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First off I LOVE Music!! My favourite character is AJ and next is Flutterhsy. My two favourite ships are AJxSpike and FluttershyxDiscord. Last but not least I'm a girl that you can rely on


Discord is known for his chaos and causing disharmony between ponies. Fluttershy on the other hand is known for her kindness towards both animals and ponies. Two different living being as different as night and day yet so alike in many ways. Fate has a funny way of playing with ponies and this case is no exception.
Discord has agreed to let Fluttershy reform him, no tricks included. Is Discord up to something? Or is he willingly letting himself be reform once and for all?

This is my second story in fimfiction, hope you enjoy it! As always, comment, like, favourite and tell me what you think.

Edit: Sugarcube_scoots is editing and helping me write this story.

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*happy gasp* Fluttercord!

EDIT: hmm.. There are a few parts that could stand to be fleshed out. The dialogue was too quick and could use some more back and forth, but I think it has a lot of promise.

I think you meant to put this in bold:

For many years I had spread my chaos all over Equestria there wasn't a place where a pony didn't know my name. They were terrified of me but I could care less what they thought of me, this is me nopony said they had to like it. I still remember the first day I told them I was their new king...

Um I thought Discord said he never turned any ponies to stone in the season two opener?:unsuresweetie:

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