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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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What's the matter? Dragons?

For there is one they fear... In their tongue, it is Badger... THE HIPPOGRIFF!

Gilda face-taloned on the spot. I wasn't sure how to act to that, or how to respond, so I put my arm around her and said, "There there...?" Just as she put down her talon, a burst of green flame appeared in the air before us. It disintegrated into a scroll with the Royal Seal. I reached up and took, breaking the seal with my left talon. I read it out loud.

"Badger, you are reinstated to the ERA Spec Ops as of this moment. For one very important mission, as well as one comrade you wish to take. The following is to be read by yourself, and your companion.

Mission: Either kill or discourage a large black dragon wishing to 'reclaim' his land. His 'land' includes: Ponyville, Everfree forest, the mountains around Ponyville, and all in between. You are to meet up with some very interesting creatures. Treat them like you would a Blood Brother, for they are new to Equestria.

Other info: This dragon is old enough to have been around when the Everfree forest was just a shrubbery. Take extreme caution when fighting him. The comrades you are going to meet are VERY powerful, I suggest you do not piss them off.

Locale: Field in the Everfree forest, once again, make haste to the location. You do not have time to take armor, but you do however have time for a weapon of choice. Think it and I shall send you one.

Resources available: One weapon. Once completed you with have 3,500 Bits added to both your names in the ERA bank."

I Iooked over to Gilda, who stared at me, worry in her eyes. "I'll chose you. You already know the mission, so I can't chose Shadow... But you were my second choice."

"Good! I wouldn't want to worry, about saving your sorry ass."

"Save me? Baby, baby.." She blushed. SUCCESS! "... I needed saving earlier today.. FROM you."

She looked away awkwardly, scratching the back of her neck with her talon softly. I looked back to the scroll.One weapon of my choice...I choose Rage. Just as i thought that, I felt my body heat up intensely. I felt anger pulsing through my body, and yet controlled. I didn't see everything around me, yet I could feel everything there. Like I didn't see Victory watching from a distance, but I felt her presence and movements.

"Ready Gilda?"

"Uh, yeah sure... Dragon.. Woohoo... Yeah...- WAIT. Did you say PONYVILLE?"

"Um.. Yeah..."

"I can't go there... To many bad memories..."

"Don't worry, we wont be in the town.. I hope. We'll be in the forest near it though."


"Only if the dragon stays in the forest, if not then its fair game."

