• Published 3rd Dec 2014
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Five Nights in Canterlot - Purple Smart

Staying hidden from strange creatures is difficult when there are no doors to hide behind.

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Night Six

The cameras are out of power. I have no idea where they are. And to make things worse, I have one flare left.

Every single creature here seems to be far more powerful than I'd ever imagine.

...I should run... but what if they catch me?

...Yeah, staying put is probably better.

~In the Cellar~

"Seriously! I only wanted to borrow some sugar!" Said Chrysalis for the umpteenth time.

"Uh huh, likely story!" Replied Celestia. "Why would you travel across lands just to borrow a cup of sugar?"

Chrysalis groaned. "Celestia, we've been through this the last time I was here, the Pony Lands have the largest natural resource of crystallized sugar. We have no ability to grow them on our own, so I occasionally come to negotiate a trade!"

"Well I-..." Celestia pondered this for a moment, causing Cadance to snicker to herself. "Huh, your right, you have done this before..."

Chrysalis rolled her eyes. "Honestly, how can someone as thick-skulled as you be a ruler? As soon as something strange enters Canterlot, you're all like 'EEK, it's evil! Destroy it!' Not every non-pony is trying to hurt you, you know. That's just very rude manners. You must not be very strong in foreign affairs."

"Thou dost often jump to conclusions, dear sister." Remarked Luna. "Remember that strange stone claw that appeared?"

"In my defense, it was a very scary looking claw!" Huffed Celestia, "But I see you point. From now on, no more unnecessary wars without justification. Probably."

Chrysalis perked her head up at this statement. "A war? Why was there an entire war just to rescue me? MANGLE!!!" The duo changlings quickly saluted. "How long have I been missing?"

"Er... Five days, oh glorious queen!" Said Righty.

"Actually, it's been about six months..." Said Lefty a bit more quietly. Righty palmed his face.

Chrysalis was furious. "I left the hive to get sugar six months ago, AND YOU GUYS ARE JUST TRYING TO RESCUE ME NOW!" Chrysalis glared at the changelings. "You better have a good reason for all this!"

"Well..." Righty hesitated, "while you were gone, most of the hive got into a... heated argument, that led to a fight, per se..."

"It was about the dress, wasn't it?"


~The Changeling Lands, five months ago~

The entire hive was in ruins, changelings could be seen fighting, covered in bruises and bite marks. In the corner, a tattered picture of a dress can be vaguely seen in all the ruckus.

"I'm telling you, it's gold and white!" said a changeling, while he kicked another changeling in the knee.

"No, it's blue and black, you bugger!" the second changeling replied, punching the first in the face. (Side note: Relating a changeling to an insect is considered the biggest insult in changeling norms.)

"Shut up, or soon it's you who's going to be blue and black!" The first changeling leaped at the second. Fighting ensues among the changelings.

~The Cellar, present~

Chrysalis shook her head. "I swear, I need to get rid of that dress..."

Celestia coughed. "Well, I'm sorry for the... miscommunication... " Chrysalis growled at her. "but I guess, you are pardoned from any damages caused, and we'll aid in any injuries inflicted during this... event. Other than I that, I guess you are free to-"

"Wait, hold on a minute!" Replied Cadance. "Really? That's just it? We trapped a queen for six months and that's all that's going to happen?"

"Well, there isn't that much to do really." Replied Celestia. "The rooms can easily be fixed, and we have several wards that can-"

"That's not even the point! Is no pony seriously going to wonder about that strange pony in the Archives? I have never seen him in my life until about five days ago, and in all this time, he just sits there in that room. Has any pony actually seen him move out of that room? He does absolutely nothing except looking at that stupid monitor of his. Who even gave him that, anyways? It's certainly not something that any one of us has created."

"Actually, he's one of us," Stated Lefty, "His name is Biggums, and he is one of the best-"

"Uh, boss?" A large changling stepped up. "I ain't ever been in that room yet."

"...Oh... well then, maybe it was one of the other changelings?" All the changelings shook their heads. "Hmm... well then, I guess he isn't one of ours. Whoops."

"Well, I say let him be!" Said the Captain of the Guards "He's done a fine job defending the castle!"

"Has those flares finally made you blind?" Retorted Candance. "He's not defending the castle, he's been defending himself this whole time! Any foal could see that if you weren't so busy fighting!" She stormed out of the cellar. "He's hiding something, and I'm going to find out!"

Hesitantly, every pony and changeling followed.

Oh crap. Every single one of them is in this room. It was bad enough that they were checking up on me one at a time, now there all in this room.

"Alright, spill the beans, who are you?" Demanded Cadance.

"I h-have no idea wh-what you're talking about..."

"Seriously? You showed up only five days ago, and you expect me to believe that you just some loyal civilian willing to put his life on the line?"

Whelp. She's onto me.

"It's okay," Celestia tried to assure me. "I promise we won't hurt you. Just tell us how you got here."

"Yes, dear friend," Luna said, "although you have failed my task for thou, my faith remains unchanged. Just state your alliance."

"Uh..." I stalled for as long as possible. Do I really want to risk it? If things go wrong, will I be able to resist long enough before I can go home?

"Come on!" shouted Righty, "Give up your disguise already! Show us who you really are!"

Suddenly the teleporter beeped. OH THANK GOD, IT'S FINALLY FULLY CHARGED.

"What the hay is that?!?" Cadance pointed at the teleporter. "Is that another gadget of yours? Where do you keep getting these? That's it, no more questions, I need to know!" She reached for my helmet.

"ACK!" Well this is it, I'm going to be revealed. And I was so close to going home, dammit! Whelp, it was a nice run while it lasted. I hope my friends and family will remember me when I'm gone.


Oh wait, I have a flare left.




"I can't see! Where did he go?"

"Find him! Don't let him get away!"

"Close off the area! We must find him"

Well, looks like I get five more minutes to live. As long as I can get out of this room without bumping into any of these temporarily blind ponies.

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I thought this story was dead, what happened to you?

It HAD to be the dress, didn't it!?

Busy with school stuff. I'll finish this up soon. And maybe another sequel. Maybe.

5691864 potential sequel idea: Crystal Empire castle under attack from Sombra. For the music box, you could have him interact with the crystal heart to keep the shield up.

I still say its black and blue. Just saying.

If you do make a sequel, I would wonder who will be spring trap?


Who would be willing to kill? Springtrap is MUCH different from the others from my understanding.


made me think of Lego movie:pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by LegendaryGodzilla14 deleted Sep 5th, 2020

Aww come on. Why dit you stop that close to the end.:raritycry:

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