• Published 7th Apr 2012
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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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[Rage speaks in this and bolded.]
I think in these

Unbeknownst to me..

I had walked Gilda back to her room after the sun gone down. Shared a kiss, the usual. Told her I'd be meeting Victory again tonight, so she wouldn't worry if I had missed breakfast or anything. Oh yeah, I forogt to mention, every night or so me and Victory will meet up and i'll help her out with her flying. she's extremely smart, but just doesnt know how to fly...correctly.

I made my way to our usual meeting sport, near a small creek in a dense part of the forest. I sat down on a bed of rocks and waited. And waited. And waited. I head rustling behind me, and turned. There stood Victory. "Anyone follow?"

"I don't think so." I responded.

"Okay, so Tuesday's lesson was about the way we can move each feather individually, so whats tonight's about?" She said, sitting a distance away.

"How to use them while flying." I opened up my wings as far as I could. "You see, while flying it is absolutely unnecessary to have full control of the air around you, And the only way that is possible is through feathers...."

``````` An hour of explaining how it worked and she didn't understand jack shit``````````````````

"Okay... Now control the feathers..." I said as I took hold of her left wing, stretching it out without hurting her. She was failing miserably. "Okay, fuckitalltotartarus. We'll continue this later, keep moving the feathers over the next couple of days, then when you fly again, be sure to take control, and not let the wind control you."

"Okay. Thank you it really means alot that you'd do this for me."

"No prob."

I opened my wings and took to the air. It felt great to be in the air again, like I belonged there. I let out a yawn. Judging by Luna's moon, it is around midnight.. Classes start at six... I got time. I flew up between some clouds and turned over, my stomach to the air above. I closed my eyes and beat my wings periodically. Then shit hit the fan.

The whistleing noise of the oh-so-known giffon diving, was coming at me. [OPEN YOUR EYES! COMPANY! UP AND DOWN!] My eyes shot open to see a brown flash, and a impact I'm my stomach, i could feel the claws raking down my sides. Just as fast, I got hit from below, more claws going down my back. I threw both of the attackers off, and regained my altitude. I looked at the damage before turning to face my attackers, who were already back on me.

The punches and scratches came fast, Most of the heavy blows where to my face and open wounds, while the scratches stayed to my face and stomach. Then i felt it. One of them took hold of my right wing in their claws, and bent it, snapping it. I started to drop, frantically flapping my other wing, only to make me start to spend. I heard the attackers laughing as I fell down.

[Pete and Ivy.] Rage said in my mind,

I am going to kill them. Painfully, and slowly. Fucking cowards.

I flapped a bit more in the opposite direction, stopping my spinning, but watching helplessly as the ground came to meet my face with happiness. I hit a tree hard, breaking my other wing, and then the ground, instantly knocking me out.


Beep...Beep...Beep... I could hear the heart monitor. Shit.. my entire body hurts... What the fuck happened...

[Your ass got beat, by Ivy and Pete.]

Shut the fuck up. I opened my eyes, to the white ceiling, though it was dark.Must be night time... I slowly looked left and right. The only other furniture in the room was a small chair, which had a soft brown feather in it. Even from here I could tell it was Gilda's.

I slowly leaned up, until a huge pain shot through my entire back, and I laid down again. Damage report?

[Both wings broken, captain. Thought currently in light weighted casts, to help them set.

When I get out and able to fly again... There will be hell unleashed.

The door opened right then, and in walked Gilda.

"I'm back baby" I said, though hoarsely.

Now, Connor, I know what your going to say. "Wtf is up with short chapter?" well, because i wanted to show what happened after the last chapter. How you like it? Soldier boy aint as tough as everyone thinks he is.