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Back to school for Lulu! - Evilhumour

Following the events of a simple test from the bureaucracy of Equestria, Luna has decided to take this chance to learn what she has missed during her thousand years absence. Will she pass this time around? Will she be fail kindergarten?

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Chapter nine

It was early in the day, with the sun barely rising when Shining Armor woke up with a thud as he rolled off the couch. Shaking his himself awake, he snapped his head towards where the Princess was sleeping.

Shaking off the blanket, he opened the door to see the Princess flat on her back, sprawled out and still asleep. Her wings were twitching around, her powder blue mane covering only a bit of her face with the rest in a mess on the single pillow which remained on the bed, the others having been knocked to the ground due to her tossing. Thankfully, her blanket was covering everything below the navel as nearly every mare in his life would kill him if he saw that!

Hearing her dreadful snore told him she was ok, if not needing some sort of medical treatment for her snoring as it was extremely bad. Dad had received some treatment and was no longer thrown out the window by Mom when he snored.

Closing the door, he turned his attention to get some much needed coffee. Walking into the kitchen, his hoof bumped into something squishy and scaly. Blinking, he looked down to see Spike was on the floor with a roll of duct tape at his fore claws –feet, as Spike called them, - with pillows taped to his head.

Chuckling, he lifted the dragon onto the sofa with his magic and started to make passable coffee and a simple breakfast. While making his morning grub, he started to roll the kinks out of his shoulders, wincing from the pain of sleeping on the sofa, carrying those saddle bags and lifting Luna around. Despite her small size, she was heavy as a full grown stallion and if Princess Celestia was right, she would be getting even bigger and heavier in a short amount of time.

Flinching from the taste of the coffee he made, he remembered exactly why Cadence was in charge of breakfast when he slept over with her. Pouring out the blend, and placing his dishes into the sink, he glanced at the time. It was not nine yet, but it would take time to get to where they were headed, and figure out how to get there. Walking towards the stairs and making sure to tuck in Spike, he went to his sister’s room.

Pausing to decided to either knock on the door or just go in, he settled on a compromise of the two, peeking his head in first and knocking on the inside of the door. With a groan, a bundle of fur rose up from the bed and shot him a look of questioning the decision of being woken up at eight forty in the morning and how poor it was for his continued survival.

“Hey Twily, you up?”

A groan flung pillow was the response, the mare shook off her blankets and stared at him and then at the empty bed of Spike.

“Spike?” She called out, looking for the number one dragon. “Where-”

“Down stairs, with pillows taped to his head,” Shining laughed softly, biting back a yawn. “Look, I’m going to that town’s meeting and I need you to watch over Luna,” he watched her rub her eyes. “In the library, of course.”

That got her attention. “Shining, I know-”


“Let me finish, please,” she held up a hoof, forcing Shining to wait. “I know you don’t trust anypony in town, I know you can’t,” she sighed, looking at the floor. “But she’s an alicorn and I’m very good at magic. I don’t think there could be much of a threat that we can’t deal with and with so many ponies at the town meeting today, I don’t think there will be anypony outside. Plus, I can go on routes that will be near safe places.”

Sighing, Shining Armor weighed the options to tell her the truth. On one hoof, it would shut her up about taking Luna out where he couldn’t watch over her and make sure she was in a safe location. On the other hoof, however, this was matter of national security and if it got out, there would be Tartarus to pay and it would come out of his flanks.

“Look Twily, what I am going to tell you cannot leave this room,” he narrowed his eyes. “Not your friends, not Spike, not even the Princesses can know I told you,” he hoped she had enough tact to not say anything to Luna, he really did. “But Luna doesn’t have that much magical strength right now,” he watched her gasp. “She could move the moon, turn into smoke and all that, but doing all that will drain her quickly and leave her defenceless, and I don’t think she’ll be the type to run away from a fight. Especially if there is somepony that she considers a friend is at risk,” He pointed a hoof at her, and drove the point home. “I know that you don’t know many combat spells other than to tell a stallion no means no and that neither of you would leave a pony behind, putting both of you in danger.”

