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Star Wars: My Little Imperials - CaptainSnowman

Star Wars Imperials meet the ponies for fun times and stuff

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Chapter I

Outskirts of Ponyville. 12:15 AM

All that could be seen was a light pillar of smoke leading to a crater. The crater wasn’t too big; it was big enough for a full grown cow to fit snuggly inside it. Twilight disregarded the crater and went straight to Fluttershy’s cottage only forty yards away from the crash site. Without knocking, Twilight burst into her house. Scattered around her house were many small critters with terrified faces and silently directing Twilight towards the stairs to Fluttershy’s bedroom. “F-Fluttershy? Are you alright?” Getting no response she went straight into her bedroom, it was dark and incredibly silent. “Fluttershy? It’s me, Twilight.” She spotted a puddle surrounding a tea cup to the side of the bed and the bed was make slight movements similar to shivering.

“Tw-twilight? Wh-what happened?” A quiet voice came from underneath the bed.

“A meteor crashed down near here. It’s okay, you can come out from under the bed. It’s over.”

“I-If you say so.” The yellow pegasus slowly exited the comfort of the underneath of her bed and followed her friend down the stairs and outside. She froze as she peered over to the crash site. “Wh-what’s that?” She pointed her shaking hoof towards the figure hovering around the pillar of smoke.

The figure was hovering about picking up rocks and sticks with its many clamping arms. Getting a closer look at it they could see it had many eyes. Each eye was a different size but all were eerily black. As it moved around it made these extremely strange noises. Fluttershy just shivered and hid behind her mane in a fetal position. Twilight, on the other hand, came closer to it.

“H-hello? Wh-what’s your name?” The droid instantly turned its head where the biggest eye was facing her. It stared at her for a while with no response except for the sounds it was muttering. “M-my name is Twilight Sparkle. That over there is my friend, Fluttershy.” She pointed to the pegasus hiding in the background. The droid just simply stared at her than moved towards Fluttershy to study her.

“O-oh p-please don’t h-hurt me Miss… Mister… Alien.” Fluttershy silently whimpered as the droid studied her. After a few minutes the droid went towards the house. A loud growl sounded as an angry bear crept out of the forest. The impact of the pod abruptly woke up a sleeping bear. As it came out of the forest it saw the droid floating around and figured that was the being that caused the loud ruckus. The bear started to charge at the droid in anger; the droid simply turned towards the bear, seeing it as a threat and fire its powerful blaster at the bear. The bear fell quickly causing Fluttershy to scream in terror and faint.

“Fluttershy!?” Twilight screamed in terror at her friend screaming in terror then fainting. She ran up to her friend and checked her out. “Well, she’s okay.” She glared at the droid that was inspecting its kill. “Did you… Kill it?” The droid ignored her question and went back to surveying the house.


Space above Ryloth.

“Sir, we’re getting readings from one of the probe droids.”

“Good, what kind of reading.”

“It’s on a planet with stable oxygen, plant life, sentient beings.”

“What kinds of sentient beings?’

“Quadrupeds, hooved feet, appendages on the head and back. Well, one has a horn; the other has wings, not both. The beings also spoke fluent in our language. They resemble pony’s sir.”

“Ponies? Any other life?”

“Yes, a bear, it attacked the droid, the droid shot and killed it. These creatures are easily killable. We are not sure if we can communicate with them.”

“Interesting. Put in the co-ordinates, we’re headed there.”

“Yes sir.” Commander Terk saluted and turned towards the communications and navigations officer. Once again, the fleet pulled into position and jumped into hyperspace in the direction of the new planet.






“Wake up!”

A briefly intense feeling swept over her face. It was wet, and extremely cold. “… Hurmph.”


“Try it again! Wakey wakey eggs and bakey Fluttershy!”

The water splashed onto her face yet again. This time, her eyes shot open and a bright ray of sunshine burst in. “Aaaaaaaaah!” She screamed which wasn’t loud at all, and quickly lifted her head up. Her vision regained to see her friends all surrounding her. “Wh-what happened? Wh-where are we.”

“In mah barn sugarcube.” Applejack started talking.. “Twilight brought yerself here fer tha night. Then rallied everypony ta come wake you up.”

“Oh… Wh-what happened though? Why did I faint?”

The five ponies exchanged looks and stared back at her. Twilight was the first to talk about this matter. “You don’t recall anything from last night?”

