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The Dazzlings were done for. If the giant alicorn with now SEVEN colors wasn't enough, they got their daily dose of vegetables from an angry crowd. Adagio goes to the portal the next day, there she knows it's still open. With Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk close behind, she was able to get through to find herself. But she can't handle herself anymore.

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Thanks for reading the first chapter! I'm working on the second one, let me know of any mistakes or errors >.<

Why you no collab:raritydespair::pinkiesad2::fluttercry::applecry:

Hmm, how strange. Usually Adagio is A unicorn, Sonata is Pegasus and Aria is an earth pony.

Adagio had almost forgotten her pony form- she was a pegasus, Sonata was an earth pony, and Aria was a unicorn.

One problem, though: They're sirens. This is how they look like in Equestria:


My view on the Sirens is they started put as ponies, but as they sang, they fed on the hatred and evolved into Sirens.

I.E. Your Adagio Dazzle has evolved into a SIREN!

Similar to the human world, as you can tell.

But without the pendants they can't sing. I have something else planned for that ;)


wait wait! soo you saying if they have their power they are sirens? but if their power gone they just become a regular pony now?


The three get their power because of the hatred of other ponies. This doesn't mean they have to sing to get it. Besides, doing that in real life will just get people to call you a brony even if they know you are one :3

Anyway, you'll just have to wait and see how the story unfolds. It is, after all, only the first chapter.

The next chapter is up! ^3^

Finally, the third chapter is finished.


I may or may not stop the story at the fourth chapter and make a sequel. Probably not, but the possibility is there.
I'm planning to make as least two more chapters if this goes as one continuous story.
Also, I'm changing the name of the story as there will be a sequel.

Wow. Just...wow. This is getting crazy intense.


Is that a bad or good intense? :scootangel:

Sorry if the next chapter takes so long, I'm working on a new story that's sort of a poem.

Sage McQuill

Is that good or bad ...wat? :3

I'm sorry, everyone, but this story is gonna be on hiatus, but it should be for a week at most while I work on Sonata's Poem and a new Miku story! :3

Okay! The first book is done. Midterm week is over so I have more time for fanfictions. Since I'm working on two other stories, it may take a bit for the next book to come out. Sorry! :applecry:

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