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Star Wars: My Little Imperials - CaptainSnowman

Star Wars Imperials meet the ponies for fun times and stuff

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130 ABY Kuat Drive Yards

“Are you sure about this sir?”

“Yes I am sure. This empire will fall at the hands of the sith. This will be a hasty preemptive retreat to avoid total destruction.”

“What do you mean by total destruction?”

“By that I mean we would all die and our ships would seize to exist.”

The commander sighed and face-palmed at the admiral’s smart-ass comment. “No, I mean why would we need to retreat? Wouldn’t we just pledge our allegiance to the sith?”

“If you wanted to, then sure. But Emperor Fel is quite liked. I can foresee another civil war erupting from that happening. That’s why, Commander Terk, I think it’s in our best interest to high tail it out of this galaxy.”

“To where?”

“Anywhere Commander. Space is big. Apparently you didn’t know that. A little disappointing.”

“I did know that sir. Anywhere specific?”

“Did I not just say anywhere? Anywhere means…”

“Yes! Yes I know what it means.”

“Well that’s no reason to get snappy Commander.”

“You like being a smart-ass don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Commander.” The admiral gave out a little smile then changed it to a serious expression. “Get the Captain of the Executor Class, Devastator. I want his ship ready for hyperspace immediately.”

“Yes Admiral.” Commander Terk saluted and went over to a communications officer. “Get Captain Thardoc, and tell him to ready the damn ship.” The officer nodded and sent a notice to the Executor Class Dreadnought docked into the great shipyard.

A few minutes passed when the captain appeared as a hologram. “Admiral Eliferal, I believe you wanted my appearance?”

“Yes, I want to know how long your ship is going to wait there being useless.”

“I believe we will be able to leave in a matter of minutes. What are we going to do about those loyal to Fel?”

“We’ll do what I’ve done to get ahead in life and in my career. Lie, Captain, just tell them we’re going on an expedition or something.”

“Sure… But what if they find out?”

“Find out?”

“You know what I’m talking about. The sith are going to…”

“Yes, yes. That’s why we need to get out of this galaxy for the sake of our lives.”

“What’s our course?”

“We will head down the Corellian Run to Ryloth where we will send out some Viper Probe Droids.”

“That’s it?”

“Essentially, when a probe droid finds a good planet, we’ll jump to it and make it our own. Live happily ever after.”

“What about sentient beings?”

“We’ll either co-operate with them or destroy them. Have you seen these ships? I’m sure we could handle quite a few things.”

“If you say so Eli…” An officer steps into the hologram with the Captain telling him the ship is ready. “On your order Admiral.”

“Good.” He smiled and motioned for the commander to come over to him. “Commander, I want the other ships to know we’re jumping to Ryloth.”

“Yes sir.” Commander Terk saluted and turned to the communications officer. “You heard the Admiral. To Ryloth!”

Within minutes the fleet was at the ready to jump into hyperspace. The fleet consisted of three Executor Class Star Destroyers, five Bellator Class Star Battlecruiser’s, five Imperial Class Super Star Destroyer’s, ten Imperial II Class Star Destroyers, three Venator Class Star Destroyer, three Victory II Class Star Destroyers, six Acclamator II Class Assault Ships, and four Ardent Class Frigates. The gigantic fleet sped up to unreasonably fast speeds as they entered into hyperspace. Within all of the bridges the preparation was the same.

“Bearings are set.”

“Preparing to jump.”

“Jumping when ready…”


“Jumping.” The ships all accelerated to great speeds as the stars turned from dots to lines.


Ponyville. 11:45 PM

“Twilight? Why are you still awake?” A small purple dragon questioned the purple unicorn peering into her telescope.

“Hmm?” Twilight looked over to her assistant. “Oh, just looking at the stars. Since we had that big rain storm the sky has been really clear. So I am taking advantage of that to peer into the deep beyond. I wonder… What other kinds of life could be out there? Super intelligent beings that are probably already in space traveling and exploring its many wonders? Or maybe a race that is like ours and is looking out into space wondering the same thing? Or maybe a…” Her wondering was cut off by the sounds of snoring. She turned to see Spike flat on the ground in deep sleep from her talking. She frowned and levitated Spike back into his bed. After seeing he was in his bed, she went straight back to her telescope to peer at the stars and wondering what’s out in the vast open. To makes matters worse for the sleeping Spike he could slightly hear singing coming from Twilight. “What is this space filled with so many wonders?” Her singing ended as a pillow struck the back of her head.

“Trying to sleep over here!” Spike yelled as she growled at him.

“Careful Spike! I don’t want this telescope damaged!”

“Yeah yeah. Just stop singing!”

Twilight returned his answer with an annoyed huff as she looked back into her telescope.


Space, Ryloth

“Exiting hyperspace!”

“Reducing speed!”

“All com systems are back online.” The ships quickly came out of hyperspace just outside orbit of Ryloth. The dirty tan desert peered at the fleet as they slowly moved by.

“What now Admiral?”

“I want Probe Droids sent out. Get the other ships to do the same.”

“Will do.”

Before too long, many Probe Droid jump pods were released with semi- random co-ordinates to scour anything outside their galaxy.

“Pods have been released.”


“Now what?”

“Now? Now we wait.”


A few days later, Ponyville. 11:00 PM

“How many times are you going to stay up, looking at the stars?”

“How many times are you going to ask me that question Spike?”

“Until you give me a definitive answer.”

“Ugh! Tonight, there is going to be a meteor shower. I want to catalogue it for my space studies.”

“Then why are you in here? Shouldn’t you be outside?”

“Because, Spike, I’m…” Twilight froze at the sudden realization. “You’re right! Why am I in here when I could get a much better view out there?” She quickly started gathering supplies to watch the meteors.

“Beats me.”

“Thank you Spike, care to join me?” Twilight asked the baby dragon as she started out the door with her saddle bags packed and a levitating telescope in tow.

“Nah, I’ll stay here and catch up on some sleep.”

“If you say so.” Twilight headed out to the open field outside of Ponyville to where her friend usually gathered for star gazing. “Why didn’t I invite the girls? This night is perfect! What has gotten to me these past days? Oh well.” Twilight sighed and set up her star gazing post. A blanket, her telescope, some snacks, some ink and a quill, and a journal to write down info from her studies. “Ooh I’m so excited, it should be starting soon.” As she spoke the space rocks began to fall into the planet’s atmosphere burning up into nothing but minuscule dust particles, except for one. “Ooh they’re so pretty!” Twilight squealed with excitement as she magically wrote in her journal. “That one is big.” She focused in on one meteor that didn’t seem to be burning up. Looking harder at it she found that it was made of metal. “This meteor is certainly strange. Unless…” She gasped and looked back through the telescope. “Could it be? An alien?” A wide grin formed on her face as she peered at the UFO. “It seems to be moving towards… me!” Her smile shrank as fear washed over her body. There was a fast, hot, big, probably heavy, space object heading straight towards her. Realizing what would happen if she didn’t move caused her to bolt back into town with a loud scream of terror. As she ran closer to town she heard a loud boom of the object landing into the ground. Looking back she saw the object had landed near the Everfree forest, right near the small cottage that was owned by… “Oh my… Fluttershy!” Twilight screamed as she abruptly changed her course from town to her timid friend’s house.

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