Fluttershy tapped her chin. “Well I had this dream where I was drinking some tea in my bed… Then something crashed down from space. You were there Twilight. There was this scary alien thing that was floating around and a bear came and the alien… it…” Fluttershy started tearing up. “It… it… k-killed the bear. The bear probably was just grumpy.” She started sobbing.

Rarity came to comfort her. “Oh it’s okay dear.”

“W-well… at least it was just a dream… right.” She looked to her friends exchanging uncomfortable looks. “Wh-what is it?”

Rainbow Dash looked at her with an awkward sad face. “W-well… You see… I-it wasn’t a dream.”

Fluttershy’s pupils shrank. “S-so everything in my d-dream happened in real life? Even the part about the b-bear?”

“Um… Y-yes.”

Fluttershy just stared at them with tearing eyes. “O-oh…” Then, her tear ducts let loose and wails of sadness echoed through the barn. Rarity quickly hushed her with a comforting voice. “If it makes you feel better… the one bear was the only life claimed by the alien.”

“B-but still… the bear… died!” She started sobbing once again.

“Oh, dear, you must know, it isn’t your fault at all.”

“Y-yes it is. I was cowering while that thing was able to kill it.”

“No! It is not your fault. You were naturally scared of the alien…”

“I wasn’t!” Dash yelled out, receiving a glare from Rarity. “Well… I wasn’t” Dash grumpily kicked the ground with her hooves.

“As I was saying. You might not be okay with what happened but you need to move on. Please dear.”

“O-okay.” Fluttershy sniffled and gave a smile. “Thank you.”

“Oh you’re very welcome my dear.” Rarity got up from Fluttershy and turned to Twilight. “What else can we do dear?”

“Um… Well the alien is looking at Applejacks trees. I haven’t been able to write a letter to Celestia yet because of this whole ordeal. We don’t really need to do anything… Actually, girls? Can we keep this a secret?”

“Why?” Dash complained because she wouldn’t be able to brag about it to the other weather pegasi.

“If news spread that there’s an alien here, that is capable of lethal force, it could cause mass panic.”

“B-nut… I wanted to throw it a party!” Pinkie Pie whined.

“Absolutely no parties Pinkie.”

“Come on!”

“No… Plus, we can’t even to communicate to it. The only reason it followed us is because it saw me magically levitating Fluttershy to here.”

“Where is it now?” Fluttershy asked.

“It’s out inspecting mah apples. If it does anything ta one of mah trees… ah swear I’ll buck it ta tha moon.”

“Could… I go see it.” Fluttershy’s question took them off guard.

“Uh… why?”

“I-I would like to forgive it for what it did.”

“Forgive it? If that isn’t tha…” Applejack was cut off by Rarity’s hoof.

“Of course you can dear. Applejack… Would you care to guide Fluttershy to the alien?”

“Ah fine.” Applejack agreed hesitantly. “Come on sugarcube. Let’s go find tha alien fer ya to forgive.”

“Th-thank you Applejack.”

“Yer welcome.” She said with a smile as she led her out of the barn and into the orchard.

“Well… nothing for me to do. I’ll just go sleep or something.” Rainbow complained as she shot out of the barn into the air.

“I have some dresses to make, care to walk with me back to town, Pinkie, Twilight.”

“Okie dokie Lokie!” Pinkie hoped around the barn. “I don’t have anything to do since… no party.” She frowned but then shot back into a smile. “Guess I’ll just make treats for meeeeeeeeee! And the baby Cakes!”

“I would love to join you Rarity.” Twilight grinned a little. “I have to write to Celestia about the alien.” The three ponies trotted and hopped back into town to fulfill their self-made plans.

Twilight finally made her way back to her library house. “Spike! I’m back!”

“Where did you go?”

“We found an alien, Fluttershy fainted, I brought her to Sweet Apple Acres, we woke her up this morning, and the alien followed me to Sweet Apple Acres.”

“Alien?” Spike scratched his head in confusion. “You found… an alien. Where?”

“It crashed from the sky near Fluttershy’s house.”

“What does it look like?”

“Kind of like an octopus. Just it was floating, and had six arms, and many different sized eyes that were completely black, and a light near its biggest eye… Oh, and it has a laser.”

“Wait… a laser?”

“Yes, it… killed a bear.”

