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First off I LOVE Music!! My favourite character is AJ and next is Flutterhsy. My two favourite ships are AJxSpike and FluttershyxDiscord. Last but not least I'm a girl that you can rely on


New content (I'm still alive) · 2:56pm Nov 7th, 2016

Jesus Christ! How long has it been? Seriously guys, as I get older I only get more chores, school duties and work. I'm so sorry for. It being active, I've been trying to make some space for writing, yet I get none. School gets in the way and so does home chores, to top it off I started working which is quite handful. Not to mention the few dates I get to have with my boyfriend (yes, we are still together). Now, with my stories...I've been thinking how I could make them better and I've come to

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Hello once again · 10:46pm Jun 8th, 2015

Hey there everybody! How's your day going? I hope it's good...anyways I am quite happy to say that I AM BACK! It's been soo long and I've missed writing so bad. You should be expecting updates by the next week because I have a very tight schedule. I know...it's sad. Thank you for your attention, you may continue your activities. Love y'all!

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Happy New Year! · 6:51am Jan 1st, 2015

I wish you all a happy new year and a lot of blessings for the rest of 2015, I wanna let you know that I love you all for following me and reading my stories (although they aren't very good) live this year at its fullest and always remember to smile! Make mistakes or achive your greatest goal, fall in love or make new friend, listen to new music or try new food (I'm hungry...), it's all up to you. I love you all and I wish you the best of the best, peace out!

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Big Problem! · 9:30pm Oct 5th, 2014

Guys...all my data has been deleted! Wtf!!! I opened my notes yesterday I was going to keep writing but everything was blank. Not a single word, not even a damn paragraph! I hope I can rewrite everything today. *defeated sigh*


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Birthday! · 10:22pm Sep 16th, 2014

Hey guys! Guess what, in just a few days it's going to be my birthday! God, time goes by fast, oh well. So I was thinking, what should I do for my birthday? And then an idea came into my head, I'll be making a one shot story. As always it's going to be about AJ x Spike.
Anyways, I'm going to let you all guess the date of my birthday and whoever guesses right...is going to receive a wish. Silly, but fun! They will be able to ask me anything or request a story, etc.

Stay Awesome!

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School...great! (NOT) · 10:55pm Aug 30th, 2014

It's that time of the year when the children have to walk through the long corridors of hell and the thunder rises with-

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Sequel · 3:18am Aug 14th, 2014

Many of you have read Forbidden Honesty and wanted me to make a sequel,so I thought, why not! I hope you enjoy the sequel, I'll try my best and see how it goes. Another thing is that I'll probably start posting the sequel by September or late October, I don't know yet.

Thank you all for following me and liking my stories! Love you all

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[no title] · 1:32am Aug 2nd, 2014

Remember to always follow your dreams!

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Delay · 1:02am Jul 20th, 2014

Hey there guys, I want to apologise for making you wait for the next chapter. I haven't finished my other story and I have a few personal issues too. Hopefully by next week I'll upload a new chapter (which i am working on by the way) Thanks for being pacient, love you all!

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Starting a new story · 11:05pm Jul 1st, 2014

Hey everyone, I'm starting a new story called Looking for Kindness in Chaos. It's a fluttercord shipping story. Hopefully I'll start writing chapters in two week. (Once I'm done with Forbidden Honesty) That's about it so have a great day!

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