She sighed, looking at the floor and bit her lip. “I- I’m sorry Shining, I just thought that it would be good for Luna to get out and-”

“It’s ok Twily,” he hugged her tightly, rubbing her back. “I agree with ya. It would be nice for her to get out and be with ponies, but right now, she’s not at her best and I’m the only pony here that can properly protect her,” he frowned, bopping her nose to get the point across. “Your job is to research the magic of friendship, not her safety.” She started to protest, but Shining shook his head. “You can help out, but don’t fixate on it.” He smiled, pulling her back into a hug. “I trust you and your friends will be a big help to her education?” he teased his little sister.

“Yup!” She smiled, eyes darting towards a rolled up scroll. “I kinda looked up what kind of stuff that they teach in hig-”

He laughed and noggied her. “Don’t worry about that Twily. We’ve got that covered.” Patting her back, he took the chance to ruffle her mane, ducking a swat to his face for his actions. “Just be a friend to her, ok? Remember how it was for you.” She pulled back, blinking and then nodded her head.

“I get it.”

“Good,” he smiled back at his sister. “She’s still snoring down there. Let her sleep in.” she nodded her head again, “So can you point me in the right direction?”


Madam Mayor Mare looked at the crowd of ponies and bit back a sigh. For once, it was nearly a full house which was rare. She saw the nervous looks from the ponies in the room, with the Captain of the Royal Guards off to the side, eying the crowd. Thankfully, he was in full armor as that would help calm down if they began to panic.

She saw Time Tuner walk into the room, with Derpy right behind him, the last two ponies she was expecting to show up.

Well, it was show time.

Walking up to the podium, she cleared her throat, getting everypony’s attention.

“I do suppose you are all wondering the purpose of this little meeting,” she cough, chuckling a bit. She looked at the ponies in front of her. “As you are aware, Princess Luna has decided to take time to re-educate herself in these modern times. It is with great pride I inform you all that she has chosen our fair town as her first stop, if not the sole place, for this re-education to occur.” She beamed at the crowd which wasn’t reacting in any discernible way. They were stunned, unsure of how to react to the announcement. “Our own Cheerilee has already set a plan to introduce this matter to our foals, but I do advise you to explain to your own children about the importance of showing not only respect, but understanding to Princess Luna.” She paused, thinking of how… timid she had been last night, and how quiet she was during the whole party disaster event last night. “If there are any-”

“Why is she here?” A scared voice called out from the crowd, many others agreeing with the pony.

“I assume Princess Luna is here as this was the place that she was returned to us.” The mayor paused, realizing that Ponyville had now the rare claim that they brought back a Princess of Equestria to the nation, suck on that Cloudsdale! “I do think she wishes to honour us by returning here for her journey back to normalcy.”

“Bu- but, she’s Nightmare Moon!” Another voice called out, still frightened of the dark mare that almost brought eternal night.

“She is Princess Luna, and I don’t think she would appreciate to be called that horrid name!” Mayor Mare frowned, trying to figure out who said that.

“You know, I don’t remember hearing of another princess growing up.” A stallion called out, barely any fear in his voice, only anger. “The Princess has always risen the sun and moon and I don’t see why some random child we know nothing about is now a bucking Princess!” There were more shouts of anger now, a mob was starting to form.

“Cease your yelling!” She shouted, silencing them. One of the more important tools to a politician was how loud they could shout and Mayor Mare was no exception. “Princess Celestia has her reasons for not telling us of Princess Luna, but –”

“We don’t need her!” A voice called out, one of the Flower sisters. “We don’t need Luna, we have Princess Celestia!” She cried out; a thunder of agreement behind her.

Withholding a smile, making sure she kept her voice neutral for her next move, she shot a look at Shining Armor to stay where he was. This filly had stepped into one of the oldest tricks in the political book and she was going to enjoy this.

“Do you really think that?” She asked innocently, watching her nod and other ponies agree with her. “Ok then.” She paused, letting the words sink into the crowd. “You have until tonight to leave Ponyville.”

There was a stunned silence in the crowd, letting the word sink in. The filly stammered, looking wide eyed. “Wh-what do you mean?”

“I said we do not need a flower shop anymore. Please pack up your belongings and leave Ponyville by tonight.”

There was a gasp of disbelief from the crowd with the elder of Flower sisters hugging her sobbing sister. “You can’t do this!” She shouted, with a hoof pointing towards the mayor, the crowd agreeing with her.