“How big was the bear?”

“I don’t know… big.”

“Like on a scale from…”

“Enough Spike! I need to write a letter to Celestia about this.”

“Alright, fine. Be sure to be specific on the bear size.”


“Yeah yeah I’ll be quiet.” Spike sat down in his bed and started reading a Daring Do book. “Huh… These books are interesting.”

Twilight sighed and started writing a letter.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I am writing to you on the account that an alien has crashed into Equestria from space. The alien is currently at Sweet Apple Acres. It is very strange looking and it floats. I have found that the being is dangerous to anything that is an imminent threat to it. When faced with a threat, the alien emits a blast of energy at the threat with lethal results. I have seen the alien react to a threat first hand. It killed a bear. The alien is very curious and like to pick up objects and study them. We can’t communicate with it either, it just makes weird mumbling noises and ignores us when we talk to it.

Sincerely, Twilight Sparkle

“Spike? Come over here and send off this letter.”

“Yeah okay.” Spike got up from his bed and over to Twilight. “Hand it over.” He reached his arm over for the scroll.

“Here you go my little messenger.” Twilight magically placed the scroll into Spike’s claw. He held the scroll up and took a deep breath. His green fire took hold of the scroll and teleported to its designated reader. Only a few minutes passed and a letter teleported out of Spike’s burp.

“That fast? Well… It is pretty important. Can I have it Spike?”

“Yeah here you go.” Spike, sitting in his bed lifted the scroll to Twilight where she levitated it to her desk and opened it.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Keep the alien where it is until I arrive. I will arrive tomorrow at exactly 10:00 AM at Sweet Apple Acres. Do not tell anypony who already does not know about this.

Sincerely, Princess Celestia

“… The Princess is coming!”


“Celestia is coming! Tomorrow, at ten in the morning. This is so exciting.” Twilight made a little fanmare squee and giggled. “Oh I need to tell the others!” She rushed out the door without giving more explanation to Spike, who didn’t really care; he was too interested with the Daring Do book.


“Um… excuse me. Alien?” Fluttershy quietly tried to get the droid’s attention with Applejack shaking her head in the background.

“Fluttershy, yah won’t get its attention by carefully asking. Like this; Hey alien fella!” Applejack yelled actually gaining the attention of the droid. It turned towards Fluttershy who was currently hovering with her wings fully spread out.

“Um… h-hello, I’m Fluttershy and I’m here to forgive you for killing the bear near my house.”

The droid just stared at her for a few seconds then went back to surveying. “Oh… um… okay… I guess that’s okay.” Fluttershy solemnly fluttered down to the ground and started to trot away.

“Ah’m sorry sugarcube. Ah would yell at it fer ya, but ah’m a bit scared it would shoot me fer sher.”

“Thank you for the consideration Applejack.” Fluttershy gave her friend a hug and started to fly away. Before too long, she arrived at her cottage, and the bear. She saw all her critters gathered and mourning around the body. She sighed and went inside to grab a shovel. About a half hour later, she held a burial service for the bear along with her little woodland critters. A very moving speech was done by Squirrely, it went.

“Tchrring! Tchring, tchring tchriiiiiing tchring tchring. Trcrhing tchrinnnnnng… Tchring.” There was lots of crying from that speech, mostly from Fluttershy. After the service, Fluttershy went back to regularly caring for her little animal friends.


Twilight opened the door to the Carousel Boutique. “Hello? Rarity? It’s Twilight.”

“Just one second dear.” Rarity called from upstairs., deep in her work. She came down the stairs and through the studio area. “Yes Twilight?”

“I’m just making quick rounds to the girls saying that Princess Celestia is coming to Sweet Apple Acres tomorrow to see the alien.”

“Oh how exciting. I must wear my best for the Princess tomorrow. What time exactly?”

“She wrote ten in the morning.”

“Alright good. If I wake up early it will give me plenty time to ready myself.”

“Yup, next stop, Pinkie Pie.”

“Have fun dear.”

“Oh… I will.” Twilight giggled softly and trotted away to let Rarity to her work. As she arrived at Sugarcube Corner, the sign out front wrote ‘Out for Treats’. “That’s… strange.” She went to open the door to find it was unlocked. “Pinkie? What… what is that?” In the middle of the room was a giant cake. It was elegantly decorated like a wedding cake and pretty damn large. Placed on the middle region of the cake was another sign. Twilight read it out loud. “Where’s Pinkie?”