We both opened out our wings, and took to the skies.

``````````````TEN HOURS OF NOTHING LATER``````````````

Me and Gilda slowed down, and landed on a rock in the middle of a field in the Everfree. Surprisingly the rock we were on looked alot like our rock in the other forest- WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH. Our rock? Where did that come from? The rock. Der we go. And we waited, had enough time to sleep in a good amount of hours, till we awoke at the sound some..Thing speaking, and an EXTREMELY deeper and loud-ass voice responding.

“HAIL my name is Azok Sunwalker, may I inquire as to what you are doing in this peaceful land.”


“It matters because you are close to a village and we are worried that you might harm them.”


Me and gilda woke up from our naps and stared. There was this... Cow thing..? Minotaur almost..? No? Either way it had some kick-ass armor. Speaking to the HUGE MOTHER FUCKING DRAGON. By huge, I mean big enough to eat seven hippogriffs whole, and still be hungry.

"Holyyy shiittt.." I said in awe at the dragon, and at the brave cow thingy talking to it.

"Yeah, I know... Wow..."

"You see? This is why hippogriffs can't have nice things. We always get sent to do political shit, or war shit. not that I mind the war stuff... BUT TO HELL WITH POLITICS!"

“I am not challenging you dragon, I am merely checking to be sure that you have no malicious intent to the villagers.”


“What do you mean, dragon?”


“I am sorry dragon but I must protect those that now inhabit this land. If you do not leave peacefully I will have to remove you by force.”

"IT SEEMS I HAVE NO CHOICE, THEN. ” The dragon swung its huge-fuck-shit-up- claw at the cow thingy, who BARELY managed to dodge out of the way.

“So this is what it comes to, then??”


Just as the dragon said so, golden wings sprouted from the cow-beasts's back. As the wings were growing to the full size, five arrows (seemingly shot out of fucking nowhere) embedded themselves into the dragon's jaw. Then they fucking exploded, blasting it's head back. the attack didn't show any physical damage, but was highly entertaining to watch. It provided with just enough of a distraction, that the cow-thingy charged underneath the dragon, starting to slice it up with one huge ass axe. The cow thingy yelled out something, and a FUCKING SABER TOOTH CAT ran out of the woods, pouncing onto the dragon. The cat dug its claws and teeth into the dragon, only getting an annoyed, yet minor painful response. It let loose a HUGE roar. The roar itself made the ground beneath myself and Gilda shake violently, like an earthquake had just stopped by to say 'hey wazzup'. the dragon opened its jaws and let out a HUGE spurt of flames. The cow thingy was suddenly surrounded by a bright light, that seemingly protected him, but the force of the blow itself shot it back at us.

"Oh shit!" I quickly pushed Gilda out of the way and jumped back, and the cow thingy SLAMMED into the rock we were on, crunching it into dust.

"We can take the dragon, C'mon badger!"


"At least he did protect Equestria! Unlike SOME soldier I know."

".... If we survive this, I am going to vent out all the anger, pain, and frustration from my entire life out on you." I looked to the cow thing, seeming to get out of his daze "Hey big boy, get the fuck up, we got a dragon to fight."

As I flew up to the dragon, a huge ass golden hammer fell from nowhere and nailed it in the neck. It didn't seem to do any lasting damage on the dragon. I flew about seven meters away from the dragon, and said as loudly as I could, "By the order of the Equestrian Army, Stop!"

“IT HAS BEEN CENTURIES SINCE I HAVE TASTED HIPPOGRIFF. YOU WILL MAKE A FINE MEAL!” OH FUCK NO! the claw of overkilled-size-and-speed-of-doom Came racing for me. I quickly folded my wings in and dived between the foreclaw and the middle claw, narrowly missing my head. I took to the air and started about 50 or so yards away from it.

Arrows kept coming from the tree's nonstop, embedding themselves into the dragon's wings. The sabertoothed cat thingy (who had already been thrown off by that time) had climbed its way up the dragon and to the base of the skull, still climbing higher.

A blueish aura engulfed the dragon, somehow stopping it in its tracks, letting the Saber cat climb to the face of it. Gilda came down from the sky, screeching, and jabbed the dragon's eyes with her talons, making it blind. It sarted to move as the blue aura disappeared. Off in the distance I heard “FUCK YOU GRIFFIN!!”

The dragon went mad, flailing around to any and all noises, unfortunetly for the cow guy, he was its chosen victim. As the dragon chased him, I saw Gilda dive out of the sky again, and pick up the huge bovine. How the fuck is she even able to carry him?!

````````````````````````Gilda's POV````````````````````

HOLY HELL, HE IS HEAVY AS FUCK!! I had a problem staying in flight due to holding the huge axe-wielding ox

“Hey, fly up above the dragons head, then drop me.” It said to me. stared at it in disbelief.

"The fuck!? ARE YOU CRAZY!?"

“Just do it, feather brain!” The nerve!!!

"Call me Feather brain, one more time, and it is his jaws for you!" I yelled to him.

“Just do it.”

I flapped my wings hard, definetly overexerting myself to get up high. At the end of my endurance, it was around two hundred feet, give or take.

“Ok now what genius?” I said, looking below for Badger.

“Drop me.”

