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This story is a sequel to Pinkie promise

Seriously, everypony! Go read the original (prequel) story here before you read my story!
I've been hanging out with Pinkie Pie for quite a while... And I've been growing feelings for her.

Today I'm going to ask her out. And I've got a strange feeling that today my life will change... forever.

An epilogue to a great story written by Deadcat.

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i am at loss of words...

this brought tears to my eyes.

you see, this means much more to me than just a fan fiction. I really hated the idea of Rainbow remembering, but you conveyed it in such a beautiful way that the significance of pinkies struggle was not taken away, you still kept the same dynamic elements of my original story and you have no idea how much this means to me.

i wrote pinkie promise based on a true experience,

i had a girlfriend, we went through hell and back we knew each other for 3 years, and we have gone through so much, the story was based on OUR experiences, and our love. Doctor helfing, in this story, represents my father. He hated me for being gay, and he hated my Special Somepony even more, he was once a wonderful man, but i watched his heart turn to stone and he lost all his care and love for me, he did everything he could to keep my life miserable, he commited me, he locked me up, he ruined me.

But, through all else, me and her did everything we could to stay together, even attempting a double suicide, like in the story.

we tried our best to stay together through all else.

last year, she attempted suicide. Her mother Sent her off to china, cut of all communications with me, and we never even got to say goodbye, And after 3 years of my life, after sacrificing everything for her, after giving everything i had, after ruining my life for her, she was gone, and i had to move on, but i wanted her to be happy, even if it meant she never spoke to me again.

so that is why in my story, there was no happy ending, because i didn't have one to go off of. when i read this, i began to cry, especially at the part where they promised to be together forever, you have no idea how much that means to me.

a few moments after reading this, my friend (who is in close communications with my girlfriend) told me that she was coming back next year. i have no idea why that happened right after reading this, call it fate, but it did and im crying so hard, crying tears of joy, because now we can live together forever, and i know it will be okay.

Sorry, for the long sob story comment, but i just wanted to tell you how much this means, this is so amazing, and i love it to death. At first i really hated the idea of her remembering, but now, i love the idea. Thank you for writing this, i know this may seem like i'm overreacting, but i honestly mean it when i say, this is one of the best things i have ever read and i wish i could erase my mind of reading it just so i can experience it all over again.

Thank you.

You have really changed my life


4407084 You see, she still exists in this word. As much as you convinced yourself that she was gone and you'll never see her again, she still is pretty much alive. And so are you. And the future of you two is in your hands. Heh, maybe if someone else tries to take it from you with their dirty hands, you might as well need to cut those hands off. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm really happy to see you loved my very first pen test this much. I thought it was neat that the whole story was told from Pinkie's perspective, and the epilogue would be written from Dashie's. It makes it... special, I guess. :twilightsmile:

As for your picture, hm... I wonder how often you're going to forget Pinkie's cutiemark. I've corrected that when I've redrawn your pic in my coverart (I hope you've noticed that), but is there a specific reason you keep forgetting that cutiemark? If you associate yourself with Pinkie, maybe that means you still have to... find yourself and finally make up your mind?

P. S. Told you I couldn't accept your ending. I hope you now understand why.

4408479 Thank you kindly. I'm really glad you enjoyed reading it. :twilightsmile:


well i did not draw the cutie mark because she didn't revive it yet in the story, she it it when she returned back to her cell, the picture was taken when she was still with dashie, moments before she forgot :twilightblush:

4409534 Thank you very much. It means a lot to me that ponies love my story.

4409190 I see.... I'm surprised though. I remember she's got her cutiemark while she was still with Dashie. Maybe I need to reread it...