“HERE I AM!” Pinkie Pie shouted as her head bursted out of the cake.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Pinkie?” Twilight froze in a surprised shock; she tried talking but just stuttered uncontrollably. “P-p-p-p-p-pinkie P-p-p-p-p-pie wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what… wh-wh-wh-why d-d-d-did y-you d-do th-th-th-that?”

“B-b-b-b-because I-I-I-I-I w-w-w-wanted t-t-t-t-to!” Pinkie imitated her friend with tons of giggles. “Alright, that was fun. Goodbye.” As fast as she popped her head out of the cake it quickly disappeared back within.

Twilight shook herself back to normal and realized her friend went back into the cake. “Wait… Pinkie come back out!” She pleaded, not getting any response. “Fine, I hope you’re listening. Celestia is coming to Sweet Apple Acres tomorrow at ten in the morning. She is coming because of the alien. I’m not going to repeat it.” She turned to leave getting another surprise shock.

“Oooooh, Princess Celestia is coming, we should throw a party!” Pinkie was hopping up and down in the door way.

“H-h-h-how…” Twilight facehoofed and sighed. “Goodbye Pinkie.”

“I’m taking that as a yes on the party!” Pinkie yelled to the unicorn slowly making her way away from the store.

Luckily for Twilight, Rainbow was on her nap cloud like usual. “Rainbow!”

Startled by the shouts, Rainbow slowly lifted her head from the cloud. “Huh… Yeah, what?”

“I’m just going around telling the girls that Celestia is coming to Sweet Apple Acres tomorrow at ten in the morning for the…” Twilight realized that yelling out the fact that there was an alien in the area wasn’t the best idea. “… the… octopus.” She improvised getting awkward looks from ponies passing by.

“The what?”

“The… octopus.” Twilight winked at Rainbow to get the point across.

“Uh… Sure?”

Twilight shrugged as if she just gave up. ‘Close enough.’ She thought to herself. “Alright, goodbye Dash.”



“That’s it?”


“…No lecture about some random subject.”

“What? Rainbow, I don’t always give a lecture about random subjects.”

“Sure you do… Like maybe about the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow.”

“Which one? African or European swallow?”

“I don’t know… Ha! There we go! You’re about to start a lecture about Swallows!”

“You know what Rainbow? Go read a book!” She yelled to the pegasus who was clearly messing with her for entertainment.

“Ha! Jokes on you! I’m already reading one.” Dash laughed as she held up a Daring Do book.

“Whatever Rainbow!”

Twilight quickly made her way to Sweet Apple Acres to tell the news to Applejack. When she got there, Applejack was sleeping under a tree. Twilight told her the news and she silently nodded in agreement. Twilight smiled and started off to Fluttershy’s cottage. ‘That was easy. And quick.’

Fluttershy was silently cleaning a bird bath when Twilight arrived. Angel nudged Fluttershy to make her notice Twilight’s appearance. “Oh… Hello Twilight. How was your day?”

“Oh the usual.” Twilight thought about her encounters with Dash and Pinkie. ‘Yeah… usual.’ “I see the bear is gone.” She instantly regretted pointing that fact out.

“Oh, yes… I gave him a proper burial service with all the woodland creatures. What brings you by?” Fluttershy asked, evidently wanting to change the subject.

“Oh right! I’m here to tell you that the Princess will be coming to Sweet Apple Acres tomorrow at ten in the morning for the alien.”

“Okay… Oh… Um… Would… You like to hear what one of the speeches at the service was… It was very moving.”

“Oh I don’t…”

“Don’t worry! I translated it from Squirrel.” Fluttershy cleared her throat. “Four score and seven…”

“Fluttershy, I’m sure it’s very nice and all… but I need to get going, I’m very busy.” She lied; she didn’t at all want to listen to a speech right now.”

“Oh… I’m… Sorry… To bother you with something so silly. Goodbye.” She depressingly closed the door.

Twilight sighed and started going back into town. ‘I’m a terrible friend.’ She trotted into her house and went straight into her bed. “I’m just gonna take a little nap.”


10:00 AM

“Twilight! Wake up! It’s ten, the princess should be here any second.”

“Huh… Princess? Ten? …” Twilight groggily opened her eyes. “Wait… It’s ten!? Like ten in the morning!?”

