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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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What a Girl Wants

The Sin of Lust

Gilda’s turn.

------------------------------------------------------Gilda’s POV-------------------------------------------

The lack of sounds from the hospital slowly brought me to my senses out of my sleep. I brought my head from the side of his bed and yawned loudly. “Morning Badger” I said, groggily staring at the empty bed- Wait, empty bed!? I shook my head to help me wake up. Why is he not in bed, and where the hell did he go? My gaze traveled to the door leading to the halfway outside.

I made my way to it slowly, and opened it with a loud creak. Poking my head out, I saw the usual stuff. Oxygen tanks, empty wheelchairs, the complete lack of any staff. Yep, the usual. I felt another yawn coming, and held it back. There was no noise on the entire floor, save for the humming of the lights.

Must be time for coffee. Can I get some too? No? Okay then. I started to walk down the hall. the whole scene was eerie, the lights flickered every now and again, the fact that every single room was empty or devoid and any lights. It almost made me shudder... almost. Manehatten, Equestria’s only city that supports tea-time. I finally approached the end of the hall, where a window looked out onto a courtyard. The only living soul in this entire hospital seemed to be a dark blue unicorn.

Opening up the window I yelled out, “Hey, dweeb! Where is everyone!?”

The pony looked up to me with surprise on her face, then ran off and out of the courtyard.

“Hey! I asked you a question!” I yelled out, jumping out the open window and unfolding my wings. I dropped a couple of feet, then started to flap. My wings cracked a couple of times before I started to chase after the already annoying pony. I turned the corner and left the way she did... into an empty Manehatten street. Wait, when has Manehatten every had an empty street? I forgot about the mare, and flew higher. That’s when I saw a shadow on the ground and a shimmer of gold.

I angled my wings and banked downward to a nearby alley and glided towards it. Landing with a clack, I noticed the shadow again entering a doorway on the side of the building. I stopped on the outside and laid my talon against one of the brinks, which gave out. My claw went into the building and i felt something squishy. Grabbing it, I brought it out of the hole. It was a squeaky toy. I heard a voice enter my head, in case of squeaky toy emergencies! Wait... I heard that voice before... sounds like someone I disliked.. a lot. Oh well, no use worrying about it now. I looked at the toy, which was a pony, cyan with a rainbow mane and tail, and it had wings. Rainbow Dash? Why was there a squeaky toy of her?

“This day is just too weird.”

I walked into the building the shadow did, and was hit by- darkness. There were no lights on, save for a now open window at the far end of a long hallway. The shadow appeared near the windows and it was a stallion. He was dressed in Royal Guard armor and he was carrying a bottle in his teeth. “Hey! Where is everyone?” The guard continued walking towards me before stopping to look out the window.

He turned towards me again and I saw his eyes they were glassy white and zoned out. “Gift for Lust. She asked for it. I am to bring it. She chose me...” A smile spread across his face. “She chose me!” He said happily.

“Who’s ‘Lust’?”

“The most beautiful mare in the world.”

“What does she look like?”

“An angel.” He stared off into the distance, a dreamy look on his face.

“Can you take me to her?”

His eyes lit up a little more “Two gifts for Lust...Lust will be happy with me!” he picked up the bottle, and motioned to the window at the end of the hall. We made our way there and looked up. What I saw would’ve made me laugh under any other conditions.

There infront of us was the Manehatten Park in all its glory. To its dishonor, there were stallions EVERYWHERE. I’m not talking about here and there, I mean every available inch there was a stallion or male Griffin. What caught my eye though, was a Griffin head at least two feet high then the others... Badger! The Guard next to me opened his wings and flew down to the ground, and looked up to me, motioning for me to do the same.

I jumped down without bothering to open my wings, landing on my lion paws first. I nodded to the Guard (who I have now nicknamed Royal Pain). We slowly made our way down a large walking trail, that was flanked by at least a platoon of Royal Guards on each side of us. The other guys were pretty much graveling at the ground of a blue unicorn mare- THAT BITCH! sitting in a golden chair... made of Guard armor

“Hey!” I yelled out, taking a couple of flying leaps, and I landed a the hooves oh her. “What the flying hell is going on?”

Off behind her I saw a large leaf start fanning her. I poked my head around the corner to see Badger holding the stem. It would’ve been hilarious if he didn’t have a blank look in his eyes, and I wasn’t dating him.

“B, you ok?”

Same monotone look on his face.

“Badger” The mare said, her voice like silk to my ears, “Would you be a dear and get my my Champagne?”

The hippogriff gave the leaf to another guard and walked straight past me, and took the bottle from Royal Pain. He came back and poured her a glass, then took his leaf back and fanned her again. Da fuq?

“Thank you dearie.” The mare smiled and winked at him, which he smiled back.

Oh hell no she didn’t.

“Enlighten me, princess. What the feather is going on?”

“Well, every male in the entire city loves me. Yep. That pretty much sums it up.”

“Who are you?”

“Lust. The driving power behind... well.. for lack of better terms, sex and sexual appeal. I am perfection, and you are not, hence why Badger is here with me, and not with you.”

My heart froze in my chest. No... I will not lose him again. “How much you want to bet?”

“What are you suggesting?”

“Me and you, girl to girl, and since this is my Griffin honor we are talking about, to the death.”

“Let’s alter the rules. You fight Badger, and if you kill him, then you win!”

“Wait what?”

“Sick her, boy!”

And with that Badger jumped over the chair and dropped to the ground in a combat pose. He lunged at me with his right claw outstretched, while his left hung lazily to his side. His attack was sluggish probably from his previous injuries or could it be lust...I ducked under him and kicked with my back legs hitting him in the chest. He collapsed clutching his chest coughing up a little blood and some fire...but mainly fire. Ideeeaaaaa, I sang in my head.

Badger got back up and jumped at me again, sidestepping I grabbed his tail and kicked his head to point it at Lust. “Eat fire, bitch!” I yelled as I yanked on his tail, causing a cannon sized ball of fire to erupt from his beak. It struck Lust right in the chest exploding in a brilliant display of pyrotechnics.

Her body was engulfed in the flame but instead of burning to a crisp she started to disintegrate into brilliant blue chips of... stuff. Well that was highly anticlimactic... my gaze traveled to Badger, who was passed out. If he wasn’t possessed or weak... I would be dead. well thats enough depressing thoughts for one day.

Suddenly everybody else in the park passed out and hit the ground before waking up only seconds later.

“Where am I? and why the fuck am I out of the hospital? And-” Badger burped out a green flame, which turned into a scroll with Celestia’s seal. He reached up for it and opened it. As he read I could see his face lose some color.

“Hey Badger, you okay?” I asked.

“We need to get to Canterlot... ASAP.”

“What about the other’s?”

“Leave them, I think they will wake up. We got shit to do, Gilda!” Badger yelled as he got off the ground.

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