“Why not?” She did her best not to smirk, but it was tugging at her face.

“You can’t just throw a pony out of town!” A stallion shouted, with more getting riled up.

“Why not? I said to leave and I expect her and her sisters to be gone.” She said it a fake confused tone. Just say the line…

“What gives you that right to tell a pony that she is no longer wanted!?” A mare bellowed at her.

There it was! “What gives you the right to tell a pony that she is no longer wanted after being gone for so long!” She shouted, getting the point across. They all stopped yelling, looking confused and embarrassed with the point smacked across their heads.

“It’s not the same.” A timid voice called out, still bit of defiance. “She was sent away because she tried to overthrow the Princess.”

“And do you know why she did that?” The mayor snapped, angry now for the blue alicorn filly she briefly met last night. “How many of you actually remember the old stories of Nightmare Moon?” Her eyes accused the crowd. “It was because Princess Luna felt so disrespected, unwanted, and unloved by all the ponies of Equestria, that she went to such lengths! It was because of ponies like you that drove her to such desperation, that she felt she needed to bring eternal night to get any attention!” She slammed her hoof into the podium, her anger falling out. “Can any of you imagine such neglect from everypony around you?” She paused, her own words starting sink inside herself. “To…to,” she slumped onto her rear, starting to really think from what it must have been like to be Pri- Luna back then. It was horrifying, a wave of a shame slamming into her, and by the looks of the ponies in the crowd, they were feeling the same.

A stab of fear hit her suddenly, wondering why Princess Celestia hadn’t done anything to save her, as Princess Celestia was never one to neglect her ponies. But Princess Luna still became Nightmare Moon...

Shaking her head slightly, forcing those ponderings away for the moment, she stood up to the podium. “I hope… if there are no more questions, I do believe I will call this meeting to a close.”

There was no outcry this time, just numb shame. And then, a voice called out, proposing something to do to Princess Luna. It was quickly swept up by the ponies, and for once, the mayor let the mob rule.


Twilight had to admit, Princess Luna was far better then Princess Celestia. Normally, Princess Celestia would attack without mercy, leaving no room for anypony to get anything, scaring everypony and many things in ruin.

Princess Luna, on the other hoof, was kind enough to leave some pancakes for Spike and her to actually eat, despite her obvious joy as she ate Spike’s infamous pancakes.

“Oh dear, dear Spike, if thou were a pony, twould be assured that thou cutie mark would be that of gourmet!” She bit into another one, her fork dripping with syrup with a bit of pancake still attached. She had moved from careful, dainty cuts with her knife into rough slashes with her fork and mouth with such gusto that it would have horrified any of the elites in the capital.

Still, compared to her older sister, Luna was still eating with all the refinery of a royal such that Rarity hoped to meet one day.

Spike beamed at the praises, happy to have both of the Royal Princess Sisters seal of approval on his cooking. “Thank you, your highness!” He grinned and elbowed Twilight. “You kinda have to learn to cook with Twilight around.” He teased, ignoring the annoyed glare from the unicorn. “Although, it’s good to have some for myself for once,” he blushed, remembering how often Celestia would swoop in and steal the entire plate as soon as he put it down on the table. “The Princess is not too fond of sharing if you know what I mean.”

“Oh?” Luna lifted the glass of milk to her lips, pausing to hear a story of her sister.

“Yeah, Princess Celestia usually just nabs it before anypony else can get any.” He rolled his eyes, enjoying his work for once.

Luna giggled again, enjoying seeing her infallible sister so fallible for once. “It does explain her thighs.” She continued to laugh, shaking her head merrily.

Twilight gasped, leaping to her mentor’s side, going to berate the pony that dared to insult her before remembering it was Princess Luna.

“Art th- you ok Twilight?” She raised an eyebrow in concern, leaning in close.

“Ye-yes Princess Luna.” She muttered weakly, trying to bite back her scolding.

“Truly?” The unicorn nodded, drinking her milk. “It seems to me that you are trying not to scold me for insulting my sister.”

Spike’s laugh was as genuine as the squirt of milk coming from the nostrils of the Element of Magic, blushing at her words.

