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Fallout Equestria: Tactics tells the tale of Scouts Honor, a humble stable dweller, who is driven out into the Equestrian wasteland by a combination of superstition and bad luck. His intelligence is matched only by his complete and utter ignorance of the outside world. LittlePip may have never fired a gun before, but at least she’d seen them in books. As a resident of stable sixteen Scout did not have this luxury.

Tactics aims to explore some of the concepts introduced in the later seasons of Friendship is Magic, for instance how screwed were the Breezies? How did Cheese Sandwich fare in war time Equestria? If Twilight never became an alicorn then what about Cadence?

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wow that chess game was intense :moustache:

I like this story. A unique take on Stables (I've only seen a few like this, but none where the Past was completely forgotten). Gonna keep an eye on it.:twilightsmile:

the use of the title Fallout equestria tactics, is concerning to the games fallout tactics brotherhood of steel what I have read shows no sings of being related to the idea of the steel rangers you are being watched for continued lore damage

5094196 For now all I'll say is that there's more to Fallout: Tactics than just the BoS

5094246 are you saying I lack knowledge of a fallout game?

If I remember correctly Fallout: Tactics was just the cinematic opening of Fallout 3 and a bunch of ending credits. Now seriously, Slashy, I don't see a problem with using that title. From what I heard, next to nobody played Tactics anyways (because apparently it was bad), so... what is the problem again?

tactics is not only a interplay era game in fallout lore but holds integral information about what happened to the brotherhood of steel between fallout one and two which explains why the brotherhood is more xenophobic in later games due to the removal of knights, scribes, paladins and possibly elders out east to hunt down the remaining mutant army,

if I remember right the steel rangers are the brotherhood and would have priority of the title 'Tactics' while I'm not asking for it to be changed I at least want the writer to understand that

"rangle" is not a word. "Wrangle", however, is.

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