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Bucking Nonsense

A Little Nonsense Now And Then Is Relished By The Wisest Men.


A changeling and a young filly are tricked into venturing to an alternate world, one locked in a permanent cycle of war between legions of monsters, and strange creatures called 'hyu-mans'...

Shortly after arriving, the changeling does something that may ultimately end the cycle of war, but only in the most disastrous way imaginable...

But... it can't really be possible to 'break' the world... can it?

This story is closely linked to Nor Iron Bars A Cage, and loosely linked to Saving Sombra.

Chapters (7)
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Hmm. An Earth Pony and a Changeling traveling to another world to try and change their fates...
I'm in.

The Changeling Who Broke The World

Alright, who unplugged the router? Chrysalis, I’m looking in your direction, missy.

Of all the plots in existence, new worlds is my favorite plot to read and write about. The viewpoint change should make the story non biased. No spelling mistakes that I caught. The two mysterious informants created a nice sense that I was learning this information with the changeling and filly. It's nice feeling like I'm somewhat on the adventure as well. Very good. I would love for you to continue it. But because this is only the first chapter I can only give you a... 8.6/10.0

Eagerly awaiting your next update,
The Dauntless Entrinity

You had me at the title.

Ill be honest: I read the title as
The Changeling who Broke the World by Bucking Nonsense
The Changeling who Broke the World by Bucking Nonsense

Might wanna space the author's name away from the title text as well as change the color. Also helps to decrease author text size.

Well, I put the title in a different color to make it easier to tell apart...

Correction made, should be a little easier to understand now. Now, if someone wants to make a cover image later on, feel free.

I thought I'd try changing things up a little bit with the opening for this story. I'm mostly pleased with how it turned out, all things considered.

I was somehow expecting this to have something to do with leech, but I guess even he couldn't possibly be That inco... No, best not to jinx it. Let's just forget anything was ever said here. :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:

...I get an interesting feeling this is a crossover..Despite not being labeled as such.

lets see where this is going, i like it so far.


Wow. He sounds big.
And the kid sounds cute!

This definitely made my day better.

Like the angle you're taking with Morning Glory. Reminds me of my own fic, Magic is Hard. Only with a different premise...
You know, I really should finish the next chapter... if only work would let up for a bit. Being a responsible adult really kills your creativity.

Thanks. One thing I've noticed that kinda irks me about the world of MLP:FIM is that there's a school called Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns. There's a school, royally run, that is just for unicorns. Is there a school that she runs that's for gifted pegasai? Gifted earth ponies? Gifted ANYTHING other than unicorns? Or is it just the chosen pointy ponies who get her love?

Exactly! And you know they're never going to address it in the show (that or they'll just hand-wave it so that they don't have to actually think about it), so that duty falls to us.

That, or there may one day be a Very Special Episode that ends with the school being renamed Princess Celestia's School For The Magically Gifted.

A guy can dream, right? :pinkiesad2:

Comment posted by Raistlin deleted Oct 1st, 2014


I suspect I´m not the first asking this, bus is it going to be a crossover?

Heh. If you say so.
I know this sounds crazy, but I honestly miss the old days when there was a sort of hinting at strong racist undertones in Equestria. Sure, racism is bad, but that's the point; real worlds and nations have flaws, just like people have flaws. It was just a thing that showed up because that was the way the world was, with possible explainations like herding instinct- anything or anyone not part of the herd is a potential threat, and should be treated as such- or potentially bad history between ponies and other sentients. It also teased at something to be addressed in future episodes, which could have had great insights on racism in the real world.
More recent seasons seem to have "fixed" the racist undertones... But those undertones were never addresed. In my opinion, thats the same as sweeping them under the rug; sure, you've gone to great lengths to keep it from showing, but that doesn't mean it isn't still there.

Maybe someday we'll get to see earth ponies do awesome stuff like unicorns and pegasi do. Until then, we have fanfics.

This gunna be gud

what world was World three nine four seven one, or just regular post nuclear- purge?

