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Brushed Rhyme

High school guy who loves My Little Pony and also loves writing. Why not give the two a try?


The first thing that you need to know about what is going to be said in this document, the events unfold as told here, while days or weeks may have past in between these ponies daily lives, it will seem as a turn of a page in this casefile. I've recruited you, the reader, to try and solve this mystery, the hope of the Apple family relies on you. The first document will be put up and the second won’t be put up for few days, this pattern will continue until I've given you everything that we have.

Best of luck to you

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Comments ( 11 )

Update soon. This is a really good mystery.

Comment posted by RedvsBlue327 deleted Jul 27th, 2014

Well, this all depends. It's ether a unicorn or a Pegasus.
It's not:
Trixie (reformed)
Ruby show (earth pony)

None of thise four mares are necessarily the perp; the note doesn't say the perp wa never caught commiting any crime, just not at crimes like this.

But if I accept the premise, I think it's going to be Toni Lance.

If I don't accept the premise, it's Trenderhoof.

I honesty have no clue what's going on, so I'll just keep watching.

Well, my deduction meant nothing! :twilightsheepish: At least my suspicions of the FF Brothers are on the list, now.

Comment posted by Matthais Unidostres deleted Jul 31st, 2014
Comment posted by Brushed Rhyme deleted Jul 31st, 2014

given the physical strength it woul take to remove a healthy tree branch like that and repeatedly ruby show seems the most likely culprite.

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