• Published 7th Apr 2012
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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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Healing and.. Parties?

Never heard of the fourth wall.. Why? Is it important?

Gilda and the other female were staring at us. "Tell them to stop fighting." I whispered softly, he nodded, and threw him at the two griffons. As he went face first into the females, Gilda's eyes never left me. I flapped my wings once more to get a little bit more air, and started flying downwards. I spotted a huge forest on the other side of what I presumed to be the ground portion of the school. It looked to be about fifty miles in diameter, and really looked more like a damned jungle. I glided my way to the edge of it, softly landing on my three good limbs, making sure to not jar my broken leg. I took a couple steps into the forest, and already found what I was looking for. A large amount of moss, two large sticks, and a huge amount of vines.

I grabbed all of the supplies with my talons, and fluttered my way back to the side with civilization on it. I laid down, and started to get to work, untangling the vines and grouping up the moss into one large pile. I took the two large sticks, and put them on opposite sides on my injured leg. Taking the vines, I was about to tie the two branches together, until I heard the whooshing noises of griffon wings coming my way. I could already tell who it was by the distinct noise of the wings and how they controlled their feathers, sine this morning. Gilda... The loud thump of her land did nothing to tear myself from my work. I wrapped the vine around the two branches tightly, making sure my leg could not move. It was a primitive cast.

"So you're not even going to acknowledge me?" She asked, walking straight up to me once I got done.



"To busy repairing what damage you caused, and because I really don't care about you right now." I said nonchalantly, then picked up the large group of moss, and placed it on the still bleeding cuts. I pressed down hard.

"So.. What are you doing?"

"First aid. Oh by the way, thanks for the probably new scars."

She was silent for a while, and sat next to me, being sure to keep a couple inches between us. "Whats the moss for?"

"Nature's sponge, use it on the cuts to soak up blood. Also to stop the bleeding by putting pressure down on the wounds."

"Oh. So what now?"

"Infirmary and then dorms." I got up slowly, as did Gilda. I looked at the cast I made.Looks to be sturdy enough if I put a little weight on it. No faults in either vine nor wood. I won't walk on it... it is broken after all.

"Why are you looking at your leg?"

"Why would you care, especially after you attacked me like that?"

She was silent again. MY gaze moved from my leg to her for the first time since the fight. she ruffled her wings and looked everywhere but at me. "Let me guess. They are the 'cool' group, and to feel accepted, you have to prove yourself again and again to them. You do what they tell you for fear of being out of the 'cool group'. You just want to be accepted." I stated.

She opened her beak to argue, but found no words for a rebuttal.

"You know those four griffons, that were studying with the books?"

She nodded.

"Your 'friends' probably terrorized them their entire time they have been here. They do not look up to you. They fear you. Is that how you want to be known, by fear? or would you want to be known by doing the right thing for once? By sticking up for the little guys?" My voice was raising, "They do not like you. Your 'group' will not like you if you disobey them. You have some options.. Leave the group the hell alone and protect the little guys and gain acceptance from them for life, being known as 'the one who helped me' or be known as 'the one who made my life a living hell'. You have a choice. Now chose what you really want. your false friends will mean nothing to you once your out of here, but those smart guys? Who knows what they can accomplish."

She lowered her head, deep in thought. "Lets get you to the infirmary.." She said softly, obviously still thinking, as we made our way to the ground-school's infirmary.

``````````````````````````````````````````````````````One fixed leg and 5 hours later`````````````````````````````````````````

"Best nap in my life..." I said drowsily, yawning loudly after. Gilda just smiled and walked beside me and my funny healed leg. "If it's one thing unicorns are good at, its healing and sleeping."

"Tell me about it. Sometimes i just pretend to be hurt or something. Once all the tingling goes away you always feel good, in better condition then when you get there."

"Yeah. So anwayways, the dorms?"

"Yeah sure, this way." She took off, and I followed. As we approached the cloud, time itself froze somehow. I couldn't move yet i was suspended in air. All I COULD move was my head, neck, and beak to talk. Next thing I know some portal or something opens up in front of me, and out pops a pink pony with a curly pink mane, defying all forms of physics and time itself, by standing on air in front of me.

"Hi!! I heard you were new to this school and I thought that you could use a party!!" She glanced to Gilda "Oh no.. She's the big meanie pants that was mean to me and my friends down in ponyville. Is she finally nice now? Huh huh huh?? Anyways, do you like parties? Because I love parties and I think that you should have a party for your first day here, so I thought that I would throw you one!! When you get back to your dorm don't be surprised if its full of ponies and griffons having a good time! Also, only you can see me, its just the way I work! Have fun!!"

And with that she disipeared back into the portal, and was gone. The only thought on my mind was what the fuck was that, and what the fuck just happened?

Needless to say, when I got to my dorm, it was full. Beats rocking out by a DJ p0n3, Applejack Daniels all over the place (needs more up in this bitch). My only thought was a train ran through and dropped off all its passengers. Also needless to say, the ponies that were up there were mostly pegasi, but those who weren't had to have a unicorn friend that knew a few things. Gilda was just as surprised as I was, but instantly jumped into the party... By grabbing two AJ Daniels and chugging them down.

``````````````````````````two hours into the party, time is 9:30 pm`````````````

"I thinks thut ish a grrrreaate idea..." Gilda said to something I said which I can't really remember now.

"Yeah I khan only thinkz thut it would beh a greate sport." I honestly have no idea where I was going with anything at that time.

```````````````````` three hours into the party time is 10:30 pm``````````

"I chandfnghk sdklfjiw! sdkj huyieur gkd slfjsiuw" I do indeed think that wingball and hoofball are great! But needs more fighting in them Gilda said to me.

"Aphugar asdjhg hubar bacon sdflkjtuwo djgheial djfnsl!" I turned to some random pegasi near me," chanf youh beligjla fhis jsjtpskd !?" What the fuck are you saying! Can you believe this bitch!?

"I have no idea what you are saying.." Replied one of them sadfh jsdkjgh sdklfhgekl jasdkjhf l

`````````````````7 hours in`````````````



Both of us we're out.

```````The next morning`````````

I woke up with a loud yawn and opened my eyes. I let out a chuckle, remembering few of yesterdays advents. must've been a great night.. I stretched hard while yawning again, only to have a heavy weight on my right talon and right wing. I looked over, and there sleeping, snugly, was Gilda. It took a moment for my brain to register who she was, and that she was resting on my wing. OH SWEET CELESTIA WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED LAST NIGHT

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