• Published 15th Apr 2012
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Rainbow's Adventure on Earth - TheRealShadowFoot

RD finds herself an unfortunate victim of herself and Twilight's willingness to help her.

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Ch. 1: Dash's Arrival

Rainbow Dash landed with a hard thud in a pile of trash outside of a huge brick building. After shaking loose her dizziness, she realized she could see over the top of the dumpster she landed next to. Finding this to be quite strange, she flexed all her extremities to make sure she hadn’t broken anything. All her limbs were in working order, now about those wings. When she tried to flap, all she felt was her shoulders twitch. She didn’t feel the normal displacement of air, nor hear the soft whoosh that accompanied her wing flaps. This was when she entered panic mode. Looking around to her back to make sure she hadn’t mangled her wings, she let out a soft, barely audible gasp.

What she saw, or rather, didn’t see, astonished her. Her wings were gone, vanished. She also realized she couldn’t quite mover her neck as far as usual. Trying to stand up, she landed face first into a pile of more garbage. Stifling a gag reflex, she tried standing again, and found she only had two legs instead of four. Also at the ends of what were supposed to be her forelegs were white, muscular appendages that moved upon their own accord, seemingly. These were attached to what she assumed used to be her hooves. Realization and horror slowly crept across her face.
She shook her head even more vigorously than before, to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, and made herself dizzy again. She lay back in the pile of trash, unsure of what to do with herself. Here she was, in an unfamiliar, stinking alleyway, reclining in a pile of garbage, in a body that wasn’t her own.

“Well, you’re really screwed this time, huh Dash?” she asked herself. She then proceeded to answer herself. It felt like the right thing to do.

“Yeah, you’re screwed, at least until you find out what Twilight…”
She trailed off, the reality coming full circle upon her. She had asked Twilight to enchant her body, making it faster and more agile than ever, in an attempt to pull off another Sonic Rainboom in half the distance and time. The spell had worked, obviously, but way too well. She fully sunk into the stinking trash heap, on the verge of tears. She must have time warped, or dimension shifted, or some science craziness thing due to her amazing speeds on her last flight. She then snapped back into her own self.

This was not the Rainbow Dash she knew. THE Rainbow Dash was always brave and strong even in the worst of times. She was not about to let herself down, especially laying in a trash heap. She stood, renewed vigor playing across her features. First off, she had to learn how to use this new body. Steeling herself, she put one foot in front of the other, slowly at first, then picking up the pace. She finally got the rhythm down after a few minutes. She noted that her arms swung with her motion, acting much like a balance, similar to a tail or her wings. After she mastered walking, she tried playing with the funny little appendages on the end of her hooves. Some crazy pony named Lyra, back home, had called them hands, and the appendages were called fingers. She laughed to herself, thinking about Lyra at a time like this.
Now, Dash was never really a stupid pony.

If she had to guess, she must have been changed into a Human in order to fit into whatever dimension she entered. She tried picking up and hefting some stones in her newly developed hands. The rocks felt cool and rough to her hands, much like they had felt back home in Equestria. She had guessed that this dimension wasn’t all that different from home. She then realized she was getting quite cold. It had to have been close to winter in this dimension. Now what could she do? She was cold, hungry, and, now that she realized it, nearly naked. All she wore was some sort of scanty cloth the same colors as her mane over her upper body, exposing her midriff to the elements, and some rough blue material that followed the shape of her hips and flank, making them quite attractive, she noticed. On her feet she wore a pair of white things with rubber soles on the bottom. Tired of thinking, she wrapped her arms around herself, trying to block the cold. She had to find somewhere to go, if only for the night, otherwise she would surely freeze to death. As a Pegasus, she was built to deal with cold weather. As a Human, she wasn’t even close.

She looked around for some sort of exit, all the while mumbling to herself about her surroundings. She saw lights a few feet away, and proceeded towards them, nearly getting run over by a huge machine, much like the Flim Flam Brothers’ Cider Machine. Except it spewed smoke from the rear and the smoke made her gag. It tasted like burning ash, and made her sick to her stomach. She wasn’t going to last the night this way. She decided it was safer to follow the sidewalk until she ran into another human. Hopefully they spoke the same language, otherwise she was really screwed. She walked in relative silence, occasionally mumbling to herself about being cold, and hating this place, and wishing she had some nice, warm cider or a good stiff drink. She wasn’t even looking for other humans even though that was her only hope of salvation for the night. Then she bumped into one, nose to nose with a pair of green- blue eyes.

