• Published 3rd Dec 2014
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Five Nights in Canterlot - Purple Smart

Staying hidden from strange creatures is difficult when there are no doors to hide behind.

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Night Two

Whelp, night two. Every single one of those ponies is getting ready for battle.

It was nice of them for those alicorns to let me simply stay in this room. However, a new alicorn, Cadance, seemed really upset for some reason. Maybe I accidentally took over her study area or something. Whatever, I really do not want to move out from this place. From what I see in the cameras, there are way too many ponies moving about for me to move around stealthily.

Plus there's also that weird crank thing. I don't have any magic teleportation thingy that most of the other ponies seem to have. If I'm going to keep this Chrysalis character asleep, I won't be able to do it when a pony is in the room, or else they will see my hands, and then the game's up.

The idea that I'm in a war between ponies and changelings is really what freaking me out, though. I looked through the archives, and apparently they are also equine in shape, too. They can make a perfect replica of any pony they meet, though, so I will definitely not be able to tell which one is the real one and which one is the imposter. Although, to be fair, it's already hard to tell the guard ponies apart, anyways. No wonder those alicorns don't recognize that I'm not a pony, because those helmets do a really good job covering up the entire head.

Wind up the gearbox, winding, winding, winding...

Okay, fully winded, I guess I should go and check the cameras. From what I can tell, I've got a camera in the conference room, which are where Celestia, Luna, and Cadance are at the moment. The cellar with a tomb-like structure that I assume Chrysalis is inside. I've got a camera on the balcony, the most likely place that changelings would infiltrate the castle. And then a couple more cameras in various hallways to check on any passersby. Nighttime gets really dark though. Luckily each camera has a limited amount of light that I can turn on and off to conserve power. Plus, if any pony gets too close to me, I've got a couple flares to disorientate them.

Oh wait there was one more room, the planning room. That's where most of the guards are at the moment. I wonder what they are doing...

"Attention, soldiers" Shouted what looked like the leader of the group. His helmet looked a little bit different from the rest of them, anyways, plus his coat of fur was a bit bluish, unlike the standard grayscale coats of all the other guards. From what Jeremy remembered from earlier, he was simply known as the Captain of the Guards.

"We have received intel a few days back that the changelings are going to attack tonight!" the Captain shouted. "We need to be ready for anything that happens, do you understand me?"

"Sir, yes, Sir!" Cried the group of guards.

"We will defend the castle at all costs, do you understand me?"

"Sir, yes, Sir!"

"We will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, until every single one of those lousy changelings have been defeated, do you understand me!?!"

"SIR, YES, SIR!!!" Cried everypony.

Well, almost everypony. Cadance had walked in at that time and merely scoffed.

"Is something the matter, Princess Cadance?"

Cadance shrugged. "Oh, nothing much. It's just that, maybe if you're done playing, you could start coming up with war strategies?"

The Captain simply smirked. "Ma'am, I know that you do not approve of this war, since you are the Princess of Love, but you do not have to worry. We have already developed many plans to confront those changelings!"

"Mhmm, sure." Said Cadance, "Then why isn't everypony here to hear them?"

"Whatever do you mean? I have called in every guard here."

"Not every guard." Cadance waved her hand about the group of soldiers. "I remember seeing a new recruit earlier, and he certainly isn't here now. In fact I bet he's still in the Archives right now."

The Captain looked angry for a moment, but then grinned a mischievous grin. "We've already got a soldier on AWOL, eh? Well, then, let's see if he's prepared to face the consequences." He turned to his comrades and shouted, "Atten-hut!" Every guard stood up straight. "It's time to show you all the stealthiest pony alive!" The Captain said as he quickly ran off towards the Archives. Cadance followed behind, followed by the rest of the guards.

Soon, the ponies arrived at the door of the Archives. The Captain gave the signal to stay still and stay quite to the other ponies, then snuck inside. Quietly, he tip-toed to the figure behind the table, who was apparently focused on a screen. Then he leaped at the figure.

"AAAAAAUUUUUUUURGH!!!" screamed the Captain.

"WAAHHHH!!!" screamed Jeremy. Suddenly, there was a bright flash, so bright that the ponies standing outside had to shield their eyes for the moment.

"AHH, MY EYES!!!" said the Captain as he stumbled outside, rubbing his eyes to clear the pain. Once his vision was cleared he sternly trotted right back in. The rest followed.

He walked right up to the helmeted recruit and said crossly "What in the blazes was that for!?!"

Jeremy stuttered. "Um... well, you scared me, so-"

"So you just go around using a blinding spell on everything?"

"Um... yes?"

The Captain looked at him for a few more seconds, then broke out into a giant grin. "Well, well, looks like someone is ready for a battle. I like you, kid. You remind me of myself when I was young!" This made Cadance groan in frustration. "I can see you're obviously doing something right, saying that was the fastest I've seen any pony launch a spell, say what do you have there."

"Oh, um, I was here to check up on each room..."

"A surveillance system? Nice, kid! I've been trying to get one of those installed, but somepony" The Captain looked at Candance, who simply rolled her eyes. "Didn't think it was a worthy idea. Alright, kid, I can see you obviously know what you're doing. Some of these guards here could learn a thing or two from you. Soldiers, fall back!"

All of the guard ponies left the archives. Cadance concentrated her eyes on Jeremy.

"I don't know what game you're playing, but you can't be that bad, since you can't possibly be a changeling. However, I still don't trust you. I'll be back to check up on you." Cadance left the room.

...did that Captain think I could use magic?

All I did was test out my first flare. I brought it along in case I was surrounded by monsters. I can use the flare to create a blinding light, making all creatures disorientated so I can run away. I guess it works the other way as well. I only have a limited amount of flares I can use, so I better conserve them. Jeez, that Captain moved fast. He was as sly as a fox, that guy.

Ack, the gearbox! I couldn't wind it while they're in the room. Quick, wind it up, wind it up...

What is it with all these ponies not putting faith in me? Everypony seems to want to check up on me every once and a while. Well, okay, I guess that's reasonable, since I refuse to leave this room the entire time I was here. Oh well, what's done is done.

Wait, I hear something. It sounds like... trumpets? And ponies yelling and running around? Could it be...?

Yep, there they are on the cameras, black, bug-like beasts.

The changelings are showing up, and they're starting to look like whichever guard they see first.


That's a lot of changelings.