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Love the series, and I find fanfics enjoyable depending on whats in them. Not a big fan of dark,grim or clop (unless it's more romancey than sexy.)


Well, here's a quick little fanfic for all of you DDCT fans out there. Me and Sparknanator took all of maybe two or three days to write it. It is indeed short, but it covers something most of us can relate to: Trying to find Romance within the craziness of Daily life. Please enjoy it. Yes i acknowledge the formatting is crap and, the story isn't well written, but thank you in advance for taking the time.

Shadow finds himself feeling spontaneous and decides to give the love of his life a romantic dinner. Twilight bears most of the burden of raising their foals, on top of her other obligations, and Shadow feels the poor mare simply needs some time to herself and her husband. But even the simplest of plans can go awry, and a simple romantic dinner turns into a fiasco. With a thoroughly determined Twilight Sparkle, a pair of twins to be babysat, and time ticking away, Shadow has to pull out all the stops to make a night worth having. However, the universe works in mysterious ways, and everything just might turn out the way it's supposed to. This was meant to be short and sweet, to try and fire up my creativity once again. This Story was originally supposed to have been Posted by Sparknanator, but he insisted I put it up instead.

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i acknowledge the formatting is crap and the story isn't well written

So why should I waste my time reading it?

Why do you have to be such a dick sometimes, this guy has a low self esteem.

Well maybe he shouldn't be saying it's a lousy story in the very space where he's supposed to be trying to talk me into reading it.

I bet if he took the time to improve the story and write a little better, people would praise him for his efforts. I find that does a lot of good for one's self-esteem.

You have a good point, but next time maybe be a little more helpful? I posted that little tidbit in good faith that any person willing to criticize me constructively would do so. It's their choice to read it, and for that, I thank them. Not every Story has to be good, it just has to be enjoyed by one person. That's all I ever ask for. I Never expected my RD fic to gain as much attention as it did. The reason the formatting is crap is because I wrote that on my cell phone. Well, most of it. As far as the story itself, it short for no other reason than it was supposed to be. If you want to see something better, check out my other DDCT work, via Sparknanator, or my own other material. Those are what I've really logged some time in, and you may see something different besides the glaring failure you feel this to be. For what it's worth to you, thank you for taking the time to comment.

5256706 Thanks for the Support! Hope you'll check out some of my other stuff! If not, that's cool too. Happy Trails :D

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