“Thought you’d never ask!” And I let go

“HERE'S THE BEEF!!!!” I heard the cow thing yell. I don't even.. Want to know... Wow... Tired.. And I flew down to the ground softly landing, and yawning.

`````````````````Badger's POV```````````

"HERE'S THE BEEF!!!!" I heard coming from above. s i was running for my life, I saw the bovine (with it's huge axe), fall through the air at incredible speeds, and slam directly into the dragon's head. The axe didn't even penetrate the scales, but it did bend five or six.


the dragon bellowed loudly as mr. cow-guy fell off (but with the axe still in the dragons scales). He turned to Gilda, who was resting a small distance away, to tired to move. I saw as he breathed in, getting ready an inferno of fire.

"OH, THE HELL YOU ARE NOT!" I yelled out at the top of my lungs, and zoomed to Gilda. No time to think! JUST DO! I spread my wings far, and then engulfed her in them. Like a protective shield. I held onto her with my arms around her, and the wave of fire washed over me. I felt no burning, but I did feel heat. Lots and lots of heat.

"Remember when i told you that hippogriffs have a different sort of magic..."

Gilda nodded. I opened my eyes. "This is mine." I said, as the Rage built up inside of me, ready to explode and kill everything in sight if need be.

``````````````Gilda's POV`````````````````````

I looked up to see Badger, take the entire blow of fire, though he looked unscathed. He opened his eyes and looked to me. "Rememebr when I said hippogriffs had a sort of magic? yeah. this is mine." His eyes changed... to pitch black, but with orbs of fire in the middle. He flared out his wings to shake off some of the ash that had gathered, and turned around.

``````````Badger's POV``````````````````

I turned around. I can feel the rage, as time slowed down around me. I launched myself from the ash around me and Gilda, and landed on the dragons head. I grabbed the huge axe that was there (easily twice my size, but the Rage helped me lift it up out of the dragon scales). I used my left talon to grip the scales, and rip them off the dragon forcibly, revealing the softer skin underneath. "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU TRY TO HURT MY GIRLFRIEND!" And i slammed the axe down into the skull of the dragon. I repeated the process of slamming the blade of the axe into the same spot, until finally the dragon gave out under me, and collapsed on itself. I took a deep breath, and made the loudest screech I had ever made in my life.

“HEY! SHUT HE HELL UP WILL YA?” I heard in the background “YA KILLED A DRAGON, BIG WOOP!!!” I ignored it. Instead I promptly jumped off the dragon, walked up to Gilda, and kissed her deeply.

“BOW CHIKA WOW WOW!!!” I ignored that too. I did not stop kissing Gilda until i head steps behind me.

"Hay thanks for helping us kill the dragon... We could have done it without you, my name is Azok and that’s Vinny back there.”


“Don’t you mean couldn’t?”


"Whether you could or couldn't, I was sent by Celestia to make sure it happened. I am Staff sergeant Badger, of the Equetrian Army. This is my... friend Gilda. What exactly are you by the way?”

“Im a Tauren and Vinny is a Goblin. Were from a different dimension we got sent here by a botched spell our friend cast.”

“Uhhh huh.. well, good luck with that, as well as getting back."

“Hay Vinny can you go check on Lyra?" As the short green 'goblin' walked away he continued “So you were sent by Celestia to make sure that the dragon got killed.”

"Killed or encouraged to leave, correct. But i also think she wanted us to meet. not sure why.”

“Well wile you ponder that im gonna get my axe back.”

“LOOK HUMANS.” I heard she'll in the background by the one named Vinny.



Then I heard Az yell as he went to the dragon for his axe. “WHAT THE HELL MAN YOU BROKE MY AXE!!" he sounded pissed off

“I could make you another one of dragon scales? But till then.. SUCKS FOR YOU!” I yelled to him

“Naw I can get Vinny to fix it later. Speaking of later its getting dark so were going back to Ponyville wanna come with?”

"No can do, gotta get ready for classes tomorrow, and I'm not exactly welcome there... Tell Dash and the others i'm sorry, got it?"

Ok sure what ever that means." The bovine warrior said.

Me and Gilda watched as the same bovine turned into a drake, picked up a tealish unicorn, and Vinny, an flew off.





What the FUCK WAS THAT?!???!?!?!!?!

A/N: how was today's chapter?? Sorry it took so long to get out! All credit for the idea for te cross over comes from 'the diabolic gnome' which you have seen posting on the chapters, I NEED you to read his fics. There is always another side to another story!

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~Solar Eclipse / Badger

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