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When a librarian shows up on Twilight's door to gather all of the books in her library, it isn't handled well. She has to leave and get her mind off of it, but that doesn't exactly work out either. Twilight is confused and desperate to see her books again; she can't think straight. Will she make it through the 3 day period needed before she can get her books back? Will they be different? Will there be any damage done to the books? It's just too much for Twilight.

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:yay::rainbowhuh: I don't exactly get it


In Libraries, there are normally call numbers or serial numbers on the spines of books. If you look in the library at the books, their spines are blank. I just thought about how I thought Twilight would react if she had to loose all of her books to get a universal call number.

Okay that makes more sense:twilightsmile:

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