The other human yelped a little bit, quite surprised at running into a young, attractive woman at this time of night. Especially as scantily clad as she was. He then spoke to Dash.

“Oh! I’m sorry.” He said with a nervous laugh, looking away quite quickly.

“I didn’t see you, I’m sorry.” He noticed she had the most amazing magenta eyes. And yet she looked somewhat familiar, like he had seen her somewhere, albeit he had no clue where. He noticed that she was quite trim and fit, and almost certainly his age. She looked cold, forlorn, and lost. He was guessing she was some runaway, after a fight with a boyfriend or parents. Seeing her standing there, shivering, he couldn’t help but extend his heart to her. He spoke again.

“I know I’m a stranger, but you look like you could use some help. Do you need directions to a shelter or a ride home?”

Dash snapped out of her stupor. The human was talking, and she understood him! She shook her head and tried to speak, but couldn’t find the words. He then repeated himself.

“Do you need a ride home or a shelter?” he asked again.

All Dash did was nod a “yes”. She knew she shouldn’t be so easily trusting of someone else, but what were her options? Freeze and starve to death in a cold black city? Buck that. She’d rather die warm and with a full belly. She followed him relatively closely, putting on a brave face like she always did.

Alex smiled to himself. He was always raised to be a gentleman, and a good man, so he had no choice but to offer his help. Even he himself would freeze in this kind of weather, and he wasn’t about to let this young girl suffer the same fate of so many Heroine Junkies and Crack addicts, and homeless people. He wasn’t sure if she would even follow him, but he was quite grateful she did. Even if she was cute, he had purely platonic interest in her. He unlocked his pickup truck and opened the door for her. She climbed up slowly, almost as if she was unsure how to. He tossed this thought out of his head. What adult girl wouldn’t know how to climb into a vehicle? He chuckled to himself as he started the truck and turned down the stereo.

She jumped at the sudden noise, so he surmised it must have been a long, quiet walk for her. She was probably a suburb girl, where the nice front lawns and picket fences dotted the streets. If that was the case, she walked a long way from home, since even the nearest suburbs were almost 40 minutes out of the city by vehicle.

He too lived in the suburbs for most of his life, until he turned 18 and got a job in the heart of the city. At the time, he was having home difficulties, so he took his savings and rented a shoddy apartment not far from work. And that’s where he’d been living for two years, until a fairly generous promotion granted him better living quarters. After a few minutes of silence, he spoke again. He hadn’t ever liked quiet.

“My name is Alex, what’s yours?” Dash snapped out from her reverie once again. She had finally worked up the courage to speak, but had resigned to waiting for him to speak first, since she was still plotting how to get back home.

“My name, is, uh...” She faltered. Rainbow Dash was a unique name back home, so she guessed it was not even heard of here. “My name is Sarah…” she read from a magazine on the floor of the truck.
“Really? That’s a pretty name. I’ve always liked it.” Alex said. “How did you get into the heart of the city, Sarah?” He asked, trying to make her more comfortable.


Dash froze. How was she going to explain this? “I, uh, took a walk after…school…kind of got lost, heh” She said nervously. Why was she behaving like a school filly with a crush? Normally she was quite boastful and loud. And forget about her stuttering or falling over her words. She always said what was on her mind, whether it be nice or not. Matter of fact, her smart tongue had gotten her punished several times as a young filly and even into her teenage years. It still got her in trouble occasionally, like that time they had to chase the dragon away from the cave above Ponyville.

Maybe, it was because for once she actually needed help instead of being headstrong and rebellious. Even back home, she rarely ever asked for help, especially after AJ had launched her to Twilight’s balcony in a funny, albeit painful stunt gone wrong. As she recalled, AJ had decided to clear the entire sweet apple acres on her lonesome due to Big Mac being hurt.

“Where would you like me to take you?” Alex asked her. She couldn't stop her mouth before it spoke.

“Can I go with you?” she blurted out, covering her mouth and stifling a gasp. She mentally chastised herself for being so forward. But she couldn’t help but feel safe with him. Maybe it was his calm presence, or his blue-green eyes that reminded her of the waters of Equestria from the sky. Or it could be that she didn’t want to go to some shelter with even more strangers. That was the last thing she needed. She wanted to be somewhere safe and quiet, and the shelters of Equestria were always loud and stinky. She felt sorry for the young fillies, colts, and the slightly older mares and stallions that usually lived in these places due to being unneeded or unwanted by their families, or had no family to speak of.