I guess you could say the first world was...

Totally Annihilated!

I assume good ol' nuclear purge.

Sadly, they did not know that Celestia's last visit to the world beyond was more than four centuries past. A lot can happen in that time...

Yes, but how much is a lot?

That first world reminded me of the world the White Witch originally came from in the Chronicles of Narnia. Different, of course, but that's where my mind immediately went.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Not nuclear, no. However, something was there that wiped out all of the life on that planet, and made it to where nothing else could ever live there again. Since the details aren't really related to the plot, I guess I could give an explanation...

There were two cultures on that world, and both of them were at war. Both of them were unable to understand one another (Well, they could have, but were unwilling to try. It was just easier to fight each other). Over the course of several thousand years, the war escalated, and escalated. Finally, it reached a tipping point...

There was magic there, once, and someone developed a device that could 'pull' in magic from the world around it. It was something akin to the Warlock's Wheel. If you read Larry Niven, you might recognize it, but for those who do not, its basically a simple device that burns through magic energy quickly: It's a disc that spins perpetually at ever increasing speeds, and is made immune to damage caused by friction heat or wind resistance. With no upper limit, it just goes faster and faster until all the magic is used up. Magic was a finite resource, so such a device would ultimately break down when all the magic in a region was used up. This particular device simply took the magic and used it to generate light. The problem is, unlike the works of Niven, nature abhorred a vacuum in this particular world, and due to an oversight in the spells powering it, the range of the 'pull' increased as the device pulled in more magic. Magic kept flowing in to fill the gap, and the device grew stronger and stronger, with no means of turning it off (Another oversight) as it drew in more power. Soon, all magic in the world was consumed. Like Equestria, everything, including the sun and moon, ran on magic, and unlike Equestria, all living things needed magic to live. As such, when the magic was finally used up, everything left on that world died, down to the bacterial and viral level. If any of the residents there managed to escape, whatever means of escape they used, being magically based, would have closed forever when the magic went away.

5090065 ouch, and the golems were what they were using when resourses begun to run out?

Magitek: Scientific creations using a magical power source. When the magic went away, they lost power. If they ever came in contact with magic again...

I love getting references in stories. It makes me feel smart. :twilightsmile:

Am I supposed to be getting a Disgaea vide from this world that Titan is going to break? :rainbowhuh:

I rather like the idea of this secret room with mirrors and extensive notes on each, sounds fascinating.

Oh, no... Is this Shin-Magami Tensei world? Or a world similar to it?

5091286 Ah. Sucks to be the king if he's good.

"Crushing's too good for him. First he'll spend a year in the incinerator. Year two: Cryogenic refrigeration wing. Then TEN years in the chamber I built where all the robots scream at you. THEN I'll kill him."

Exactly. Glad someone got the reference :pinkiehappy:


More like the Dragon Quest games. You know the kind: Hero goes on quest, quest ends with battle against the evil demon lord who is the most evil of evils. Hero slays demon lord. Much rejoicing ensues. Everything is awesome until the demon lord comes back. Lather, rinse, repeat.

5093744 I don't know why but I'm getting Castlevania from this. I'm not entirely sure why.

5093965 Does that mean the "Protagonist" becomes the demon lord in the end and everything goes 3D?

For that dead world, I can only think of the planet being a Necron Cryptworld that had been sentenced to Exterminatus by the Imperium. I mean, completely dead world, metallic beings equipped for battle, and so on.


Now I want to see a Yuusha x Maou relationship develop, if only to see the tea-spitting redfaced sputtering reactions of those who've been commissioning the yuusha's for the past however long.
"W-what the- we told you to slay the Maou, not lay the Maou!!!"
"Well, yeah... but, I think I like this outcome better."

Interdimensional travelers always show up at the most inopportune times.

Ughh I know its geography based that people use feets instead of metric system but for me 7 5 or anyother feets say practically nothing. Thinking imaginable feets to make it comparable its just absurdal for me xd

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