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I am a currently 16 year old cynic who used to love the show and is still on this site for some reason. Once in a blue moon I actually write something.

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Hoping to earn their Cutie Marks spelunking, the CMC delve into a cave east of Ponyvillie, only to pull a dragon older than Equestria itself out of a deep slumber. The dragon promptly uses his power to claim Ponyville as his property. News spreads, and a small cult dedicated to the glory of the dragon race suddenly comes to the foreground. With so many shifts in power, none can tell the future of Equestria.

After some people expressed interest in some sort of continuation of A Dragon's Life, I decided to do something different, but still focused heavily upon dragons. Enjoy!

Picture credit goes to deligaris
Edited by Deprave

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For Hunter Cunningham, life was simple and filled with as many surprises as an empty box. He played video games in his small but comfortable apartment, paid for by the wealth his parents gave him, read books, chatted with friends on Facebook or Steam, but not much else. He never felt the urge to go do things everyone told him were "exciting" and "fun". Books and games were all he needed, thank you. Everything was controlled and predictable, and that was how he liked it.

As you might imagine, waking up one morning as a dragon in Equestria was a bit outside his comfort zone.

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Gods have to watch over the universe. The job isn't very exciting despite popular belief, and the gods have to do something to the mortals that inhabit planets to keep themselves occupied. Sometimes, this involves taking a random teen by the name of Braxton and moving him to a world that he knows very well. The residents of the world, called Equestria, know nothing about the creature that has been sent to their world.

The arrival of this "alien" causes much chaos in Equestria. Enough that a certain Draconequus begins to free himself from his stone imprisonment...

Chapters (5)

When Twilight begins experimenting with dimensional theory and spells based on those theories, a human teenager by the name of Braxton Senson is pulled into the world he has only seen through the screen of his computer. His appearance awakens an evil older than the princesses themselves, and he must fight to save the world he has put into danger.

Chapters (16)

In 2356, Humanity had destroyed itself, leaving a wasteland where only the strong and fit survive. Life is a grim ordeal for a man such as John Abraham, someone who is as normal as the times allow. But his life is thrown into chaos when he is thrown head-first into another dimension, and must save its inhabitants if he wants to get back home. But what does he have back home that needs to be returned to?

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