:rainbowlaugh: its cool. thanks for the the Epilogue

4410087 You're more than welcome.

4407084 SEE THIS WAS PRETTY MUCH THE ENDING I WAS TALKING ABOUT:pinkiehappy::yay::moustache::scootangel::derpytongue2:


i know, :pinkiehappy:

but id rather leave my ending up to the readers :3

4410267 I'm glad to see my work was worth it. :twilightsmile:

this has been the first fan-fic i have ever read in all my life. I'm glad it was this one. I would like to applaud the writer in a job well done. I'm so grateful that I took the time to read this simply phenomenal

4499973 Thank you for such a kind choice of words. It really means a lot to me to see my effort was worth it. And thank you for your applause, but it's not just my work. As you can see, this story I wrote is just an epilogue to Pinkie Promise story that inspired me to finally write something.

However, I'd really reccomend you to read the first fanfic I've read here, it's called My Roommate is a Vampire, and it is a great thing to read. I've been experiencing the afterglow of it weeks after I've finished reading it.

I certainly will thanks for the recommendation. And i will read the first part I'm it will be as stupendous as this. But this one will always be special for it was the first fan-fic i have ever read so thank you for the experience

4500136 And thank you for reading it. It's a pleasure to see my story causes the exact effect on the other's nerves that I hoped it would.

Today my story has reached 300 views. I'm so proud! :yay:

"So what happened to Doctor Helfling?" -I asked, suppressing my chuckle.
"Oh, I'll tell you about it sometime. Its a jam!"

......:pinkiecrazy: murder.

4675972 Exactly. It was quite a... juicy scene from the original story. I loved it.:pinkiecrazy:

a perfect ending to the original story. my only regret is that it ends here.

4843789 Well, does it really need to go any further? I mean it's pretty obvious how things will turn out from this point. The story wasn't about that. The story was about reaching this point.

It's a pleasure for me to see you think my ending is perfect. I thought it was a nice idea to write an epilogue from Rainbow perspective, since the entire story was written from Pinkie's one. :twilightsmile:

If you've enjoyed my way of writing stories, maybe you might as well go ahead and enjoy the second story I wrote, which is "My Little Nightmare". :pinkiehappy: The say it's beautiful. :twilightblush:

5647784 I am glad you have enjoyed my vision of an epilogue for that wonderful story. Thank you for reading and commenting.

5667398 It is a pleasure for me to realize I've been able to awaken such strong feelings with my epilogue. I loved the story as well and was absolutely not comfortable with the way it ended.

A great story. Keep your writing, Humanarian. :twilightsmile:

5813533 Thank you for enjoying my writing. It's a pleasure to know my effort was worth it.

This is ... the best fanfiction I have ever read. Ever. This has topped the two best fanfictions I have loved for over seven years. I also felt this was done and complete at Deadcat's final chapter, and was terrified at the idea of a sequel, but I still read your Epilogue. I am intensely glad I did. It made an incredible story even more unforgettable. I salute you both (I have also posted this on Deadcat's story page).

6023811 Thank you ever so much. It's a pleasure to hear my work is appreciated, I really tried my best, especially considering that it was my very first story.

But I still don't think I'll ever get featured on this site. And this story even has 3 dislikes.

6027717 I have had several friends that have been institutionalized. This is well don on the emotional struggle one can go through when you are imprisoned for your own health. Some people may not like that, but I thought it as extremely well done. Thank you for this amazing work.

6027893 And thank you for enjoying it. There's also another story I've started a while ago, but the life is so busy nowadays that I have no idea when I'll be able to return to writing it. Perhaps you might enjoy the first few chapters though.

6027989 If it is on here, I will read it. For any author, if I like any of their work, I will download all of their stories. I have very sporadic access to the internet, so I download the texts and read them at my leisure while offline. If I REALLY like their work, I will shotgun it. For example: I just finished shotgunning <a href="http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Starscribe">Starscribe</a>'s series <a href="http://www.fimfiction.net/story/172974/my-little-apprentice">My Little Apprentice</a>. Although the tone is different from Pinkie Promise, It was also extremely well written, and I highly recommend it. If your other work is anything like Pinkie Promise or it's Epilogue, I will probably wind up shotgunning it as well.

