation of A Dragon's Life, I decided to do something different, but still focused heavily upon dragons. Enjoy!

Picture credit goes to deligaris
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Monopoly is not a very fun board game

It's spelled Monopony.

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