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Brushed Rhyme

High school guy who loves My Little Pony and also loves writing. Why not give the two a try?


Twilight goes out into the world! Something she was looking forward to but deeply regrets now. Being abused and lied to for months she can't take it anymore and writes home to Ponyville.

Teen for dealing with rough-ish topics.

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Comments ( 5 )

Wow. That was... good.
Perfect even. Better than flawless.

I really felt Twilight as she was being ripped out of her little warm world and fell onto the streets of reality.

Keep going, dude, you have potential!

It's probably not going to tock the featured box, but it's still a short but... sweet isn't exactly the best word, is it? Might want to give the first paragraph or two another once-over for missing words, but you've got my upvote.

Twilight learns the cruel realities of the real world. I love this story. It gets an upvote and a fave.


Thank you very much!

That was awful. 1000 words and every single one nothing but whining.

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