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Sombra had many things in store for the Crystal Ponies, but since the day the Crystal Empire returned, no one has been willing to retell the tales of that time. Now, Twilight is given the chance to do so, she meets with a Crystal Pony willing to retell those tales. They go back in time and Twilight see's for herself what Sombra's Crystal Empire really was.

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why is it that everytone thinks that sombra was beaten by the elements? from what they showed, it seems he was beaten by nothing more than the powers of the regal sistes themselves. well could be that the fight was before discord came along and attacked equistria.

3845619 Well, if you remember the time frame from season 3, it had been banished for a thousand years, that was after Sombra took over. How long had he ruled? What if they defeated discord and while Equestria was new and weaker Sombra attacked and took it over?


Interesting thoughts.

3845638 a thosuand years is vague enough that it well could ahve been an event tweo centuries before the discord incident. i mean if it was ALL a thousand years ago exactly, then that would mean discord, sombra, AND nightmare moon happened in the span of one year. true a lot of stuff has gone down in equistria so far but lagely that is a LOT of things to happen at once.

besides, by how the elements work, sombra would not ahve been able to curse the crystal empire and make it disappear. the elements either bind or purify its targets. sombra, while powerful, would likely have had his dark powers stripped from him by the elements as he was still a physical creature rather than a true dark entity like discord.

that and it would serve as proof that, despite some setbacks the last few years, the regal sistesr are, in fact, competent and powerful.

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