“Worry not Twilight, tis the job of a younger sibling to make sure that the elder one is not so high and mighty.” She smirked, winking at Twilight and causing more laughter from the three around the table.

Luna closed her eyes as she bit into another pancake, enjoying the conversation far more than the meal. She felt, for once, just average. There was no fear, no judgement, just one pony treating her like an equal. While she did enjoy the finery of Canterlot as it was where her sister was, she felt more at ease than she had in a very long time. The last time, she recalled, was when she was fighting along side her ponies, defending her nation from some threat. It was grand battle; fighting wing to wing, horn to horn, hoof to hoof and blade to blade with her fellow ponies. It gave her an extra drive to hold back those foes, feeling at ease with her fellow ponies in the midst of pattle.

Giggling, Luna had placed another pancake into her mouth, long lost the sum in her ravenous joy, when the door was thumped on. Looking at Twilight, who jumped and dashed over to the door before Luna could move. It was clear that Twilight was trying to keep her inside, and while it was insulting for a Princess to be forced to stay inside, she did appreciate the effort that Twilight and Spike was putting forth to make her at ease.

Sitting awkwardly on her seat, she held her glass and looked around the room. Flashing a filly-like grin to the dragon- Spike, she rubbed the back of her neck.

“Pr – Princess Luna,” Twilight called out, her voice shaking. “There’s a crowd of ponies that want to see you.”

Instantly, Luna flew from the kitchen to the front of the library. She used her magic to quickly pull out her regalia from one of the saddle bags; snapping on her torc, slipping on her royal shoes and putting her crown onto her head. She made sure her mane and coat were sleek, and that she was ready to meet the ponies.

She took one step closer to Twilight Sparkle and had to bite down on the inside hard as she felt her coat was pinched from her torc, and the fact she had managed to put all four shoes all on the wrong hoof. It would be poor manners on her part to take off her shoes and torc, but bucking Tartarus it hurt!

As she stepped next to Twilight, she had to remind herself that she had been through several wars, fought against mad gods, toppled empires and nearly bested the sun itself. She had fought with injuries in the past, once with a javelin stuck in her side for the better part of ten hours, a sword for twelve hours, and a knife in her back for an unknown amount of time that was only found after Celestia had tackled her to floor to see what Luna had been rubbing at for the last month or so.

Then why the bucking buck buck Tartarus was this hurting so much more?!

Nodding her head at Twilight, the mare opened the door to a strange sight that almost made the alicorn dart back inside and hide in the bathroom. It was nearly all the adults of Ponyville, with the mayor standing at the front.

“Yes my little ponies?” She raised an eyebrow, wondering why they were all here. A bit of fear was rising up within her, wondering if they were going to try and chase her-

“Your Highness,” The Mayor trembled, looking so sad and so disappointed with her face damp with old tears. “We’ve been talking and we realized something.” There was a soft muttering from the crowd, drawing Luna’s eyes to them. “We wish to apologize to you.”

Blinking, Luna stopped herself from stepping back from years of royal decorum being drilled into her head, namely involving her sister sending a bolt of magic across her moons when she stumbled over her own hooves or belched out the alphabet.

“You have done no wrong unto me. What do you wish to make amends for?”

The Mayor rubbed her eyes, tears flowing down her face, in…shame? What had happened at that meeting?

“It’s for our ancestors and what they did to you.” she paused, trying be strong. “Equestria was built on a notion of acceptances of all, that friendship is truly important for a nation to flourish. It was wrong of them to shun you just because you worked at night, wrong of them to ignore you because you were not your sister.” She paused, looking at the crowed who nodded their heads. “It was wrong of us to do the same. I know, we know, that you did horrible things but it is our nature to forgive and forget. We all made stupid, stupid mistakes in fits of loneliness and sadness. We’ve hurt those close to us, and yet because of the ideals that we base our nation on, we have managed to move past and live in peace once again.” She moved closer to the stunned Princess, whose mouth was hanging low, wings open in shock and her eyes starting to tear up. “We are sorry for failing you, my Princess.” She bowed with the rest of the crowd, tears running down their faces as their shame was revealed once again.

“Ne- neigh, my little ponies.” She was crying now, not caring at all who saw. “You have nothing to apologize for, for your actions have-” She shook her head, losing the ability to think now.