“That’s what I said.”

“… Aaaaaah! I slept the whole day!?”


“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I tried, you were like a rock.”

“Oh… I need to get ready!”

“Well I’m ready.” Spike gave her a smirk, and received a glaring frown.

“Your need to stay here…”

“But, why?” Spike whined with a shrill pouty voice.

“But nothing Spike.”

“It’s an alien! I want to see it please.” He got onto his knees and started begging with puppy dog eyes.”


“Yes!” Spike jumped up and started a victory dance receiving a small giggle from Twilight.

“I just need to get ready quickly.” A few minutes later Twilight was ready and out the door with Spike in tow. “We need to get to Sweet Apple Acres quickly!” When they arrived they saw all her friends and Princess Celestia there waiting for her. “I’m so sorry! I was so tired and then… I woke up at…”

“It is okay Twilight. I just arrived.” Celestia gave her a welcoming smile then turned to serious. “So, where is this alien?”

“Ah believe it’s still here. It should be in tha orchards.”

“Then let us go find it.” Celestia let Applejack lead the way into the orchards. After minutes of searching they found it investigating the Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse.

“Found it!” Dash yelled in victory. “It’s over here by this Clubhouse.” Everypony gathered in to see Celestia’s reaction to it.

“My… This is a strange being. And you said we cannot communicate with it?”

“Mhm. Nopony can.”

“I see. Let me see what I can do.”

“Excuse me, alien?” Celestia flew over in front of it. “Can you understand me?”

The droid made it usual sounds and stared at her with its regular blank stare. One of the arms came up and picked up her tiara. “That is my tiara. I wear it because I’m the ruler along with my sister of this world.” The droid lifted the tiara up to its biggest eye for a few seconds then dropped it, getting a simultaneous gasp from the elements. Celestia caught it with her magic before it fell to the ground.

“Why would you just drop something like that as if it was nothing?” Rarity asked with a disgusted look.

“It is okay Rarity. The alien just seems to be curious; it probably doesn’t know what any of this is.”

“Still… How could it?” Rarity pouted to herself as the others rolled their eyes.


Space, above Equestria.

“Exiting hyperspace.”

“Approaching destinantion.”

“Communications are back online and ready to use.”

“Sir, I’m getting a lot more reading’s from the probe droid.”

“What is it?”

“From what it looks like, they have a set government, farms, housing’s, and metal crafting abilities. I think the droid has already found the leader of the civilization.”


“Yeah, the leader is a larger pony, with both a horn and wings, and it has a tiara.”

“Seems royal.”

“Yes, also the being seem to be able to levitate objects.”

“Levitate? Like the force?”


“Shit. So you’re saying this planet, far away from our galaxy full of jedi and sith... Has force sensitive ponies?”

“Yes sir. Levitation seems to be only from the ponies with horns.”

“That’s a little better. Have an Acclamator and some walkers touch down near the probe droids location.”

“Yes sir.” The officer saluted and connected to one of the Acclamators. “This is Capital Ship Executor II, do you read me?”

“This is Acclamator Justice, we read you.”

“Land down in area of the Probe Droid beacon. Your troops will be accompanied by some walkers. Good luck.”

“Will do.” The Acclamator along with some Y-85 Titan Class barges carrying an All-Terrain Armored Transports separated from orbit and slowly made its way down into the planet’s atmosphere.


“Yes, Rarity we know it is rude. Get over it.”

“I will not get over the fact we are making friends with such a barbaric alien. I’m sure you wouldn’t understand that Rainbow.”

“What are you getting at?”

“By that I mean you are not a proper lady. Unlike me and Fluttershy. Right dear?” Rarity looked to Fluttershy who was staring into the sky with a terrified look. “Fluttershy dear what is it that’s troubling you?”

“Th-that.” Fluttershy whimpered as she held her hoof into the sky.

Rarity followed her hoof to the direction of the incoming ship. “Something in the… s-sky? Oh my…” Rarity’s eyes started to tremble as a gasp was sounded from each of the other ponies, including Celestia herself.

“It’s a giant grey triangle!” Pinkie shouted out. “Followed by metal boxes!”

(Authors note: EEEEEEEEEE! FIMfiction is back up! I waited so long to post this god damn chapter. Also prepare yourself ponies! Here comes the Giant Triangles and Boxes!)

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