• Published 3rd Jun 2014
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We love you for who you are - BronyofMeddlers

Living alone in a world full of ponies is tiresome sometimes, thankfully it isn't that kind of story, with the aid of his 'uncles' and his new friends perhaps he can live in this new home of his, and perhaps find love.

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Yay! An update! I see that you have other Changeling hives in your story. If you want you are welcomed to use my Shadow Hive Kingdom.
The Shadow Hive is different compared to other hives in that they are friendly with most of the non changeling races. Some of the settlements of some of the non changeling races are a part of the Shadow Hive Kingdom as citizens. The Hive live in emerald mines throughout the MLP world with the main hive and the Hive Kingdom itself ruled my King Zulu, while the other mines and the settlements they are a part of are ruled by Viziers as principalities. Let me know what you think.

hrm...maybe. I need to consider it heavily as it would be your version of changelings that will be in this story...and that might be tricky with how it functions.

Ok, well if you want one of us can PM the other so that we can talk more about how my hive could be used in your story.

Just saying that I just found and binged this. I love it. I hope it continues soon.

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