Kind of like her Number One Fan, Scootaloo. The little filly was much like Dash herself. Bold, brash, and fearless. But she was also young and didn’t have anyone to teach her how to fly. So Dash took her under her wing, so to speak, and served as a bit of a Big Sister. Scoots had a family, but they were both Traveling salesponies, who weren’t very good at selling things. They were rarely ever home, so Scoots preferred the company of her friends and Dash.


Alex coughed suddenly, while trying to maintain his truck’s control. “Go..with me.?” He asked quizzically to himself.

Dash was afraid of this. She was about to be denied, and she sighed sadly to herself. She hung her head in shame, afraid now that she was never going home. “I mean, if it’s ok with you, and you have the room…” she added dejectedly.

It was Alex’s turn to berate himself. How could he have been so heartless? Here was this poor girl, miles from home, with probably no friends or family nearby, and he was set to dump her back home where there was problems, or in a shelter where even worse problems were so often found. He looked at the poor girl and sighed. He couldn’t do that to her.

“Of course you can come with me. I’d love the company.” He smiled at Dash, and Dash, for the first time in hours, smiled back. So she was going to go stay with Alex, her new friend.


Alex was lost in thought. Here he was, bringing a pretty, lost young girl to his home. The night was beginning to play out like so many different shows he had watched. He smiled inwardly and thought of the family motto; “Why the hell not?” As he turned off to the exit ramp. He turned up the stereo a little bit and noticed that Sarah was really getting into the rock music that was emanating from it, bobbing her head slightly from side to side. Like he did when he was alone or bored. Funny that.

Dash liked the music that was playing. It was basically her personality. Loud and brash. He called it Rock music. It was the same stuff she listened to on a daily basis back home..

They pulled up to a building similar to the one she had landed behind. Alex cut the engine and hopped out of the truck, proceeding to open the door for Dash. Here was his home for the past year. His home was a small two bedroom house with a sparsely manicured lawn. He hadn’t really needed the second bedroom, but this was better than sleeping a hundred feet away from an above-ground train track. He unlocked the door and cut on the lights. A soft, gentle glow emanated from the hall table lamp, illuminating a hallway. Further down the hall were two doors across and slightly apart from each other. Dash assumed these were bedrooms since the rest of the home was open doorframes.

Dash followed Alex a little closer now. He led her into the kitchen, which was also lit by a gentle glow overhead. He rummaged in the fridge for a split second and produced two huge green apples followed by a bottle of some red, fragrant stuff.

“I know it isn’t much, but this should hold you over until I make something more fitting for a guest.” Alex laughed. He didn’t get much company besides his younger sister, her boyfriend, and his nephew, so he never kept much as far as groceries. He usually ate on the go and slept the morning away on his days off. His neighbor would usually leave him some sort of goodies in his mailbox every night, so it wasn’t like he ever went hungry. He also came across a bottle of cranberry juice he had forgotten he had.


Dash watched Alex intently, trying very hard to hide it. If she had to compare him to some pony, It would probably be Big Macintosh. He was quite tall, albeit a little chubby. He had a dark brown head of hair, and his shoulders were quite broad and strong looking. “How I would love to be held by those…” she found herself thinking, and snapped back to reality. She couldn’t fall for him. She didn’t belong here and she would have to tell him sometime. But she was still grateful for his kindness.

Alex poured each of them a glass of juice and took a hefty chunk out of his apple. He was quite hungry he had suddenly realized. In a sidelong sort of way, he examined Sarah. She was trim, and quite fit, most likely an athlete. But she still had those feminine curves he always went drool-monkey over. She had the slightest hint of a belly too, which he found amazingly cute. Her boyfriend really screwed up on this one, if that’s who she was running away from. What sane girl would walk almost three miles, especially after a day of college?

They sat in silence for a little while, lost to their thoughts. After he finished his apple, Alex whipped up some spaghetti, albeit a leaner version, made with white mushroom sauce, His personal favorite. He had really been trying to trim up that pouch above his belt in time for summer. He hated being chunky even though it was pretty much genetic. He couldn’t complain too much. He kept a relatively constant weight due to hauling ass at work all day. Carpentry was never easy work, but he would have some time to rest once winter started.

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