• Published 7th Apr 2012
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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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running for ones life

It's ok.. it's okay.. Gotta stay calm. Gilda finally broke the kiss. "Hey uhh.. Gilda..."

"Yes?" She kept staring into my eyes, fluttering her own.

"Is it by chance these.. Emotions.. Showed themselves today at seven?"

She looked confused for a second, wondering why I asked that when she was clearly wanting me. Then she nodded uncertainly. "Ah. okay. That clears things up.. HEY LOOK A MALE!" I pointed behind her. She turned and looked around excitedly. I shot off to the air, and I heard a loud "HEY! COME BACK HERE!" behind me. I looked behind myself as I flew as fast as I could, to see Gilda catching up. SWEET BABY CELESTIA, NO! I pumped my wings harder, gaining speed. I looked back to the air portion of the school. There were somehow fires. It looked like as if the movies with the zombies actually hit the place hard.

All I could see were females of every kind walking or flying around, most in a trance. A group of about six and growing was chaing after a red pegusas. The pegasus saw me and changed course to me. He flew beside me. "THEY'VE GONE CRAZY!"

"I know! Is there a safehouse anywhere near here!?!?" I yelled back, now being followed by Gilda and eighteen other females.

"There's a safehouse yes.. But we have to lose them first." He motioned to the large growing group behind us. I heard Gilda scream out, "THE HIPPOGRIFF IS MINE!!" The pegasus beside me looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Don't ask." He nodded.


We both flew as hard and as fast as we could, Flying between cloud buildings, forcing some of the pursuers to stop or hit the building. Gilda was still gaining, taking more risks then we did, skimming across the tops of buildings and the sides of buildings and pushing off to get more speed. This is not going to end.. Er... Huh.. Good in the long run... For me or him.

"GO! I'll distract the griffon!"

"Your sacrifice shall not be in vain!" He saluted and sped off, with a firey trail after him.

"I turned around still making my way forward to the safehouse. "YOU WANT SOME GILDA? COME GET IT!" I turned around and flew into a nearby building, and out one of the windows, then off the cloud itself to the ground. She hit me from under me, even as i was going straight down. We landed on a small white cloud barely big enough to hold myself, and she was on top. NONONNNNONONONONNONOOOOO.

She leaned down to kiss me, but I headbutted her as hard as I could, causing her to stumble off me, and the cloud. SAFEHOUSE. NEAR. NOT CLOSE ENOUGH. I got up, and took to the air again, only to be hit by three female pegasi. CELESTIA DAMMIT. I hit the cloud again, with Gilda now joining the three, I prayed for help. Fire Storm showed up and bucked all four off of me, and we ran as fast as we could away from the insane mares and female griffon.

```````````````````````an hour of running and ninja'ing around later``````````````

We ran into the red door'd room, and slammed the door. "BACK VILE DEMONS!!" I yelled at the huge mob that had followed us.

We were out of breath and I sat down against the door, putting my weight against it. The force Gilda was pushing against the door was extreme, everytime she hit there was a lound BANG. The force moved me a little. "What is the door made out of?" I asked the flame-red pegasus

"Solid titanium with steel support.." he said sadly.

Suddenly I heard Gilda yell out from the other side,"CHALLENGE ACCEPTED." Followed by another big bang

"We're screwed... Literally."

"I know...So whats your name?"

"I'm Badger. How about you?"

"Wait, YOU'RE Badger? The one that fought against those griffons and won?"

"Yeah, the same."

"Well, I'm Fire Storm."

"I head of you.. Hoofball and Wingball player, right?"

"The one and only." He said smiling widely. Was that a smile? I'm not used to pony reactions or facial expressions.. Its so hard to tell what they are thinking without a beak...

"Okay, so any plans?"

He shook his head now, Then I saw from the corner of my eye someone approaching. Shadow. "Badger, back away from the door, I got a lot of shit that needs to be pushed in front of it."

"Yes, sir." I got up, leaving Fire Storm to hold the door for a second, as me and Shadow pushed a huge steel row of footlockers over to the door. "Now move!" He did and we pushed it over the entire doorway.

"What now?' Fire Storm asked.

"Need more, that isn't going to stop Gilda" I said in reply

"NEED MORE LOCKERS!!!" Shadow yelled, and went to a back room. carrying anything from toilet paper to iron chairs. "No lockers. But we have, TECHNOLOGY!" And he threw a projector at the newly huge mess of a pile we call a barricade

"Now we wait until the heat is over." I said, taking out three large piles of hay. We all laid down listening to Gilda on the other side cursing at the increased effort she had to put into each hit. Till it stopped.

"Badger.. Its okay to come out now. Everything is okay. The heat is over..." Gilda whispered softly from the other side of the door. I looked over to Shadow, and he shook his head.

"Sorry Gilda, gonna have to wait till you're in your right mind to-"






"....Shadow do we have any earphones or something so we don't hear this bitch?"



"Yeah here you go" Shadow gave me some, I put them in my ears and went to sleep.

A/N: howdy readers! sorry for short chapter, just wanted to get day one of Heat day under wraps, the next chapter (and maybe after it) are going to be on an entire 'heat' day

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~Solar Eclipse / Badger