• Published 7th Apr 2012
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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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Insanity comes in Griffons

Sometimes, griffons don't know when to shut the hell up.
[Rage speaks to me in this]
~I respond to him in this~
These are my thoughts

[Head's up, if Rage ever takes control, It is ALWAYS in badger' body, even if it is confusing to tell who is doing what]

[We could have took the train...]
~I know.~
[Then why didn't we take the train?]
~Cause I thought that-~
[EXACTLY! Because you thought! We wouldn't have to fly five hours ALL THE WAY TO CANTERLOT. I wear, leave you to fighting and rational thoughts to me, then we could be an actual team]
~Rage... I can't wait until you're out of my head..~
[Funny thing about that... I'm here till you die.]

`````````````In Canterlot, 5 hours later`````````

I resigned my dented armor in the barracks, and made my way outside. I took a deep breath of the Canterlot air, and looked around the castle training grounds. I noticed a couple of male griffons and hippogriffs looking at me, but I payed them no mind. I walked over to the nearest training sword and picked it up. I gave it a few swings through the air and nodded to myself. I heard a couple of chuckles behind me, but paid no mind to them. I took to the air, surveying the training grounds.

There were targets in the air, held aloft by unseen unicorns. Some in the forms of Pegasi, Griffons, and Hippogriffs. I brought the sword back, and smiled. I sped to the first target, a pegsus, And nimbly took to the left, scoring a hit around its right hind leg. I spun through the air sharply, slicing across the back of its neck. I moved on to the second target, a hippogriff. I came from beneath it, slashing in an upwards motion, cutting its body in two. I barrel rolled to the last target, a griffon. I flew up in front of it, and flicked my talon, decapitating it without even looking at it. I flew back down and put the training sword on the rack, and walked up to the hay-filled dummies. I started up on my close quarters combat, until I heard another chuckle from behind me.

I turned around and looked two griffons in the face.

"What do you want." I demanded.

"Chill baby, we were just watching you fight."

[They said baby. Kill now?]


""Good to know." I said, about to walk past them, until the buffer of the two stepped in front of me, cutting me off. Shit's about to go down. I sighed, and looked to him. "You, get out of my way."

"Or what, sweetcakes?"

[Now kill?]

~Wound, yes. Kill? No.~

Rage mumbled something about 'ruining his fun'.

I sighed deeply, and put my right talon to my face, and face-taloned. I put my talon back down, and took a step back. ~Want to do the honors, Rage?~

"Who's first?" Rage said, taking over my body, and grabbing a wooden training sword. The big one just smiled and looked to his friend, motioning to me and starting to chuckle. The smaller one just nodded and smiled. The big one opened up his wings, and took a couple flaps to warm up, and took to the air a couple of feet. Rage didn't even bother to look up to him, and yawned. "I have yet to care. Seriously. You, small guy, go get me a damned sandwich, I'm hungry."

Rage smiled as the smaller of the two started to shake, holding himself from attacking. The larger one let out a loud screech, but for some reason, high pitched. The big one charged, which was surprisingly slow. This guy is more like a butterfly then a griffon....

Rage waited for a second before taking off directly at the griffon, training sword held back and to his side. As they approached each other, the clumsy griffon reached out to Rage, and Rage in return smiled evilly. Rage tilted to the left slightly, holding up the sword. The griffon zoomed past, nailing his wing against the training sword (or stick, if you prefer, for how easily it snapped in half) and instantly falling onto the ground, skidding his beak and face into the dirt. He slid for a couple of meters before he stopped, and I heard a soft snoring from him. Rage turned my head around and smiled at the smaller one.

He took a step back, staring at me in horror. He turned to flee, but Rage moved faster. In a mere second Rage traveled over ten meters, and landed in front of the griffon. Rage reached out and grabbed his throat. "Lets put a smile on that beak." Rage grinned evilly.

`````````````````````````````Arriving back at the school``````````````````````````````````````````````

"You are one sadistic son of a bitch, you know that Rage?" I said aloud, gaining a couple of glances my way by some ponies.

[I try.]
~You knocked him out then plucked the feathers around his beak to make it seem like he is smiling.~
[Why so serious?]
[Lets go check up on Gilda?]
~Oh hell, I completely forgot!~

I quickly took to the air, and flew directly to my room. I dodged around some buildings and landed in front of my door (Interesting fact, cloud dorms have their doors on the outside of their balconies). I opened the door and walked in, only to see Gilda sleeping on the couch. [D'awwwwww she looks so cute-] There was a crash from the kitchen, which made me jump and wake her up... Somewhat.

"Thal... It's to early... Go back to sleep...."

From the kitchen I heard a male voice. "Sorry Gilda, I'll be more quiet."