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Brushed Rhyme

High school guy who loves My Little Pony and also loves writing. Why not give the two a try?


Star Swirl is standing in front of a line of stallions, he is going to have to choose who he is to teach. The Princess has even come to oversee the choosing. He doesn't want any of the ponies that are standing in front of him. He opens his mouth and speaks one sentence. "Bring me Clover." Join the adventures of Clover learning from Star Swirl the Bearded.

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Well i have a huge problem with this story

its that you haven’t made it for me sooner

cause if you had then i will know how good you are at making stories that are bad

and when i say bad i mean Michael Jackson bad

You know how he looked real really bad at the end of his life

You don’t know if i like your story or not?

Well lets put it this way, pack your pencils, get out, your off of fimfiction

Because you should be working at a top notch publication office in the world.

Just not any world i live in.

In conclusion… Ehhhh

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