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The Element of Kindness is just so... um... KIND! But was her past kind to her?
Before Fluttershy there was Flutter, and before that was a pony who was addicted to alcohol, who married another alcoholic pony. They made a filly, but was she the same as the Fluttershy we know today?

Cover credits go to Hasbro, or whoever made MLP, DHX, I honestly don't care who made it.

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oh my gosh this practically the exact same thing I wrote but shorter did you steal my idea?!:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

I feel like this might've been a bit better if one of her parents had loved her, but were too afraid of the other one (who abused her) to do anything about it, making Fluttershy's escape more emotionally impacting. Both of them beating her up is just too over-the-top and unrealistic.

Yeah... I read HaloEssence's, and to be honest, her's was a lot better. It has a lot more detail and description, plus a more realistic setting. Not to mention that in this version, both of her parents are alcholics and that's not very realistic.

... I didn't know. Uhhh this is awkward now.
I'm working on a different story anyway.



Whatever. As long as there's a better version, just avert your eyes from the monstrosity known as this fimfic.

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