6032134 Of course it's here! It's one of the 2 stories I've written, both are on my account here, 'cause I don't post them anywhere else. It's called "My Little Nightmare", hope you're going to enjoy it.

Also, it's a pleasure to see you enjoy reading lovely MLP stories so much. ^^

6042718 Thank you. Sometimes I get rally depressed, but the stories on here (both the light and the dark ones) make me happy again.

6042998 And I am pleased to know mine happened to be one of those stories.

6043092 Oh, absolutely! and I will be reading all of your works as you write them. I have just finished My Little Nightmare. It was great.
I do feel that it has yet to reach the emotional impact of Pinkie Promise's Epilogue, but it has definite potential, and I eagerly await the following chapters.

I did notice two very small errors:
"That's implication had made her smile..." and
"I embraced her gently, pulling you into the comforting warmth once again..."
but other than those it was a good story. Another small critique: The prologue is in all italics. This separates what came before from shat is happening now, and does it effectively. However, I personally found it hard to read several screen-lengths of italic text. my the middle of the italic text, my eyes were straining, and by the end they hurt mildly. I don't know if this is just me, or if other people have this problem as well, but reading that much italic text is difficult for me. My humble suggestion (as an avid reader, and terrible writer) is to use a different font color or bold text to define the past from the present.

Reading a block of text in a different color is my preferred, because people tend not to notice it is not the normal color while reading, but notice as soon as it changes.

The same goes for bold text, but very long of that also strains my eyes (longer than italics, but still). I personally think your brain has to work harder to translate italics into thought, and so that is why my eyes begin to hurt.

As it is, I eagerly await the next chapter, and any new stories you might eventually write.

6043597 There will always be mistakes, because I'm not perfect, no matter how much I hate that fact. I've re-read each chapter at least 10 times and corrected a lot of mistakes, but, as you can see, some are still present.

And I'm not sure I can agree with you about italic text, because you're the first one who has ever said such thing about it, and I personally have no problem reading it (as I mentioned earlier, I've re-read it at least 10 times). However, the first chapter of "My Little Nightmare" is the only one that has so much of italic text, according to my plan.

As you can see, I've focused the sadness and emotional impact of "Pinkie-Promised" on it, and then suddenly switched to a completely different style. But there will be emotions ahead, a lot of them, so, prepare yourself.

6046755 Nopony is perfect, and your writing is exelent even with a few errors. I was very reluctant to even point them out, and eventually only did because I would want to know for my own stories.

The problem with the italic text could entirely be just me. I have trouble thinking, and significant trouble with some of the more... mental-heavy aspects of thought. Even though I usually read printed text much faster and more accurately than most of the people I've been able to compare it to, I read by a process of pattern recognition. If a pattern is abnormal, (stylized text, alternating color, etc,) my speed slows down to five or six words per minute. Grammar and spelling mistakes do the same thing to me, ranging from tripping me up for a few seconds while my brain processes the misspelled word, to halting my progress completely for two or three minutes while I attempt to determine the meaning of the sentence via context clues. (It takes me 5+ minutes to figure out most ''captcha" security checks). I'm not stupid (usually), just... slower than most people.

As far as the emotional impact of My Little Nightmare, I hope you didn't think I was saying it was not really, really good. Far from it. It just felt... fluffy? I suppose? Like a desert that is really good, but feels like it is missing something that would make it perfect, but you have no idea what it's missing? I'm sorry I can't explain myself better.

Also: SOOO prepared for more. :puppydogeyes:

6047415 By the way, I think you might want to read the very first comment to this story.

6101988 I love that you had that effect on Deadcat. As I said, this story is amazing. Both the original, and this epilogue.

Oh my God! You did every bit as good as Deadcat. You both are amazing writers. And tell Deadcat that I hope things work out with him and his girlfriend. Because no one deserves to be tortured for loving someone. Ever.

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