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My buddies Tirek, Scorpan, Spike, Celestia and Discord are AWESOME AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!!! DON'T DENY THE LOVE!!!! ***iloveyouTirek***


Celestia is told by Princess Twilight, her faithful student and now Princess of Friendship, that she needs to enjoy friendhship herself, so is invited to stay at Twilight's where she makes some unexpected friends as they become The Guardians of Harmony and, literally, follow in the mane six's hoofprints.

Chapters (3)
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This is possibly the best comedic idea ever.

You really think so?!?!:pinkiehappy: That's so awesome!!!:rainbowkiss: Thanks!!!:twilightsmile:

Love the idea switching places :) Can't wait for more

No problem, keep on writing :rainbowkiss:

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