So she acted.

With all her grace, she brought the Mayor into hug, wrapping her arms and wings around the earth pony’s whickers. She cried her gratitude, her delight, her joy, her self into the shoulder of pony who rubbed her back out of instinct.

With a soft whisper, Luna found the right words.

“Thank you.”

Author's Note:

Thanks goes to Foals Errands, kudzuhaiku and Pure Note for getting this chapter out.

Also, this is an issue and point that is highly under-adressed. While Luna did become Nightmare Moon, remember she did so because she felt unloved. And in the beginning of the show, we are shown the ponies ARE ignoring her night and her work. We also know that Equestria was founded on the bases of Friendship and Harmony, which brings me to this point. The ponies of the past were not stupid creatures, they could have done more and tried to fullfill what they based their nation on to the other princess.

This is a point that I do not see done. Luna was at fault for letting her emotions get the best of her and sending her down the path, Celestia was at fault for not seeing it and stopping it, and the ponies were at fault for not doing anything for both of their princesses.

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Right in the feels, man, right in the feels...:fluttercry:

4606219 Good to hear, good to hear

Luna going corrupt, that's a theme I don't see often, as usual you impress me.

Good chapter, Shining still knowing what the hell he is doing and Twilight not so sure.

It was wrong of them to shun you just because you worked at night, wrong of them to ignore you because you were not your sister.

Hmm how could Mayor Mare know what happened 1000 years ago when there was no historical documents? There was only a fairy tail and in the fairy tail there was nothing about shuning or ignoring. Throwing dirt on long dead ponies isn't right.

4606567 Don't make turn this train around young lady.
4606639 Luna going corrupt? care to explain? But thank you for he kind words!
4606698 Well that's were you are wrong. In the old fairy tales, it was stated that the ponies slept through the night and these ponies are smart enough to realize what their ancestors did and did not do. ANd those ponies in the past are just as guilty as Luna and as Celestia were for Nightmare Moon.

4606951 Sorry, I meant back in the old myths. I don't see that covered alot. Usually just "Luna got jealous and tried to stop the sun", not like your full reasons with everypony being at fault.

Also, I love how Mayor Mare handled it. Sorry, forgot about that.

4608325 Ah that makes sense.

In my eyes, it can be taken two ways if you want to look at the past in a reasonable way. Either they were truly unthoughtful and dimwitted creatures, and thus couldn't be blamed for their actions, a point that is highly unlucky due to Star Swirl the Bearded existing back then, or as I thought of it, being thoughtless and inconsiderate to Luna, giving her actual people/ponies to be jealous of. This gives her a justifiable reason; to want the attention from rational beings rather than dumb beings.

Perhaps I am being too harsh, but it does require some more thought then what's present.

Me too, that was fun to write and something I had in my head for a while.

4606219 *pats on the back and offers a hug

Yes but your forgetting that the era that Luna lived in was well like our medieval era the darkness was something to be feared and as the ruler of the dark hours Luna by extension was considered evil true some could have made an attempt to befriend her the point remains as to why they didn't try though. Also are the bat pegusai in this or are you going to go with the hole "enchanted armor" thing?

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Sadly I think this is now dead. Too bad, read it long ago and would have been nice to see how it all ended up.

7080953 I've been busy with my life so I had to put this on hold.

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Hearing her dreadful snore told him she was ok, if not needing some sort of medical treatment for her snoring as it was extremely bad . Dad had received some treatment and was no longer thrown out the window by Mom when he snored.


“I assume Princess Luna is here as this was the place that she was returned to us.” The mayor paused, realizing that Ponyville had now the rare claim that they brought back a Princess of Equestria to the nation, suck on that Cloudsdale!


A stab of fear hit her suddenly, wondering why Princess Celestia hadn’t done anything to save her, as Princess Celestia was never one to neglect her ponies. But Princess Luna still became Nightmare Moon...

People change, a fact often neglected but a fact all the same.

As time passes people learn, grow and change.
And while pain is a cruel teacher, it is nothing of not an effective one.

And because of these changes, those lessons born from experience and pain Celestia changed.

The Princess Celestia now, would most certainty never neglect a pony.

But the Princess Celestia in the past most certainly did neglect a pony :ajsleepy:

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