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A very, very long time after the Star Wars Episode VI. 130 ABY to be exact. The Fel Empire is soon to fall. An Imperial fleet currently stationed at Kuat Drive Yards for replenishment of supplies and ammo, plans to leave the galaxy for a new hope of survival of the impending Second Galactic Civil War. This giant fleet is up for any chance of survival, even if that means taking a planet with violence. Meanwhile, in Ponyville, Twilight is taking advantage of the clear sky's at night for some good star gazing.

Disclaimer: I don't the Star Wars franchise or MLP FiM. Wish I did though.

The awesome picture is from http://johnjoseco.deviantart.com/art/Darth-Pinkie-204710390

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Like it, Im going to track this. :moustache:

ThIS iS gOOd..................................................im hungry:pinkiecrazy:

I haven't seen this concept before. Looking forwards to seeing how it goes.

I like the fact you're using "nobodys", instead of some fancy Jedi. It's always easier to connect with those characters, as well as put decent personalities into.

466670 Thanks! Yeah I was thinking about putting some Jedi in but then I was like "Nah... Just some good ol' Imperials will do" I'm glad you enjoyed it so far. :yay:

Sweet mother of Celestia. Five moustaches to you for a story well written, dear sir:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

466876:pinkiehappy: Why thankyou good sir. For that you receive :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile: Ten... Ten Happy Twilight's

5 supers. 5 friggin super star destroyers. may the force be with you, ponies. you're going to need it...:derpyderp2:

467313 lol yeah... The Imperial Class Supers were not as big as the Executor Supers but are still pretty damn big. They're about two times longer than Imperial II Class Destroyers which are 1600 meters long. What the poinies should really be worried about are the three frigin Executors heading their way. :pinkiecrazy:


What is that big one in the picture?

467527 That, that is the Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer. It is 17.5 Km long and has a super laser. It's laser was more powerful than the one in the Death Star.

467552 Why have I never heard of this thing before?

Production of it started 0 ABY aka Episode IV. It was completed after Episode VI in 4 ABY. It served as Palpatines flagship. Palpatine was cloned. (I know right? :derpyderp1:) It was destroyed along with Palpatine in 10 ABY. Then a second one was built. It gets crazier and crazier.

467552 The Eclipse's Super Laser is actuly less powerful than the Death Star's one

468769 Alright, I like it when people correct which leads to moar learning! in a good way Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Great story. I'll be watching it.

I think this will be a good thing to get me caught up on Star Wars Lore. I haven't read anything Star Wars for years. Good to come back to it.

470608 Glad to hear! I've always loved Star Wars lore. More so the Imperials than anything but the Star Wars galaxy is very interesting... and large, very large(info and size.)


And from what I've read in these comments, I should go back and re-read some of the books. It's been so long, I almost forgot the difference between "Star Destroyer" and "Death Star."

(Almost, but not quite. :rainbowlaugh:)

Yeah, things won't go well if they're sending a couple of AT-ATs. And did you really have to use Lincoln's speech?

472006 Yes... yes I did. XD I'm sorry.

Huzzah for Monty Python references!

I like the story so far. Keep it up.

By the way wouldn't it have been less costly to throw in a few AT-ST's instead?

473689 Cost less? hahahahahahahah... yeah probably. I'll have some AT-ST's in the acclamator. And YES! I was hoping somepony would get a giggle out of the Monty Python ref.

oh gosh... ponies against AT-AT's... *whimper* poor ponies

everyone seems to think the imperials are going to be hostile. Im pretty sure they were looking for a more peaceful place to live theyre lives, they said so at the beginning. I am exited however, to see how they initally react to the awesome power the empire displays

Oh crud, the Empire's gonna start the invasion. Heck, they're gonna get it, because nopony makes Celestia mad. And she's about to get very mad.

This is very drawing indeed... will we be seeing Cade or the Sith Empire?

I mean my gosh... this is tracked and now I have to wait for more!? GA!!! give memething that I can do to help or I'll go mad! IDC if it's just answering e-mails and giving ideas for plot twists and stuff... I just can't believe I finally found a Star Wars MLP crossover set in the Legacy era!
hmm... unicorns forming their own force-sect...

Please please please let the imperials be smart enough to use diplomacy before doing something really really stupid...
oh wait! they already know the planet has what amounts to force users... they aren't going to be stepping on any toes.
good thing too... if they did something really stupid Luna would probably start hitting them with the moon... and Celestia could flashcook them with solar flares... not to mention Twilight. She's like... the Anakin Skywalker of Equestria!

Yep, I REALLY hope the empire plays this smart... imagine what might happen if Equestria and the Empire formed an alliance! Unicorns vs. Sith! Equestrian spacecraft! Let the space-fantasy merger begin!

The Force. Yes. Stupid Imperials. Don't they know Magic when they see it?

Ha. Ha. Ha.


Dear Celestia that is alot of darn ships.... scary as hell to see in the sky.

I NEED AN UPDATE AND I NEED IT NOW, The Ponies need to witness the power of the Human and Mandalorian races!
By power I mean technology and knowledge.

530793 Don't thou be worried! I be working on it! Them ponies shall know the true power of the Empire! :rainbowlaugh:

WHY CAN'T THERE BE ANY FINISHED STAR WARS fanfics?! It's only been around for like more n' 40 years.

what happened to this? it seemed so good, now abandoned!:fluttershysad:

485263 then Twilight ends up evil like Skywalker did in EP III when he saved the emporer.

467645 if I remember correctly, three were,:unsuresweetie:

Please update

508912 the only magic I see in star wars r done by the witches of dathomir


Star Destroyer is a huge triangular ship, Death Star is a massive (destroyed) sphere the size of a small moon that can make a planet go boom in one shot.


Yes, I am aware of that, as I said "Almost, but not quite."


five Imperial Class Super Star Destroyer’s

The Imperial class was NOT Super Star Destroyers, they were the normal ones, I believe you confused them with the Executor Class Super Star Destroyers.

not the best writing that I've seen, but I do see a LOT of potential.
I know that your not writing this story anymore, although you didn't say that it was canceled yet so I'm going to track it and hope that you continue it.

You improved a lot.

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