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Twilight went through the mirror to get her crown back. She meets human version of her pony friends but as boys. The Person who took her crown was a boy named Sunset Glare. He wants the crown and Twilight all for himself. Can Twilight get her crown and not get captured by Sunset Glare and can get back to her world before the portal closes in three days.

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Let me bold all the errors, JUST in your descriptions.

She meets human version

but one problem, they are boys.

Your opinion of the male gender is flattering.:ajbemused:

Be the way

Sunset Glare is worst then Sunset Shimmer

First, then/than. Second, don't say how 'bad' someone is. Show, don't tell. Especially not in your damn summary.

Sorry. I will in fix it.

this looks interesting

Could I suggest a proofreader?
I'd be happy to proofread for you!
I mean, if you want...
It's fine if you do or if you have one....
I mean...

I've always wanted to proofread :twilightblush:
it's ok if you have a proofreader or don't want one...

Sorry, I'm just rambling now. :derpytongue2:

O. M. G. When will there be more:raritystarry:

starman1560 you need a editor. because some parts of your story looks a translation from google translate

Take WolfSketchPegasus up on their offer. You really need a proofreader. Or like get a whole bunch of proofreaders and then you'll be running it through multiple people!

Your not rambling and yes please thank you. My English and spelling are not the best.

Thanks, and great! Is that a yes on the proofreading?

Yes on the proofreading

Alright. I'll get on that ASAP.

If is everything I need to fix. Let me know

Mk. I'll edit the story and send it to you in a pm, is that ok?

Sure. That is fine.

Alright. After I'm done, want me to edit your other stories?

Yes Please. Edit them all and chapters. Because I got words spelled wrong, etc.

When will chapter 2 come out? :duck::twilightsmile:

I don't know. Everything you want to see in chapter 2

Hurry up I've been waiting since this came out!!!:moustache:

How close is it to being done?! It is 2015 I read it in 2014 please hurry with the update!:pinkiecrazy::fluttershbad:

This story is starting to get a lot interesting, I hope you finish this story, it's so Awesome!!! Also, when will you finish this story, do you need help with the grammars, I'll help you, I'll even give you ideas, how about it?

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