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Love the series, and I find fanfics enjoyable depending on whats in them. Not a big fan of dark,grim or clop (unless it's more romancey than sexy.)


RD finds herself vicitimized by a spell gone wrong, and ends up alone, stranded and mosly naked in an earth city garbage heap. Luckily, she's found by a ever-so-rare kind spirit willing to put his heart and home out to her. Don't know how far I'm gonna take this. Largely depends on feedback. FEEDBACK means comments, ratings, favorites, whatever you prefer. And I don't mind critiques or criticisms either, as long as it's constructive. Tagged as mature for certain innuendos and a scene in one of the chapters. you have been warned. Also may contain strong language in places.

EDIT: Part 2 is in progress right now, and will be posted as soon as i have 2-3 chapters done, for those of you who didn't read the recent blog post.

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yes, everybody: someone has read to much ponyfall.

I will destroy something if this is continued, this has soooooo much potential!

so is that good or bad?

Also, thank you everypony for the favorites and comments. I saw my notifications today and I was like "That can't be the new fic I posted less than 24 hours ago." And sure enough it is. So I deem the feedback outstanding enough to warrant at least another chapter or two. Between work and sleep, though, I can't be certain how often it will update, But I promise you it will.

NOTE: This isn't based off of ponyfall (which I haven't read yet). This is based off an idea that popped into my head the other night before I went to bed. I mentioned in a blog post I wanted to do something with show characters, and also something totally different than my previous two stories, which both involve OC's in Equestria. and so we have this.

i like the story very much but time for me to point out something i happened to notice. she seems to not know what "rock" is but in the show rarity does say before the young fliers compitition that she changed the music from rock and roll. i tell you this for 1 reason: IT DOESN'T MATTER!!:derpyderp1::derpyderp1:

I will admit I'm famous for inconsistencies. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll happily correct that. THat was more or less meant to intertwine with the joke about rocks not being related to music.

463818 glad i could help. i wouldn't have noticed but i had just watched that episode(again) right before i read this :D

heh, awesome. I'm definitely gonna correct that but not right away. I wanna wait for people to stop getting the joke. lolz.

Don't worry about it, mate. The chapter is still great. Also, I hate it when chapters are lost or not saved. It's happened to me before. :ajsleepy:

476948 Regrettably, that's about all I could muster for any sort of "how it happened and why". So I'm probably gonna stick to the main piece of the story. But I felt I owed some sort of explanation to you guys for how Dash got stuck. I've always liked long winded details. (to an extent). Thanks for commenting!

I daresay she did. how many other humans you know will be that accepting? Especially when you're a pony fro another universe / dimension

503404 Most of the people i know would call the police...

Alex's character is largely based off of me, and I have to accept things for what they are, believable or not, because it's part of my belief system. Alex's attitude is quite laid back and accepting in general.

I saw this and immediatley thought My Little Dashie with gorwn-up RD

Is that a compliment? lol. Hope you read and enjoyed it.

554192 Compliment it is probrably-older-than-me writer

why thank you. I"m glad someone considers my work on the ranks of MLD. There will be more chapters later, I just haven't thught of how to start the next one yet. I didn't expect people to like it so much.

554215 Just PLEASE dont make it as sad i cant live through another one

Well I can't promise that it wont end sadly. RD does have to go home eventually. But I"ll try to make their departure a lot easier on the heart, k? I've read MLD myself and immensely enjoyed it. But I wrote this several months after I read it.

I'm sorry about the practical hiatus everypony. Between attending a funeral the beginning of last week, working almost 50 hours in four days, and working on other projects, it took forever to get this chapter up and running. I hope nopony find some of the content of this chapter to be objectionable. I could always use feedback from you guys, and pass this fic on to your friends, if you enjoy it that much. thank you, goodnight. specifically, i need to know how to better format my chapters to be more aesthetically pleasing. (viewable)

I'm morbid, and do lots of reading on medical instruments :pinkiecrazy: and essays, and also read clop/gluefics, :trollestia: but this is, all in all, not bad at all. Keep it up!

I most certainly will. This is the most popular of my four fics, probably because it involves RD. I hope I earn a favorite or a watch from you down the road. Keep checking back for more chapters if you like.

602439 0.o
That is something no man should ever have to live through

was quite traumatic. im gonna go hide in my emo corner now.

MOAR :flutterrage:

a PoE fic that I actually LIKE! you have impressed me! :rainbowkiss:

matter of fact, I'm going through some edits right now, then finishing up and posting the next chapter in about a half hour or so. thanks for the fave.

711315 YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY MOAR! :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

Slight delay on posting the new chapter. It's 90% done, but will have to wait to be finished after work tonight, which will probably be around 2am or so. <it's currently 4:55 pm where I live> I will finish it tonight, and post it sometime tomorrow, in the later afternoon, if not sooner. My goal is to have it up by 5pm tomorrow night. so please hold on for me, guys

After this chapter's published, please leave your opinions here in the comments. I'll appreciate anything you can offer me, from critiques, to reviews, to rating, and even favorites. Please forward this fic to any of your friends who may like it, or read my other fics if you haven't already. Thank you everypony. Southpaw out.

I liked this chapter, ALOT!!!:rainbowkiss:

I know a guy called Josh Thomas. He's a dick.

Ain't that a hell of a coincidence? lol.

Please everypony, rate, comment anf favorite ( if you haven't already, or just have something to say) Every bit of constructive criticism helps me improve. And reccomend this to your friends if you like it that much. I hope to polish my writing so I can possibly put something up on EqD.

You know, I'm glad I came across your story. I saw that JaydexTheShadowKnight had watched you and thought your avatar looked cool so I went on and saw "Rainbow's Adventure on Earth" and thought it pretty cool idea. Reading has been a blast and now I'm sad that I have to wait for the next chapter XD

Well I'm happy you took that gamble good sir. I hope you enjoyed it. I won't be able to work on it all week up until maybe Thursday, but I'll do my best to get started sometime tomorrow before work. Thank you for the watch. The fave made my night but the watch sealed it.

951087 If you need a pre-reader/editor, I have your back bro!



That's good to know. even the best writers screw up sometimnes

I'm VERY, VERY sorry for the time it took to get this chapter (next to last) up and done. Between work, sleep, and hardcore writer's block, I had little time or inspiration to get this done. Everything will be coming to a head in the next chapter, but will it be finished, or not? time only can tell. There may or may not be two alternate endings to this story, but I'm saying no more until I get the next chapter up. Even though this chapter dropped at about 3:45 AM, I hope it came out pretty good. As always, I could use your feedback and such, and As always, if you like this, paaa it around like that joint you just rolled. Southpaw out.for the record, im considering changing my xbox live gamertag and this site's username if still possible.

:rainbowhuh:Interesting, but I did not like the line " Even if she never got home, she would happily stay here. " it is too much out of character, I get what you were going for but better I would recommend better wording.

1537942 what would you reccomend? I had a feeling that line would feel off, but i wasnt sure how else to put it

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